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by jltbone

So my current employer's uniform policy is navy, brown, or gray scrub tops and bottom or white scrub top with one of the other color pants. they are now requiring all nurses to wear white scrub tops and black or royal blue... Read More

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    Quote from FF-PHRN
    I was just waiting to see the responses....figured it would be entertaining since you used the "g" word. PC stuff what it is these days.

    Anyway, don't overthink this, they are just scrubs. It not like they want all white or all pink or something ridiculous. You are the only one to see it this way. I wear blue with white top by choice, just not a big deal. Like what what was mentioned earlier, there are those really loving the old caps. I would have to draw the line there for sure.

    BTW, never been a fan of the Navy whites. Gotta respect the MOH though!
    exactly, plenty of Uniform dress codes in UK hospitals have or have had male Nursing staff in white tops - although increasingly it does seem that coloured uniform tops are more common rather than white with grade piping / epaulettes - historically Female Nursing staff have worn coloured dresses / tunic tops with the colour desingating their 'rank' or grade ... ( ironically DMS nurses where their service specific uniform tops which are thesame colour regardless of rank with badges of rank attached in the traditional places; sleeve badges for NCO Nurses and epaulettes with bath stars for QARANC officers and stripes for Royal Navy /RAF Nursing Officers)

    white scrub tops and navy bottoms sounds fair enough , i'm sat here at work on a bit of down time during a night shift wearing my work uniform of hospital blue round neck tunic, navy trousers and black (training)shoes , as is my (male) colleague at the other end of the unit - our female RN colleague is wearing a simialr uniform - just with the female top and our feale HCA is wearing the same but with a light blue top (as that's the colour for HCAs in the dress code)