Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn

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    Has anyone worked or heard about the Oakwood hospital in Dearborn? Is it a good hospital and does their pay compare to the rest of the detroit area?


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    Hi Megan! Most of the RN's I have talked with have said that it is hell to work there. They are notorious for pulling nurses 2-3 times per 12 hour shift and the pay isn't so hot either.. That may not be your experience though. Good luck!
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    I've heard the same thing from several nurses who've worked at Oakwood.
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    When I was at my orientation for my new grad job in June, there were more than a few experienced nurses starting that used to work for Oakwood, also several from Beaumont. Didn't get into specifics, but it must mean something...
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    where are you working?
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    Quote from GRnurse57
    where are you working?
    Me? I work at HFH downtown.

    I have a family member that works at Oakwood (not as a nurse, though - in some finance department) and she seems to like it.

    I didn't have a great experience with Oakwood while looking for a job, so that may be why I'm a little negative. At one of their job fairs, they interviewed me and for over an hour, and acted like I was the most wonderful candidate they had ever met. Then, I couldn't even get a call back from them... until finally, after several weeks, they let me interview for a job that I didn't really want for a shift I didn't really want - and then told me no thanks!!

    I do believe that their pay was just a little bit higher than what I am making, though. Can't remember specifics, though. Sorry.
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    I've applied there many times when I was looking for a nursing aide position. I put in 30 applications and never received a phonecall back. Beaumont called three times and I finally interviewed there, stayed there while I was in nursing school and then two years after school then went on to HFH. I've had good and bad experiences at Beaumont as well as HFH. To be honest, it's the same crap everywhere. But if I had to choose between HFH and WBH, it would be HFH.
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    In nursing school I had an awful clinical rotation there... lots of unhappy nurses. I believe they offered an $8000 scholarship to my nursing class in return for working there and no one would take it.
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    I am new nurse @ Oakwood Dbn. and thus far it is ok. I am in a transition, working very hard to hone my skills and learn how to be a nurse. The other nurses I work with r nice. U will always have unhappy ppl any field u work in. But I think it is the job itself that is hard; alot of running around and problem-solving all day. But I wouldn't make a desicion to not work somewhere based on other ppl's opinions. It's ur experience and what u choose it to be.
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    Hello there new Oakwood Hospital employee. I will not graduate for a while, but I am looking for someplace that can help me pay back loans or with a hiring bonus. Is it possible that Oakwood is offering that? I think nursing is going to be a hard job no matter where you work. Thanks for any info provided.

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