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Bridging the Communication Gap

Every year, many prospective health profession students find the personal statement an intimidating hurdle. With nursing admissions already very competitive, communicating clearly one's enthusiasm is critical. The following is how Berkeley University describes the statement's importance: After we have read your personal statement, we will ask the question, "What do we know about this individual? If we have learned very little about you, your personal statement is not successful." Good... Read More →

Expecting the Unexpected

It's the wee hours of the night and the pages of a pharmacology textbook I flipped lethargically (in anticipation of the fusillade of nursing exams) seem to interrupt the nocturnal tranquility somewhat. Yet some 4500 miles from the United States, where the FIFA World Cup is in full swing, a Brazilian nation will dance samba till dawn if need be for a beautiful goooal and lionize the likes of Neymar--already a soccer virtuoso at his young age. In the US even, in the talent-laden NBA playoffs,... Read More →