Are people shocked you're still a bloke outside of work? - page 2

Personally, I've found that people tend to be quite shocked that when your shift has finished you dont just hang yourself up in the staff room on the coat hook. For example...... Outside of work I... Read More

  1. by   Mr Midwife
    I used to do competative judo back in university and my ex's partner Andy (she was a policewoman) was my training partner. Her police friends alwasy had a go at me for being a nurse but one year Andy entered and won the police judo competition easily so we'd all gone to support and he wanted to have a few more rounds so I changed and we threw each other around the mat for a while. All the copper friends who had teased me were really shocked to see that I was a judo player and quite a good one so I know what the OP means.
    At work its not too bad as there are a few other male midwives at my unit so we all hang out etc so the girls are used to seeing us as guys (espec when they 'accidently' walked in on me in the shower!)
  2. by   lost soul
    I dont get it. Do you think you are supposed to do "girl things" ????
  3. by   elkpark
    I don't get it, either. I assume that all my colleagues, regardless of gender, have a life and wide range of interests outside of work that have nothing to do with nursing.

    Is the subtext here supposed to be the old canard that male nurses are effeminate and probably gay? People are supposed to expect you to spend your time outside of work playing with your Barbie doll collection?
  4. by   ANnot4me
    What are bloke things, mate?