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CPR training in michigan

  1. 0 does anyone know a place that offers cpr training for a reasonable price? red cross is too expensive
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    Try your local hospitals. On-line may also work for you.
    Just make sure it is through the American Heart Association or it basically doesn't count for employment certifications.
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    What do you consider too expensive? I paid $65 to have someone come to my house.
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    Red cross cost $90

    $65 is okay but cheaper would be even better
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    Have you tried your local fire department?
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    ~~ CPR HELP in Michigan ~~

    So what did you decide? Did you go with that $65 class?
    I also need to renew my certification (by the end of the month)

    I tried to check that Fire Department, but their classes are not for health care providers

    Best Regards,
    ~ Mark
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    Local Community Colleges usually have fair prices.
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    I scheduled my through the American Heart Association. It was $60 for a 4 hour class on a Saturday afternoon. Fit in perfectly with my schedule and it was 5 minutes away from my home.

    Definitely check them out!