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I bought the study guide but I have heard it is not much help when preparing for this test. I will be taking it in Nov at MCC. I was wondering if anyone bought "Hesi Test Secrets" from Morrison... Read More

  1. by   khall434
    i am really nervous about this exam.. i take it tomorrow at 1230.. i am more worried about biology, chemistry, and math more than anything.. if anyone can please please please shed some light on anything else i could study for these that would be great.
    for example.. for the math, how much of it is based on conversions? and for chemistry, is there a lot of questions based on moles, etc?
    thank you for any help you can give!
  2. by   chardwan
    When I studied for the hesi a2, i purchased a couple of products (morrison media, mosby exam review) that I thought were not helpful at all. I actually found a website with free hesi a2 practice tests that I thought were helpful (

    The math portion was mainly on conversions and dosages. The grammar was pretty straight forward. The vocab had some words like labile, occluded, distended etc.
  3. by   khall434
    thanks for the advice!! yeah i got a 98% on the math section, a 95% on english, grammar, and reading, and i have to retake the science portion.. and for me it's just bio and chem.. so now i just have to pass that and i'm good! any advice on websites for those two? i've looked everywhere.
  4. by   Mnjordan
    When I studied for the exam I used this website. good luck
  5. by   jwhitelock
    Hello everybody, I am new to this forum. I just applied to the Carrington nursing program, Reno campus this afternoon. I only received a 91.3%(274) on the hesi last wk and am signed up to take the hesi again this coming Saturday. I am debating as to whether I should take it again or not???? please let me know if you have any info on what the scores have been for the last couple semesters. thanks a million!
  6. by   lifeflightnurse
    That's a great score. Why would you take it again?
  7. by   Faith708
    Hi Amy. i am applying to the nursing program this year in gods willing its hard because im pregnant...would you please be able to private mesage me any study guides or books to study for exacrtly for the hesI a2 at macomb community college. i would really appreciate it. God bless<3


    im sorry i am new to this i dont know how to private message.
  8. by   Faith708
    Hi everyone

    I am new to this website so please bare with me. I was wondering if anyone has took the HESI A2 exam for Nursing at macomb community college? If someone can please help let me know what books to really study for that has a high passing rate or any study guides that really help PLEASE email me at i would highly appreciate your help and God bless!!<3

    .P.S. i will need to know whats best to study for the anatomy 1 & 2 portions. thank you. i believe its now included for the hesi exam for 2013. thank you all

  9. by   MonicaCalais
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this site, so please bare with me. I'm scheduled to take the HESI a2 exam at TCC in a month. Can anyone please give me some advice on what's the best guide to prepare me for this exam. Also, how was exam? I have heard a lot of mortified stories about the Voc., Math, and Grammar. I'm extremely nervous!!!!!!!!!! Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  10. by   edwinpolack
    I also found a website with free hesi a2 practice tests tips Hesi A2 Practice Test .