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Hey everyone! Im back for my second application into the ADN program at OCC ::sigh:: As I did in the thread I created last year, I am creating a new one for all those applying to the nursing progam... Read More

  1. by   student48220
  2. by   Anne36
    whosur, med-surg "seems" hard? I dont know if I am going to make it, if it gets worse than this. I'll tell ya what, we just started and I am barely scraping by. I had my first exam today and did well, but I had 2 weeks to learn it! From now on its an exam every week, this much work seems undoable, Im an emotional wreck. We just lost another student this week, who has actually been in program from previous year and gave it another go. Clinical is very hard for me. Lecture would be okay if I had time for it, but they keep us so busy with clinical work that I have no time for the other classes. Im winging it in Lab. I have new respect for your group, this year they are really bringing it on.
  3. by   whosurdaddy
    ok Anne take a deep breath and relax, one lab can be winged, it requires the least amount of work, so spend the least amount of time on it. Med surg is a weeder course plain and simple.they want to see if you will crack. you can talk about but until your in it you dont realize how hard it is. You did good on your first exam so thats great, that gives you a good head start. you only have another 5 weeks. Anne its all about time management and loosing sleep. so what do you do, knock out your 1st care plan and make sure its right, this can alleviate a lot of stress rigtht there. for clinical make sure your there early to look up your meds. bring your drug book and mark each med with a sticky tab, that way when your instructor asks you can flip right too it. if you have it bring your med surg clinical companion with you to look up medical problems quickly, also bring your nanda book so you can quickly look up nursing diagnosis. when your clinical insturctor asks you about a med, rattle off everything you know about that drug before they can ask another question. and last of all know your drugs. med surg is all about meds.
    good luck anne you can do it.
  4. by   addiesmama
    wow. some of you are unreal. crying that nursing school is hard? what did you expect? waaah. get over it. you're lucky you made the cut last year. so many would kill to be in your shoes (myself included, but i only had an unworthy 3.85 gpa).you've all been whining about getting accepted on this board for years. you don't realize how lucky you are. just shut it or drop out. no one wants to hear it.
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  5. by   OB-nurse2013
    hahahahha someone seems a little sore...
  6. by   addiesmama
    no, *****. just real.
  7. by   occ2012
    LOL addiesmama, I sense a little jealousy. If you don't want to hear people's issues then don't go on this site, its a forum for the love of god!!
  8. by   whosurdaddy
    addiesmamma, i can understand that your not happy that you didnt get into the program, i would not have made it either this year with my gpa, so i count myself as lucky to have gotten in, in 2010. that being said, you are not in the program, so you do not know what pressure we are put under. the prereqs are a cake walk compared to the actual program. you are not dealing with the super egos of some of these instructors that we are. your not staying up till 2am working on nursing care plans and getting up for clinical 3 hrs later, then having your clinical instructor lecturing you about how you should be prepared with a good nights sleep. so while i hope you will make it into next years program, please give the rest of us a chance to vent a little of our stress, and get a bit of advise from those of us who have been through, what others are going through now.
  9. by   JaaaeyRN
    I totally understand both sides. I didn't make it in 2009 not even when I would tried to get into 2010. So I changed, I applied to LPN and made a cut. Now in my 3 classes of nursing, I stress out almost every days. I can not sleep well at night because I haven't gotten my care plan done yet, I haven't prepared enough for lecture or lab quizzes/check offs. I pray every times I step out of the house that I hope to maintain my 80%. If I missed one question, that means my grade will drop and that not good.

    I wish you luck for your future success.
  10. by   dianah
    while it is important to network (and we all need to vent sometimes), please review the terms of service for future posting guidelines, specifically:

    we promote the idea of lively debate. this means you are free to disagree with anyone on any type of subject matter as long as your criticism is constructive and polite.
    personal attacks

    our first priority is to the members that have come here because of the flame-free atmosphere we provide. there is a zero-tolerance policy here against personal attacks. we will not tolerate anyone insulting another individual's opinion nor name calling and will ban repeat offenders."

    thank you.
  11. by   jenny2013
    addie, what you fail to realize is YES we as nursing students do want to hear whining from other nursing students... Why? Because it gives us all the opportunity to be supportive to one another..also to offer words of advise/wisdom such as what whosyourdaddy does. I would rather hear whining and offering assistance than having another student drop do to having no support .. I sincerly hope you changed your way of thinking before you enter the program, because I sure wouldn't want such a negative person being my nurse!!!!!!
  12. by   OB-nurse2013
    jealously is such a inhibiting trait...there's so many things out there that can help people relieve stress, i love yoga myself makes me feel great! Thenb I can usually get over things easier and move on instead of dwelling on failures and lashing out..waaahhh

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