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Hi guys, I recently enrolled in an ADN program and am doing a maternity clinical right now. I was told by my instructor that I should always have a fellow female nursing student in the room with... Read More

  1. by   nurse2033
    Yes, always protect your job and your license. Although tedious, you will never be accused of doing anything inappropriate. I work ER and the male docs won't do anything "down there" without a chaperone.
  2. by   JSJones,RN
    It completely depends on the patient and your situation. I have taken care of a lot of women who could care less as long as they are treated with respect and dignity. As a young male nurse, its usually me who is uncomfortable in these situations, yes, I am a professional and have had the appropriate training and can perform the needed tasks as well as any female (no offense), but I am still slightly uncomfortable doing certain things without a female coworker present. As much as we'd like to deny it, we still work in a world that is predominantly female, and some patients are just more comfortable with a female taking care of their personal needs. Always ask your patient first, they'll usually freely tell you if they aren't comfortable...but when in doubt, have a female present as a witness, it shouldn't bother you and if something does arise later on, you have someone on oyur side!
  3. by   Mr. Murse
    Jees, if I had to have a female nurse with me the whole time I had a female patient I would never get anything done. In OB it's a little more tricky because just about every aspect of it is a little more intimate than your average med-surg floor (I work on a surgical floor). Basically, if possible, anytime you're doing anything that requires revealing and/or assessing "private parts", try to bring a female staff member in, even if it's just a tech, just to legally cover your butt. Most importantly, just be confident and professional about whatever you do. Patients will sometimes sense and misinterpret awkwardness and discomfort.

    As for patients asking for a female nurse. This very rarely happens on med-surg floors, but when it does it's our job to accommodate them. We can't force care on a patient. If it happens, talk to your charge nurse and try to trade patients with another female nurse on your floor.

    OB is really not an area of nursing that many men are comfortable with, if for no other reason than the inability to empathize. I know I was happy to have that rotation over with.