First Male Nurse I've Seen

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    So I thought the male nurses would find this this entertaining. I'm working as a young male nurse in a Pediatric ER. I have a three patient assignment: possible septic baby, CHI baby, and an 11yo nonaggressive psych patient who believes he is a mythical creature from a book he has read and is awaiting transfer to psych. I do my work ups on my babies, including IV's and meds for both, and multiple scans for the CHI. When I re-check my 11yo, the parents are giggling with the kid. "What has you guys laughing so hard?", I ask. Dad answers, "This is just the first time that _____ has seen a male nurse. See _____? I told you he was a male nurse. They need male nurses to help lift heavy things and heavy people. His job is important because there aren't many male nurses." I think men in nursing is a really misunderstood role.
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    LOL - actually, he has probably seen a lot of male nurses, but just not recognized them as such because - donchaknow - they just didn't look like nurses.
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    Sounds like the kid inherited "idiot" from his parents.
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    remember this child is the one who believes he is a mythical creature....clearly not a credible source and may he is not mentally ill....apples never fall far from the tree.....
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    Call me crazy, but I think the number of things an 11-year old HASN'T seen would far outnumber the things that he HAS seen.

    Dad is an idiot ... but I'll give him one pass as he's got an ill kiddo.

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