typical shift schedules?

  1. 0 Hi Everyone,

    I live in Metro Detroit (Dearborn Heights) MI. I was told to post my questions here about this since this issue can change depending on your region....

    I was wondering what a "typical" schedule is for a new RN. I don't know what are of nursing I'd be in. Maybe hospital or LTC. I'd just like any info I can get!!!

    3 12 hour shifts
    4 10 hour shifts
    5 8 hour shifts, etc

    Also I wonder if they give you all nights or all days or all afternoons (and what would they call that anyway?) I just don't know if I could be switching days/nights/afternoons all the time and still be good at my job.

    If it isn't obvious yet, I am just a student at this point. LOL.

    Any info that any of you can give about common shift issues I would appreciate hearing about....

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    Hi, I've mostly seen 3 12's in hospitals. Although, I have seen 5 8's. When I did home care, it was 5 8's. I forgot how much I hated working 5 days a week though (even though it was days and very few weekends or holidays). Give me 3 12's any day instead. Usually I see 7p-7a or 7a-7p.
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    I have seen mostly 12 hour shifts while in clinicals. Usually 7 to 7 as well.
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    I live in Dearborn Heights as well.

    I have seen the usual 7a-7p and 7p-7a 12 hour shifts and as well 5 8 hour shfits. Days 7a-3p, pm 3p-11p, then 11p-7a.

    Also Oakwood has some crazy shfits. I can't remember all those that they have, but I have worked there 3p-3a, 3a-3p, 7p-7a, 7a-7p, days 7a-3p, pm 3p-11p.

    As a new nurse probably midnights. However they hire sometimes on days when current staff has been offered days and no one wants it. I wouldn't expect to be hired on days anywhere. Most are hired on the off shift.

    I have also seen advertisements that Providence has 10 hour shifts. I don't know how that would work.

    I currently do the 3 12 hour shifts. I hated 5 days a week.
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    I work 3 12s a week but I back/front load do I work 6 days in a row then have 8 off, I pouch upa few 8 hr shifts at a nursing home for fun money

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