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    To experienced nurses who care for antepartum patients: Is it safe and reasonable to expect a nurse who has only mother/baby experience to take an antepartum patient with no prior experience with antepartum and any possible complications with antepartum?

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    Quote from windsurfer8
    You "hate being in the hospital"? Then maybe you should consider a different career?
    People who "encourage" you does not mean they are always steering you in the right direction. Forcing yourself to do something you "hate" just to do it may not be the best option. Only you can decide how you want to live.
    Actually I wasn't "steering" her anywhere. She was looking for viewpoints not judgements. I was looking for neither. Life decisions aren't always so cut and dry so that one just "quit"s at the drop of a hat before considering other options.

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    I want to encourage you. I have to be honest. I developed anxiety when I became a nurse. A major panic attack was my introduction to residual generalized anxiety after a shift on the floor. Nursing is stressful. Ive learned how to overcome anxiety without long term medications, but if you are keen to trying medications, it might be very helpful to you before you make any other decisions. I've been contemplating leaving nursing off and on for years, and that's ok. Dont let others make you feel bad if you decide nursing is not for you.

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    I've decided to live for experiences and travel while working as a nurse. Are there any non-bedside specialties that would support this goal? I'm aware of travel nursing, but prefer non-bedside nursing. I asked about telephone case management but didn't get many responses.

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    yes, compact states. the internet connection is pretty strong.

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    To all case managers who actually work from home, do you think it's feasible to do this as a full time rv'er as long as i have a dedicated office in my rv with phone, internet, etc.?

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    Thank you. This specific situation was not discharge teaching, and the recording was being done by an uncle on his phone. The patient had some issues one normally wouldnt want disclosed to anyone else. Of course I didnt discuss that in front of them. Also, there was a family member who, upon arrival to the room came out and demanded the charge nurse move them to a bigger room, and took down the name of the charge nurse because they were unhappy with the size of the room. Yes, the main teaching is printed and given to the pt as reference.

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    Actually if you read back, I never refused anyone anything. I said I personally dont want to be recorded, and its not for discharge teaching, nor am I interested in "making it more likely" that they won't remember discharge teaching. My question was if anyone's hospital has policies in place on recording in patient rooms.

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    I am not interested in being on someone's phone recording on a personal level. So for family members who take it upon themselves to record patient teaching, I itch to ask them to stop. My hospital has no policy in place, does anyone else's? Naturally we know there's no recording during surgery or anything like that.

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    Im concerned with getting sick again

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    well employee health is saying i can come in. im not having diarrhea and i feel better. ??

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    So to have a tooth pulled my dentist put me on an antibiotic. I ended up in the ER where they told me they suspected I have C diff and sent me home on PO flagyl and cipro. I was fortunately off for a few days. I have to go to work tonight. I'm scared. I've decided I won't eat at work tonight. By the time I make it to work, I'll have taken my abx for the day and my probiotic. Just wanted to know if any other nurses put in this situation and what your outcome is.

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    I'm curious to know how it's been going. I'm now interested into going into case management. Pros cons, things you miss about bedside?

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    I moved from med surg to well baby nursery. I eventually intend to orient to admissions as well as nicu.

    any recommendations on books preferably ebooks that will help with my assessments, and learn the basics of babies? (good for someone accustomed to adults) something not long and drawn out but to the point. i like learning the reason why I'm doing something.

    i've been looking on amazon and there's a slew of ebooks, but i can't decide which ones are good...