what are the best mens scrubs you have found? - page 3

what brands and style I decided I am gonna order some off the net because I am sick of the unisex crap. I have been looking at the Aviator scrubs and they seem pretty nice.... Read More

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    real men wear Landau

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    No scrubs.

    On the aircraft, a flight suit. Including classy leather jacket.

    In the ED I wear 5.11 Tactical or EMS pants and some sort of t-shirt.
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    The scrubs I ordered is Dickies. They're pretty comfortable, and fits well. Not tight or anything like the unisex scrubs. Good price also.
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    i honestly dont even look at the brand, if it looks decent and it fits Ok with me, I wont wear femine scrubs with the flowers and the touchy feely stuff..

    Does anyone make corvette scrubs or star trek scrubs ? Now I would wear those scrubs to work
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    Never tried dickies.

    Landau works well for me. As does, surprisingly... tender hearts.
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    I bought five sets of the Aviators. I wore them to work for the first time today. Great fit, great material, and I love having all of the pockets. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    I am a judo player and about 225 lbs and 6'0. Look nothing like a nurse, more like a bouncer and typical scrubs could never fit me right.

    http://www.mynursinguniforms.com/landau-7565.html tops

    http://www.mynursinguniforms.com/landau-8555.html bottoms.

    look great, masculine.
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    I only wear AVIATOR scrubs now. Lots of pockets, good material, good quality and service
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    I want to buy aviators, but nurses are required to wear "galaxy blue" at my facility, and they don't appear to have this specific shade.
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    I keep reading about this aviators uniforms. Do they have a website?

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