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Hi everyone. I would sincerely appreciate it if those 'in the know' about OCC's nursing programs could assist me with my decision. So, I did not get into the ADN RN program for fall of 2011. I had a 3.824 gpa in the... Read More

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    I don't know you talked to the nursing counselor or just academic counselor. But here what I got from the nursing instructor who is of course one of the program coordinators.

    She said RNE program which is the so called "bridge program"
    Application Deadline is Oct 15, 2013 (NO GPA base criteria of admission)
    The program starts Winter 2014 (it actually starts in Jan 2014)

    For example, you apply this year before Oct 15, 2011. Program starts Winter 2012 (Jan 2012). You will be done your MCL-PNE (LPN program) around May 2013. So You actually are in the right timing. Because I remember that we were told that LPN 2011 class--my class has to wait one year!

    So if you decide to do LPN, you will be fine, you will have only few months break which is good in my opinion.

    (I just pull out the "bible" of nursing student aka nursing student handbook! to look at the timing and details.)

    Best source for you is to talk to the nursing coordinator or better yet one of the program coordinators.

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