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Im thinking of enrolling in the lpn program through Oakland University and I wanted to know if there is anyone who is in the program, how is the the program and do you think that its a good school.... Read More

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    lovelynurseB Do you start in January of September?
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    Lovely, what type of payment plan do they offer? I have been nervous about applying there because I didn't know if I could afford the payment plan. Any light u could shed on that would be great!!
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    I applied back in august and still haven't received anything saying if I was accepted. I'm a little nervous now. Also, does anyone know if they have any loan programs to pay for the classes since the NWLB has come to a halt.
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    Does anyone of you that has been accepted know if they accept classes from another school (cc). Pre-req classes such as the Anatomy, nutrition or Psy? I've left several messages and emails with no reply yet. I would hate to take theirs when I've already taken them. Thanks
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    Sorry if Im off topic, but can anyone tell me if their insurance pays for the titers, and if not, where should I get this stuff done at?
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    I start in September/2011. I have to take their pre-reqs. I spoke with ------ and she said that they do except classes from other schools but some have to be taken at their college. D3dicated2 when do you start? Oh yeah and congrats!! They do have a payment plan that is okay if you have a job which I don't. It's like half down at the beginning of each semester. I plan on making it work because I've been trying to get into nursing for years!!
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    Lovelynurse, I've been trying to get in touch with ------ with no luck. Do you know which classes they might take?
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    Thanks lovelynurseB Jan is my start time but our core courses don't start until April/May
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    congrats on getting accepted into the program guys!!!!! I am in the program going into my third semester in january and just to let you all know i love it. The tuition is not 14,000 anymore its less than 10,000 and the new cohort is only 12 months long.
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    when do the next cohort begin? and where can i take the ACT test, I cant get a response from the school, can anybody tell me
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    thanks dw3347. While you're finishing up i will be preparing to start. Did the time fly once you got into the program? heard the program is intense I am so ready to start. Trying to prepare by brushing up on my anatomy and studying some pharm. and the disease processes.
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    the program is really not that intense. but of course it takes alot of hard work and dedication because they require you to maintain an 80% overall. im sure you will do fine.
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    Hello all! I have just been accepted into the LPN program at Riverview but had 1 class to take before I started the cohort. I registered last minute (about 2 hours ago) and the Nutrition class starts tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone who is familiar with the program knows where in the world I am supposed to go? I am freaking out because the only thing I got in my email was conformation of my payment and what class I paid for. Nothing about what room i go to, who my professor is, if I need any books. I would appreciate any information you could provide me with. Thanks so much!!!