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    Thanks so much for the comment. Also, do you think that the internship will be in any danger

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    So I accidentally fell asleep during OB clinical. The nurse reported me to the director and I met with my professors and they gave me a 30 minute lecture and I said I was sorry which I truly am sorry. I have no excuse for my actions and I really am so stupid for doing this and am a true embarrassment to my program. I promised this would not happen again and I have to meet with the director tomorrow. What can I expect out of this? Will I get kicked off the program? Also, I have an internship with this hospital in a different unit a medical surgical unit. Will I get kicked off of this internship?
    Thanks guys I appreciate the feed back.

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    Thanks so much for the reply!!!! If you don't remind me asking how is the job market? Do they have a connection with Sanford? Do hospitals like USD students? Thanks again...

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    Hi... I got accepted to USD for nursing and will attened in the fall of 2014. I was wondering what is it like in USD and anyone from South Dakota? Thank You...