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I am excited. I was accepted into the ADN program at ITT this week. I start in the middle of September. Despite all of the negative feedback about the school, I will decide for myself and make the... Read More

  1. by   scc1975
    To give you some insight on the first 4 qtrs. all classes have to be passed with an 80% or better
    Qtr.1- Co ntempary Nsg. (Learning about how nsg. began, laws, legal issues etc.)
    Survey to the Sciences(Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc.)
    Strategies for the technical professional (basic computer class)
    Qtr 2- Fundamentals of Nursing 1 (Learning Vital Signs, making up beds, usage of canes, walkers etc.) This Qtr. you will need to wear you lab uniform (Black polo shirt, and Khaki bottoms) You will
    need to bring your nursing bag (stethoscope, blood pressure cuff etc.)
    Human Anatomy( if you have not already taking this class)
    College Math (Algebra and Trigonometry)
    Qtr 3- Fundamentals of Nursing 2 (Foley insertion, IV's, Wound Care, Ostomy Care etc.)
    Pharmacology (need to know the action of the drug, contraindications, adverse effects etc.)
    Human Anatomy 2 (If you have not already taken this class)
    Dosage Calculations (Have to pass the exam with a 90% or better to move on to clinicals, you have 3 times to take and pass)
    HESI Exams (Fundamentals and Pharmacology) They are taken at the end of 3rd qtr.
    Qtr. 4- Med Surg Adult Nursing 1 (knowledge of nsg. in Musculoskeletal, Renal/Urinary disorders, Female/ Male reproductive disorders, Digestive disorders, etc.)
    Composition 1 (English)
    Med Surg Adult Nursing Clinicals (105 clinicals hours)
    I am entering my 5th qtr beginning Tuesday March 19th.
    Qtr. 5- Med Surg Adult Nursing 2
    Med Surg Adult Nursing Clinicals
    (120 clinical hours)
    Microbiology (If you have not already taken this class)
    I hope this help some, let me know if you need more info. Good Luck!!!!!
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  2. by   g2momma
    I recently graduated from ITT, yes I paid A LOT of money. But, the waiting lists at ALL of the local schools were sooo long. I honestly did not feel that the courses were all that difficult. I was concerned about passing NCLEX, but everyone in my class that has sat for NCLEX has passed. Someone had asked if you can transfer credits in, the answer is YES. I had 16 credits transfer in. If you're tired of waiting and dont want to waste the money retaking classes than check ITT out.

    One thing to keep in mind that noone told me... don't think you will get your Auth to Test from the State right away.... It took about a month and a half to get my ATT, and then all the dates were full for another month.
  3. by   shan409
    I had an appt. with -------------(Nursing Rep) last week, they accepted my HESI exam from HFCC that I took in May. They also did my Fin. Aid. and looks like I'm only going to pay about $15,500 in loans back after they factored in my pell grant, transfer in my pre-reqs from HFCC and Baker, and the opprotunity scholarship....that being said: I am excited to start! After paying to retake classes and after talking to other people that are already in the healthcare field with families and going to school (some people have paid more than $40,000 and traveled to Ohio for schools like Brown Mackie or $30,000 for an LPN from Everest) I'd say this is a good move for me. I'm waiting to hear if I'll be starting in Sept or Dec.

    Also, I've already been accepted to Oakland University (I was going to complete the BSN there), and as long as you are a RN in the state of MI, you can be accepted to the RN-BSN program.
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  4. by   roseadams starting itt in the fall scared but do you guys feel about the program?
  5. by   shan409
    Hi Rose, I just received my call...I'm in for the Sept. class as well. I was nervous, but excited to start as well but after speaking with my aunt (she's almost a NP, and has been an RN for years), she reassured me that this was the way to go. And once we recieve our RN license we can get our advanced degree w/o a problem. Yes, we may have to take microbiology and other classes that will not transfer, but it will be worth it. (I have most of my pre-req type classes done so it won't be bad at all).

    By the way, congrats!
  6. by   ktudor
    Hello there everyone!
    I just got accepted into this program today, I'm pretty excited about it. Any of you still in the program? I'm looking for people that are in the program already.
  7. by   RN_Indya
    Congrats to all of you just entering into the program this year!!!! I will be starting my second year this Fall and I love it so far. I will be in Med Surg 2 when I start in the Fall and I must say that Med-Surg 1 was truly the hardest class that I have taken only because there is sooooo much to remember. Clinicals were awesome, I was at DMC Harper Hospital.
  8. by   ThaiThai
    Hey I start classes at the Cleveland Campus next week. Im curious as to what my schedule will look like. I have this quarters class schedule and so far im taking college math, anatomy + physiology, and strategies for the tech prof. What other courses can i look forward to after this quarter in order? And do we wear scrubs in every class we attend? Or is that later in the program? Im so excited to start classes and have so many questions. Im suppose to have nurse orientation sometime this week but am not sure which day yet. What kind of things will they discuss in orientation?
  9. by   RN_Indya
    Rose there is nothing to be scared about the instructors make you feel so comfortable. How do you enjoy the program so far?
  10. by   tdabney427
    Does anyone know if your site has been scheduled for a site visit from the NLNAC accreditation board? That is my biggest concern, if they are not NLNAC accredited then it will be very hard to find a job.
  11. by   terry313
    Hi when you took your hesi exam was the math portion all stories problems like the book
  12. by   shan409
    tdabney427, I do not believe they are seeking NLNAC/CCNE accreditation. After speaking with nurses (RN & BSN) at the hospital I work at, they said you will be able to find employment as an RN, but if you want to go further you will have to take most of the classes over. When I was looking into starting at ITT I checked on universities to transfer to for my BSN and Sienna Heights was pretty much the only one that took some of ITT's credits. If you are still looking for an accredited program, I have been accepted into Davenport's Warren Campus for their LPN program for the fall of 2014. They also have a BSN program, but I need to start working as a nurse asap so that will be my next step.
  13. by   shan409
    terry313, no they were not all story problems. I took my HESI at HFCC and had the results transferred to ITT (I think it was $15).

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