UD MERCY - Just got my acceptance letter!!

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    Hey All!
    I just got an acceptance letter from UD Mercy for the ABSN. SO EXCITED. Does anyone have info/tips? I live in California, so what part of the city should I live in when I move there? Anyone else just get accepted?

    Thanks! ANy info is so appreciated!
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    congrats on your acceptance . anywhere in metro detroit would be fine to live, i live west & love it because it seems to be closer to everything, right in the middle. the university isn't located in the best area so i wouldn't suggest staying close to the school. expect @ least a 20 min. drive. best of luck!
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    If I were you, I would try and live in the Royal Oak area...you are close to all of the highways that way and not too far from UofD.
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    Royal Oak, Southfield, Oak Park...
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    Congratulations! That's great!

    I, too, am looking at the UDM program. Considering that you're traveling a long distance to attend, what made you choose this program? Also, would you mind sharing a bit about how you plan to finance it? One of my concerns with the program is leaving it with a large amount of debt.

    Sorry, I can't recommend any particular places in the area, as I'm relatively new here. However, I moved here for family reasons unrelated to school.

    Best wishes to you!

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    Hi Wendy!
    Well, I am 27 and returning to school. Nursing was always what i wanted to do, I just got sidetracked in my first round at college and ended up doing other things. When I decided to go for nursing again, I got a list of schools with accelerated bachelor programs, and researched as many as I could. Turned out I met the requirements for at least 10 schools that had application deadlines this fall. So, I just sent about 7 apps out to schools where I met the requirments. Im single, dont have kids, and am at this point where i know nursing is what I want to do with my life, so moving across the country is a small thing to me. Also, I hear UD Mercy is a good school.
    I plan on financing it with student loans. The debt does seem scary, but to me, it seems so worth it knowing I will finally be an RN. I am always hearing stories about it being so hard getting in to nursing school, and now that I am in... I am so excited, I dont mind moving!

    WHen do you plan on applying and what other schools are you considering?
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    Hi again!

    I'm considering the following programs (in no particular order): University of Michigan ABSN, UDM ABSN, Oakland University (OU) ABSN, and Oakland Community College (OCC) accelerated ADN. I'm also interested in the University of Toledo direct-entry master's, but I really want to finish as quickly as possible, so that program may not be right for me, as it's two years in length.

    This semester I will finish all the prereqs for OCC and any other community college programs that I might later consider. I'll need one more semester to finish the prereqs for the ABSN programs. So, I hope to start a program next May, in the case of UDM, OU, or OCC; the UMich and UT programs start in the fall.

    When do you plan to start the UDM program?

    Thanks for replying!

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    Sounds like you have good options! I also have an interview at Georgetown this month... which would be my first choice. But UD Mercy sounds awesome too, so I won't be too disappointed if I don't get into Georgetown. I'm just excited that I can finally start my education and become a nurse... As I find out more info on UDM I will keep u updated!
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    Good luck to you at Georgetown! That would be awesome!

    As for me, a move is not in the cards at this time. I will have to stay within the southeastern Michigan area for now. After I become an RN, though, anything is possible for future/graduate studies.


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    Congrats. I got accepted to their RN-BSN program starting in the Winter semester. I can't wait.

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