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Is getting ahead in management or moving up the ladder hard to do for a male nurse?... Read More

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    I've been told by several female nurses that I'm lucky because male nurses tend to get promoted more quickly. Time will tell.

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    although nursing work doesn't discriminate on gender regarding easy or hard work. men in management or even higher positions in nursing are well represented in several departments where i work. therefore, in answer to your question "no is not harder" is just dedication, determination, and dependability to move up the ladder to achieve those positions.
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    I was married to a male nurse. Between that experience and what I have seen in the field... men have a much easier time succeeding in nursing.

    They are usually more assertive and more respected simply because they are male.

    Please... no grief on this one... most male nurses are automatically called "doctor"!
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    Not if you have the right pieces of paper. BSN, MA, PHD. Have at least one in hospital administration or a MBA.
    The hard thing is working while you're going to school.
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    Not from what I have seen either. My ex manager in ICU was a male. He moved on to be director of the stroke program. A coworker in the ICU moved on to be manager of a tele unit.

    The executive director for the company I work for is a male RN.

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