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It happened to me twice in one night, the funny thing is that it wasn't the patients refusing me it was their husbands. One of them was really rude about it, I felt like asking them if they had any other prejudices that I should... Read More

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    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    No, no one should care, but that doesn't make it so. Traditionally, women aren't seen as potential sexual threats while men are.

    Female staff are at risk to being groped, hit on, or having a male patient way too happy to see them; men are at risk for being accused of inappropriateness. I'll perform care of (or near) genitalia; but if they seem uncomfortable with the thought, I'd offer a female to do the task. Most will decline, but they appreciate being asked.
    A quick review of state nursing disciplinary boards reveals female nurses have sexually assaulted their male patients
    and thus female nurses rank highest in boundary violations. So, equally true is the fact that male patients are at risk of being groped,hit on and having a female nurse way too happy to see them. Male patient privacy is low on the agenda and for
    good reasons.

    Male nurses have been considered predatory perverts and discriminated against in nursing schools and hospitals. I have
    never seen male nurses at L & D suites nor will you see any male mammographers. It is the institutions themselves that
    discriminate against males, not the female patient population.

    My urology experience is just as unique as your childbirth experience,yet there are no male cna's nurses etc at urology
    clinics,despite the fact that men apply for these jobs.
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    And there are always patients looking for a reason to sue, and if they claim something happened, good luck proving your innocence. I worked LTC forEVER, and every day told male CNAs never to take care a female alone, to always work with another to dissuade any false allegations. Also, I don't think one person (male or female) should ever turn or transfer an old patient alone, in any case. It's just easier on everybody, prevents falls, complaints, back pain, etc.

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