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  1. I recently transferred to Baker College and I am attending the Auburn Hills, Mi Campus. I am nervous about applying to the program because i have heard so many bad things about the college. They are only accredited by the MBON and not the NLNAC. I researched to see if they have a BSN program, they do, but not accredited by the CCNE. It just makes me nervous. Has anyone graduated from Baker and found a job in Nursing. Also, if you got your RN at Baker can you transfer to another college to get your BSN? Will anyone accept the transfer?
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  3. by   mistydbuffa
    From what I understand doing a RN to BSN program only requries an active license Asian RN At any school. Transfer credits, not sure. I just got accepted to bakers rn program. I know owosso is nlnac accredited, attest I think so, and Clinton township has applied for ccne accreditation. They should find out in fall. I so know few recent grads of bakers ADN program who are employed as nurses, so I doubt. That will be a problem.
  4. by   Kier721
    Exactly what the PP said. I've also hear a few bad things about Baker, but mostly from disgruntled students on the Internet, never from people that I've talked to face to face. Mostly, I've heard people upset and hurt they haven't made it into the program, and that there credits don't transfer out.
    My experience has been great, I've also had my fair share of health problem, the school has bent over backwards to help accommodate me.
    Take the Internet slander with a grain assault, go to the campus, talk to students in/out if the program. Not to often do people come on to praise a school online, more to vent anger from situations.
    I know baker of Owosso is NLNAC accredited, it also has the bridge from ADN to BSN. I don't know about other schools, I can only vouch for my campus.
    Every program is going to be ridiculous to get into, you either wait...or dig deep. Only you can answer what school best fits you, good luck!!
  5. by   mistydbuffa
    I was accepted to the ADN Program my first try. I worked hard for my grades and studied for my entrance exam. You can also look at other schools websites. Oakland university is one that accepts a lol of baker credits, from what I understand there, as long as you graduate from a BON Approved school, and have an active license you can do just about any ADN TO BSN program. Calling your potential school of interest ans speaking to an academic advisor would be the most reliable source of information. People get nasty when competing for a position in a competitive entry program. There is a lot of politics and false information flying from other students, disgruntled and other wise. I kept to myself for that reason. It was rather distasteful, but I hear it is like that at most schools. There are some hospitals that prefer nlnac accreditation, but even some bigger schools don't have that. Check with your local hospitals or where you want to work too and.see what their hiring requirements are. Look into it before making your final decision. For me, I chose this route, because the HR department I talked to at various hospitals all expressed that they have and will continue yo hide baker grads. Baker also has a high NCLEX pass rate which factored into my decision. Good luck to you.
  6. by   hanaheart
    Thank you so much for replying. I am going to take the classes and take the Kaplan and see if i get in. Do you guys have any recommendations on studying and what to review? I heard the Kaplan is really hard! I'm just trying to find out as much information as i can before i start with classes. From what i heard each applicant should have all A's and at least a 73% on the Kaplan. Thanks.
  7. by   mistydbuffa
    I had a 3.85 GPA AND SCORED 86% on the Kaplan. I ranked in the 15th position. I had some A-'s and A's and a B in algebra. Its a good program.
  8. by   Kier721
    Quote from mistydbuffa
    I had a 3.85 GPA AND SCORED 86% on the Kaplan. I ranked in the 15th position. I had some A-'s and A's and a B in algebra. Its a good program.
    How did you find out your ranking?
  9. by   mistydbuffa
    I asked when I turned acceptance documents
  10. by   Despareux
    I graduated from Baker. Everyone from my graduating class is working, including me. Most are working in hospitals in the Flint, Lapeer, and Saginaw locations. Baker prepares us well. My entire class passed NCLEX first time; and Baker has a 100% NCLEX pass rate for several years in a row. It's a seriously tough program; aren't they all?

    Yes, there are those who bad-mouth Baker. The ones who I know that do so are those that were dismissed from the program due to failing a nursing semester twice or due to serious issues with professionalism. The others that bad-mouth Baker are those who were not accepted into the program for whatever reason. Other than that, anyone else who's talking smack has no clue and their opinion holds no merit.

    As far as the Kaplan entrance exam is concerned; I did not study. It was pointless. That test is so random. I would brush on math; fractions, decimals, conversions, and medication administration calculations. Good luck.
  11. by   AuntieMonkeyButt
    Despareux, that was the most encouraging post I've seen about Baker so far! Thank you!
  12. by   GinGab
    I graduated from the Baker of Auburn Hills LPN to RN program. I was planning on going back to Baker for my BSN, but after my last clinical experience, in which I received no support from the Baker nursing administration, I had second thoughts about completing my BSN with Baker. My final deciding factor in not going back to Baker was this: Baker hired my old clinical instructor to teach Med. Surg. This woman was suppose to be my (more like my and 4 others') preceptor. She had us making beds and doing patient care such as emptying bed pans and giving bed baths. At one point she told my group to go see what other help the CNAs needed. the worse part was when other nursing students from different schools thought we were in school for a CNA program, not nursing. Did I feel like a nurse? No, Did I get anything out of my last clinical? No. Would I recommend Baker? No. Did I get jobs in nursing homes? Yes, I have been able to. Only two of my classmates now hold jobs in hospitals, and half of the reason is just that they had connections. Personally, I had a very high GPA, passed my NCLEX the first time around with 75 questions, and even received awards during pinning, but my experience in the clinical at Baker was less than desirable both to me, other students from my clinical group, and job recruiter who were able view us during my clinical.