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Why I love being a nurse.

by Esme12 - A long time ago I took care of a Class IV cardiac. For those of you who don't know what this is...a class IV cardiac patient are symptomatic at rest. They tolerate no activity. Today they are...

My beloved nursing students

by Esme12 - To my beloved nursing students. There are many of us here who love helping you. We ask that you show us your work. Show us that you have your critical thinking caps on and are trying to grasp...

Counterpulsation. What kind of counter is that?

by Esme12 - is not in your kitchen.... Counterpulsation : count-er-pul-sa-tion (kown'ter-pŭl-sā'shŭn), A means of assisting the failing heart by automatically removing arterial blood just before...