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So my current employer's uniform policy is navy, brown, or gray scrub tops and bottom or white scrub top with one of the other color pants. they are now requiring all nurses to wear white scrub tops... Read More

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    I say we move on from discussing the homosexuality of white tops and discuss whose brilliant idea it was to put a bunch of child bearing age females (there are no males in my class) in white pants. Yikes! Now THAT should be a crime.
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    So much for political correctness..,
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    Quote from RN_Dan
    If I'm cold, I wear a warmup/scrub jacket and I don't care what others think (and I'm 100% straight).
    Straight men world wide need you to blaze the trail to increase straight male fashion choices.
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    When I graduated LVN school my wife asked if I would wear pink scrubs. I went and bought a pink top with black pants and wore them once a week for almost a year. I never got accused of being gay. A color is just a color - who cares.

    Do the clothes make the man or does the man make the clothes?
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    Regardless of the alleged sexual undertones of white scrubs, whether they are tops, bottoms, or both, my opinion is that white LOOKS BAD. Talk about a color that shows every little spec of "whatever."!! Maybe they just like white so that they just end up in a big pool of bleach??

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