Hiring Freeze in Detroit Area?

  1. Have applied for advertised openings in critical care at four major systems in the Detroit area--in one case, got a call from Human Resources THREE HOURS after submitting an online application! But since then, nothing. Are hospitals posting positions but only hiring in-house? Anybody know? I also work with an agency and I'm waiting for a phone interview from a fifth system that posted an available contract--what gives? It's not like I have any strikes against me re: nursing license, pending criminal investigations, etc. and I have plenty of experience. Maybe I'm just impatient?
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  3. by   westieluv
    I'm pretty sure that there isn't a hiring freeze in the Detroit area. I know people who have gotten hired by systems such as Henry Ford and Oakwood recently. Also, don't most hospitals state in the online job description if it is only open to internal applicants that that is the case? I know that St. Joseph in Ann Arbor and Mercy Health Partners in Toledo, Ohio both do that. It seems that it would be silly to post an opening and not say if it's for internal applicants only and then have to weed out the external applicants who replied.

    Also, and obviously I have no idea if this is the case, but since your s/n says "fromphilly", if you do still live in Philly at this time that might be a clue, even if you're getting ready to relocate to Michigan. I know that when we had to relocate to Arizona a couple of years ago, I couldn't get one company there to offer me an interview, even though I have years of experience and an excellent work history and I was told that it all had to do with the fact that I still lived in Michigan and they wanted to stick with local applicants, even though I made sure to mention on my resume that we were relocating to AZ within the next few months.
  4. by   fleetfoxRN
    This may seem like a really obvious question, but do you have your Michigan license yet? Or have you went to Nursys to have your license from where you live, verified? I live across from Detroit and they told me that they'll consider me ONCE I have my Michigan license. I know a few nursres who work in the states and they've said that this is actually a great time to apply.. I called and even asked myself.
  5. by   jenn8500
    Hi Fleetfox RN,

    I live in Canada and have applied for a MI license. It is pending right now, but I should have it very soon. You mention that it is a great time to apply and that you know nurses working in MI. I am just curious what hospitals/areas are good right now for new grads because I have heard the opposite from some nurses. I know an experienced nurse who cannot find work anywhere in Detriot! If you have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  6. by   djmatte
    Henry Ford went on hiring freeze in october. About 1 week after I got in there. I don't believe DMC is on one though.
  7. by   ORoxyO
    The DMC is hiring.
  8. by   dturnin
    Try Oakwood Hospital too.