University of Michigan (UofM) Accelerated program

  1. Hi everyone!!! I am new to - I was wondering if anyone has applied for the Fall 2009 accelerated program? I have not been able to attend an information session due to scheduling conflicts. Does anyone know how many people apply to the program or know any "insider" info? I know that 50 people get in every year - I just submited my application last week for the early response deadline - good luck to all!!
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  3. by   nv2998
    i applied to the program 1st week of oct and haven't gotten any information yet. i did attend a session. they expected 250+ people to apply and plan to accept 56. good luck, if i hear anything i'll keep everyone posted. you can pm me if you like.
  4. by   parris

    I applied in mid August for the accelerated program. I have not heard anything from them. I was told by the last person I talked to that they would send letters out by at least the end of the month. I am waiting impatiently! On their web site it said that they would let you know in about 6-8 weeks, I guess that is not that case.
    Does anyone know anything about average GPA’s or any other information?
    Good Luck!

    P.S What is the early response deadline?
  5. by   nv2998
    during the info session they did say 3.0/4.0 is recommended, but it is not too important. if people have a lower gpa and show potential in other parts they will look at that. this year they were going to have rolling admission so they were planning to look at the applications as they came in and not wait until any particular date.
  6. by   parris
    Thanks for the reply.
    I also heard it was rolling admissions, but when I called mid October they said that they just started looking at all applicants. I applied mid August and have not heard anything yet.
    Good luck!
  7. by   a_damsel
    Is this U of M Flint, Dearborn or Ann Arbor?
  8. by   parris
    I applied only to Ann Arbor.
  9. by   nv2998
    i just called ufm student admissions and they told me that it would be 8-10 weeks from when my application was complete. apparently they have just started looking at applications. also, i know someone who applied mid-august and got a waitlist letter recently. so good luck!
  10. by   parris
    Thanks for the update. I hope I hear something soon, my application was complete mid-August. Does anyone know if they only send letters in the mail or if they also e-mail?
    Good luck!
  11. by   butterfly04
    has anyone heard back yet? i'm in the process of applying to the program and i was wondering if anyone has anymore information about the program. how many students do they usually accept? what are they really looking at in applicants? are they still using the "points" method for admissions? (there was a lot of controversy about this issue and supposedly they were going to get rid of it)

    i would appreciate any information!thanks!
  12. by   nv2998
    i haven't heard anything from them yet. i applied about 1.5 months ago. they are going to select around 56 students. i have no idea about the points system, but i do know that they have rolling admissions starting this year. in the info session they said that gpa isn't the most important thing. they look at other thing too, but never said what they were. good luck with everything!
  13. by   parris
    Talked with the office today. Said they are backed up and they have not sent out any letters and does not know when they will be doing so. She said to call back next week and they might know more.
  14. by   SusanKathleen, RN

    They will be taking 56 people for September 2009.

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