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Just checking in with all the hombres... Most guys I know are ambivilent to the term, but is there anyone else who just DETESTS being called a murse? B in VA... Read More

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    I have seen that term used (on a reality show no less) to refer to a "male purse", a handbag similar to a small backpack or that metrosexual men use to carry around their toiletries and stuff. I prefer nurse, 'nuff said. Imagine the uproar women physicians would have if we walked around calling them "foctors" ... hmph!
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    First time hearing it...already HATE IT!!
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    I hate it.
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    "Murse" is really quite a lovely term, if you just consider the possibilites. Allow me to illucidate you:
    E-Murse: It's how you get into baptised into the Baptist Church.
    Sub-Murse-d: Now your deep in thought.
    Murse-a-dees: Even cooler than a Volvo.
    Hey! You could add an "a" to the end, and "presto!" you think about something that reminds you to wash your hands!
    And you thought a murse was a murse!
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    Have murse-y!!! Oh, you KNEW that was coming, didn't cha!?
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    Who gives a flying #@$#!!! We are what we are.
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    The only place I've ever heard the term is here on this message board.
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    My GF just got me a Murse t-shirt (with a man holding a specimen cup saying"I'm gonna need a sample of that",which i thought was funny as heck with many lol's.
    So thats how I feel about it, its a word.
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    I like, "Nurse with a penis". That is hilarious.
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    Hey everybody, virgin poster in the house.

    Lets face it mursing is the future, so get on board!
    I don't care if its a man bag or an insult.
    I recall one episode of Greys, not that I watch it, but
    one of the male medical officers (hehe) accused the skinny lead mo
    of being a ''nurse'' and she took total offence.

    The root meaning of nursing is something like -to suckle. Well
    thats not really what we, especially the menfolk, are about these days.
    Technical jargon would truly nurse/suck. So why not embrace the humour
    and self depricating nonmenclature. My only other suggestion is
    Toilet Brush. Hello Mr Smith, I will be your nurse today but you can just call me TB.