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I just had my graduation....I felt girly because the students chose to wear all white and we had to carry a girly flower...I mean, if males dont speak up about this, it would seem that it is a female profession..Just to note, the... Read More

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    I graduated last night! None of my classmates wanted to carry flowers, but I insisted on a brandishing a bouquet of calla lily and reciting "Oh Captain, My Captain" when my name was announced.

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    I had to wear whites during clinicals.... B.S.N program. What a joke! Nurses constantly scream for respect, but then force this crap on their young. How blue collar is that???

    As for whites at graduation and flowers.... I wouldn't have showed up... But cheers to those of you who did..... I guess that's better than what most women would get when they join a police department, or god forbid a fire department... I once saw an entire six foot tall locker stuffed with porn at one of the fire departments I worked for.....

    Flowers and white..... Might not be that bad....
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    Quote from KungFuFtr
    I would have worn black tube socks and black boxers/thong.
    Maybe walk across the stage slow with my eyes on the floor slouching, stop, big sigh look at flowers shake head and repeat.

    When I graduate, if they make me carry a flower, I'm going to stop halfway across the stage and slowly eat it, with a meditative look on my face.

    Always leave them confused, I say.
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    Next June when it comes time for our graduation I'm just going to keep my mouth shut and quietly ask the lady in the office to mail me my diploma or whatever they give you. I guess all that really matters is that the paperwork for the NCLEX and temporary license gets filled out correctly.

    Our school loves to make new rules, so I figure if anybody makes a stink, they'll just change the rules to make attendance at the graduation ceremony mandatory.
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    I'm all for the white dress and flowers, that will just show off my bright and bubbly personality.
    I'm sure the white dress will show off my 6'1" 240lbs frame just wonderfully. Hairy legs and all!!
    And if all goes well I'll light myself on fire with my candle as I go across the stage.
    OMG! The thought of this just makes me want to laugh to death at the stupidity/thoughtlessness, and then puke that someone put themselves through this! Skip the stupid ceremony. I just graduated with my BSN, skipped the whole stupid thing. :selfbonk:
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    Quote from Sheri257
    Well ... I'm female, and object to this stuff also. I DO NOT want to wear a white dress, cap, etc. to my ceremony. To me, it's absurd since they're making us pay for the graduation ... we should be able to wear whatever we want.

    I seriously thinking of not going because I feel so strongly about it. I hate wearing white, and I hate wearing dresses. And I especially hate being told what to wear when I'm paying for the ceremony.

    Its a ceremony for graduation. It wont kill you. It wont hurt you
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    yeah, i see this happen all over the country. like when the unit specific scrub colors get picked....and they go with lavender and pink....what the heck are the guys supposed to wear??? it's so lame...pathetic....and least the morons didn't make you wear high heels...ugh.

    m*a*s*h character
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    [quote=NeuroMedic;1736642]HOWEVER; let's say that at an M.D. graduation, the males and females
    were required to wear a suit and a tie, "Because M.D. IS FOR MEN ONLY!"

    Women's Rights activist would be all over it as well as the media./quote]

    This would never happen because Med Schools realize that this is a gradaution ceremony from a professional program not a sorority function. I think we should ditch the pinning stuff anyway. I'll be going to my graduation because my wife has insisted, but I wish that it was just a graduation ceremony. I don't know, maybe we'll have a general graduation and a separate pinning and I can choose the more professional one...

    I just think that stuff like this continues to make nursing less of a respected profession and more like the girl scouts or the sorority. To me, skip the candles, flowers, pins etc. Cap and gown, lame speeches and diplomas just like every other program. :-) Reciting a pledge is ok with me (I don't know much about Florence Nightengale and her pledge, but the concept doesn't bother me.)
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    I think that you are making a mountain out of a molehill here.
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    Not long ago, our NM requested that we all wear whites for one day. I attributed this to her steadily worsening dementia, but it seemed better to humor the gal than butt heads with her. I later learned that it was part of a tribute to a couple of our co-workers who had started when all white was the norm. Had I known the rationale, I'd have been a lot more cheerful about it.
    One of my co-workers went so far as to wear her old nursing cap. At the request of my peers, I wore it outside on a smoke break. I'm told I looked quite fetching. I must say, I'm truly astounded that anyone was ever able to do any work in those things.

    Dementia or no, I did give the NM a hard time when she showed up that morning in plain old manager clothes.

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