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Just checking in with all the hombres... Most guys I know are ambivilent to the term, but is there anyone else who just DETESTS being called a murse? B in VA... Read More

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    I had that one but it was made cheaply and fell apart back in highschool, sadly in the end all you could read was "d othe *#@#er"
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    I never heard of the term until a classmate mentioned it. I kinda like it, "murse" sounds better to...especially since the name "nurse" was usually used for female health professionals. By the way my screen name has "Murse" in it.
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    I dont really care what people call me. they can address me as ******* for all I care...... Murse might be an upgrade from what most of the surgeons say.....
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    one cardiology resident who tried got kicked in the head for his sheer gall.
    i hope he was covered under workmans comp
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    I think "murse" is funny, and have no problem with it at all
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    rarely hear it and when i do, no biggie, the female nurses get called far worse things, ha.
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    Personally I hate the term murse. I think it's childish and ridiculous and is an unnecessary label.

    I do kinda like the term XY-RN though.
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    so a female would be wurse?

    nap time
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    I have never heard of this trm until I read this article..lol...I thought a MURSE was a purse made for a man....hence murse!
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    It makes me think of MRSA...
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    [quote=squelchie;4155074]so a female would be wurse?
    Or maybe furse or lurse.

    I walked into a new pt.'s room recently and introduced myself as her nurse for that night. She said "wow, a male nurse!" I replied, "Sorry, I just take care of patients, I don't bring them their mail". She looked at me for a second, laughed, and said "we're gonna get along just fine!" She was there for several days and was one of the easiest people I have ever cared for.
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    Murse is a first for me...........Im not offended, I actually got a good laugh when I saw that word but I guess it depends on who's calling me that and what mood I'm in...............guess I will have to wait and see. These days I dont care what they call me cause Im not looking for work unlike some of my buddies who made fun of me for going into the mursing profession 9yrs ago.......who's laughing now.
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    While I am not insulted by the term "murse" I feel that its really not that funny. Nor is it very relevant to my profession. Much like the term "male nurse," it differentiates between male and female nurses as if we had different job descriptions. I am a nurse who happens to be male, and I do the same job as another nurse who may happen to be female. Gender is irrelevant to my profession, or at least it should be.

    Now, if you want to be funny about it then call me an XY-RN, but only if you are a female and prepared to be called an XX-RN.

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