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  • Mar 3

    Tell us why it was so bad...

  • Jul 3 '15

    Quote from ZASHAGALKA
    Why would getting rid of NANDA take away from nursing? More to the point, how does nursing gain respect by using arcane language that is widely considered un-necessary input for our allied health peers?

    NANDA and the like are like pig-latin: we're sooo cool because we have a made up language. In fact, those around us don't think we're cool: they just tune us out. Is it no wonder we don't command any respect?

    NANDA is useless in the trenches. It might be a good teaching tool, but those in the trenches could care less if it is officially done away with. It's been obsolete in our minds, for years. It's just another computer generated document to check off to prove to JCAHO that we care about such things.

    Let me ask you this: look at the 'care plans' in the charts of active patients in your units and see how very rarely they are updated. In most cases, it's a necessary document to generate at the time of admission, and promptly forgotten about by nurses, and never once looked at by anybody else. Those plans are only updated if it's required, and, by cursory examination, you'll find it evident that such 'updates' are perfunctory and not practically oriented changes.

    We've bought into self-defeating language like this and then complain that we aren't treated with respect. When our language is gibberish to our allied peers, why WOULD they treat such work as respect-generating?

    If NANDA dies, good riddance. I would have murdered it long ago, if it had been within my power. NANDA and our other power-robbing language only serves to keep nurses 'in their place'. God forbid we actually use our knowledge to cross the sacred lines of professionalism! How dare we not know our place. Uppity nurses and all.

    I agree.