No Worker Left Behind

  1. :spin:Hi Michiganians, (that sounds incorrect, oh well you guys are great)
    I know there was a long discussion last year on the issue and i wanted to find out what you guys are hearing. i contacted the person in charge of the program and she let me know that they have run out of funds? anyone hear the same?:spin:
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  3. by   frnzy
    I spoke with a representative recently. His suggestion was once you are accepted into a Nursing program, whenever that is when you have an acceptance letter, go to your local MichiganWorks! office and get a caseworker assigned to you. He said the specific NWLB money might not specifically be around, but that NWLB was really just a fancy name for a bunch of initiatives and monies that MiWorks already had. He said each county/office has different rules, but if you jump through all the hoops, he assured me if you are accepted at a Nursing school in Michigan, it's worth your time to work with the MiWorks! office. He isn't in the county where I'd be going to school, but he said as long as I could attend all his b.s. resume writing and aptitude seminars, I'd probably qualify for lots of help through their office.

    That's what I know right now, so I thought I would share the info with you. It doesn't help me with the cost of my prereqs though!
  4. by   OnlyByHisGrace
    Hi frnzy,
    thanks for writing back. i am curious to hear from everyone and anyone who has heard anything lately. Please share any news anyone. we will appreciate.
  5. by   SPNCandace
    Well when I was going through the no worker left behind to get my funding for my LPN program they'd run out of funds. I was promised 10,000 dollars only to recieve 5,000. Because of that I was almost not able to attend classes. But I haven't heard anything else regarding NWLB.
  6. by   jm123
    It's 5,000 per year 10,000 total.
  7. by   SPNCandace
    I know how much I was supposed to get. But I was only given 5,000.
  8. by   jm123
    It may have to do with the program than. As most LPN programs take one year. So they may have only allowed one year of expenses. Here is the official fact sheet, if you do not believe me.

    Tuition assistance is capped at $5,000 per year
    for two years, or a total of $10,000 per person.
  9. by   SPNCandace
    I never said I didn't believe you, but I just know what I was able to get. Most of the other students were able to get the full 10,000. Unfortunately I was not.
  10. by   sirktopher
    Notice that the amount is capped at $5000 a year. The County can decide to limit that amount if they wish. Some Counties are doing that right now. Some are only giving 5000 total for 2 years, some are giving 5000 for only one year. YMMV depending on what county you apply through.
  11. by   Anne36
    Its almost May now, has anyone got an update on wether there are any funds left in this program? Im thinking of going back, and hope that they dont make me do all that testing and busy work again, aside from recent tax returns. Is it worth my time to go back or would I just get the run around again.
  12. by   bugsmom925
    Anne36, I called NWLB today since I just got my acceptance letter and they told me that the funds are dry....none left. They said you can go on a waiting list and if the funds become available, they will let you know. I asked what happens if I start in August and there is no funds, do they go retroactive....NO, they don't. So, in other words, I think we're screwed.
  13. by   xadunzo
    I'd highly recommend going through the Oak Park office. Within the last two weeks, I just picked up one of my vouchers for school, as did many of my classmates. I received 10k broken into 3 installments, one for each semester: Spring, Fall and Summer.
  14. by   bugsmom925
    i wonder if that would work since I already tried to go through one office out by me? Do you know? If so, I'll drive the hour it takes to get out there and do it. Any info would be appreciated