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    DMC and Oakland community college is sponsoring a short term 12 month LPN program through the michigan works agency no more driving to Toledo...classes have already started. Just thought I would spread the word!
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    Who can I contact to get more info on this? Anyone know how long the wait?
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    Please, please give more information. Thanks!
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    There is know waiting list you can either go the Michigan Works Agency Website find the one stop center thats located in Detroit on 455 Fort street the number will be posted and just call and ask them all the questions you need answered...Sorry I dont know the phone number off hand I can only rememer the address.
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    Do you have to take pre req's? The LPN program I am going into is 12 months but you have to have pre reqs to get into it.
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    Baker College in Auburn Hills also has a LPN 12 month program. So for those of you not wanting to drive clear to Detroit this might be another option.
    I go to baker so if you need more information let me know.
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    Yeah thats where I go. So far so good.
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    Quote from hair_tie
    Yeah thats where I go. So far so good.
    Are you in the program?? Or are you working on pre-preq's?
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    Pre Req's. I hope to get into the program but if its like they say it is then I don't know....
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    i got in with no problem. we start clinical in 2 weeks already
    if you ever have any questions or anything please let me know. also, we have a nursing guild that i and the nursing director are in charge of, you should join our group, it will give you a more insight of what really is going on and you can meet the other nursing students. sometimes talking to the ones who are in the program can ease your mind a bit.
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