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    Let's share our experiences !!! I just wanted to start a page for those who are getting ready for Macomb Nursing program 2014.

    I actually applied this year(2013) for the first time. Unfortunately I was't accepted, but I am hoping to be accepted next year! I want to share my experiences, and meet people who are also applying.

    I have completed all the prerequisites, and I plan to retake the Hesi test sometime this year.


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    hi i am preparing to take the hesi jan 8 to enroll in the program for the feb deadline. I was just wondering since you already have taking the hesi what all exams are we tested on. what is the hesi like.... how is the vocabulary ? Is there any vocabulary words that i should know of im nervous and scared at the same time . lol any information would be much needed
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    Hello there! I'm retaking the hesi on jan 8th as well!! Well, you need to me prepared for math, english( grammar, interpretation/reading, vocabulary), a&p. it is not extremely hard, but it's a long test. There is a really book to study from " hesi admission assessment - elsevier" this is the book I have been using to study, it is pretty good and covers pretty much all we need to know. ( amazon has it) study vocabulary, that's the area I did the worst last time, so I have been speeding time looking through the list of word that are given in the book. I didn't do so well last time, so I am hoping I get better score this time. Have u finished all the prerequisites? Glad u replied to this thread!! I m excited to meet people who are applying for next years program
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    And don't be scared, you will be fine, if you get the book you will see that the test is not that bad, it is just a lot of material, but hopefully we should be fine
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    Hi all!

    I decided last year that I wanted to pursue a degree in nursing (instead of pursuing a psychology degree). I am taking microbiology and intro to nursing this Fall semester and then take the HESI in January which should complete all the pre-requisites for me.

    The book looks like it'd be a good idea since I'll be needing all the help I can get. How long did you study with (or without) the book before the exam? And did you feel the book helped you significantly when taking the test?

    I had a friend who scored a 92 on the HESI and had an overall 4.0 GPA on the pre-requisites and was accepted. I'm curious if anyone knows the range of the HESI scores or the GPA that get accepted?
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    Hi! I start the program in August and I think that the Hesi book was a huge help. I only needed to study from that book. As far as scores go I know someone with a 3.4 and a 90 hesi that got in! Although lower scores are a later start. You can start in August October January or Febuary.
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    *March not February. And to answer more of your questions I studied the book 3 times. The third time being the night before the exam. A huge tip would be to memorize the conversions. I put them in order on a piece of paper and practiced writing them until I could write them over and over again. As soon as you sit down in the HESI testing room they give you scrap paper so you can write down your conversions and use it on the test. They WILL ask you every conversion o this was a huge help for me. Also don't put a huge emphasis on anatomy. They only asked 15 of those and I did poorly and still got a 90.
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    I am only using the book! the first time I didn't do so well because I took the Hesi two day after a crazy semester was over, so I did have enough time to review.
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    bayliednell I am excited for you!!!
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    Thanks for the info! And congratulations bayliedynell. I'm excited to apply but nervous at the same time. I spoke to my friend and she said the anatomy section was general and not so much specific like the labs.

    Could I ask your GPA? If I get an A in both microbio and intro, my GPA should be a 3.7 but I'm afraid I won't do well in microbio (I'm taking it at Wayne State) which means to make myself still a good candidate, I would have to do well on the HESI.

    Also, the HESI is taken on the computer, right? Are questions timed?

    I'm excited but I'm also extremely nervous.

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