Toledo School of Practical Nursing

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    Hi, has any one ever gone to this school, if so any information about it would be greatly appreciated. Also, do they have an evening lpn program. Everytime I call, all I ever get is a recording.

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    You might want to try the Ohio boards. You might be able to find more information there about this school! HTH
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    Hi. you have to take and pass the net. I'm getting my admissions packet ready. I will hopefully start this fall. Hear is there number 419-671-8706
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    Hey ....
    I attended TSPN. It is an ok has it's ups and downs. Everyone in my class passed boards on the first try and with the least amount of questions possible. Sometimes you have to just grin and bear some of the things that go on around there! Good Luck!!
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    Rob, were there any Michigan residents in your class. And where did you guys do clinicals?
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    Yeah what kinds of things went on at the school. Seems like you received a pretty good education because everyone passed the boards on the first try. Would you recommend the school.
    Im coming from michigan as well.
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    Hey Porkey, I just got my information packet from TSPN, you should call the # someone on here provided and have one sent to u. I'm about to get the book NET study guide. I see they have a evening school too, that will work for me. Rob I need to know if its worth going to, do u recommend the school?
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    Hi Sirena, yeah I received an info packet as well. I see they are starting an evening program which is great with me, because I work part time during the day and didn't want to give up my job. I already have a net book, I wonder are the net books all the same? Anyway, hopefully I can study from the one I have. Maybe we will see each other around. Oh, the only thing is they want you to be a certified cna, I think and Im not, so thats extra time and money.\
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    Hey Porkey, what study guide are you using? I found a thread on here that posted a site for the practice NET test I printed it off and I'm going to study it. So check it out. I probably wont go for the test until next year, I'm finishing my bachelors in business now and will graduate in December. Good luck!
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    Hi I was wondering if any one has experience with working while going through this program?? Also I was wondering if anyone has experience with taking out loans while going through this program??

    I just got accepted and I still feel a bit confused as to what route is best for me and my future. It seems like this is the wisest route because all the other nursing programs seem to have waiting list. Also it seems like it would be easyer to finish my rn and go on to my masters if I got my LPN first because then I would be abel to work part time and support my self better. I am 23 and I want to do the right thing with school any experience with this school would be great to here about.

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