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I am just graduated from HS ,and I will go to college after this summer. However, I am confused that, should I study to become a nurse or another career ? That is because people who live around me... Read More

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    being a male nurse is alot of fun i gotta say LOL
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    I once read an article called "Real men wear pink"

    It was how men are starting to enter professions which are traditionally viewed as a woman's job in the same way that women are now entering professions which are traditionally viewed as a man's job.

    Times are changing. Cooking is traditionally viewed as a woman's job but then again, "The best chefs in the world are men".

    The same goes for nursing. If we do our job, we do it good. That is what matters. Real men are not defined by their jobs. But rather, it's the real men who define their jobs as masculine or not.

    In any case, nursing is a great profession whether you be a male or a female.
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    Yes you should. It's rewarding helping other people.

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