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Hey everyone! Im back for my second application into the ADN program at OCC ::sigh:: As I did in the thread I created last year, I am creating a new one for all those applying to the nursing progam for next fall. Lets keep in... Read More

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    addie, what you fail to realize is YES we as nursing students do want to hear whining from other nursing students... Why? Because it gives us all the opportunity to be supportive to one another..also to offer words of advise/wisdom such as what whosyourdaddy does. I would rather hear whining and offering assistance than having another student drop do to having no support .. I sincerly hope you changed your way of thinking before you enter the program, because I sure wouldn't want such a negative person being my nurse!!!!!!
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    jealously is such a inhibiting trait...there's so many things out there that can help people relieve stress, i love yoga myself makes me feel great! Thenb I can usually get over things easier and move on instead of dwelling on failures and lashing out..waaahhh

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