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Joined Jun 10, '13 - from 'Gloversville, NY, US'. Clubsingr28 is a Registered Nurse. She has '20' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Sub-acute, LTC, School Nurse.'. Posts: 19 (68% Liked) Likes: 57

I began at 23 as an LPN. Due to an LPN lay-off I lost a job I absolutely loved! I returned to College and received my RN. So after all, losing my job was actually the best thing that happened to me b/c I was a happy LPN and may not have returned to school otherwise.

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Registered Nurse
Gloversville, NY, US
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Sub-acute, LTC, School Nurse.
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20 years
Music, singing, dancing and YES I love being a nurse too!
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