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  • Nov 30 '17

    Quote from Dorables
    hello fellow nurses.I really need your help.I'm currently working here in saudi arabia As a DENTAL nurse.To tell you the truth im not happy with my work, coz i know its not a job of a nurse.But because the management of the hospital put me in this department i can't do anything.I've tried to submit a letter to be transfer in other department but they rejected it. Seriously i envy some of my fellow nurse's here in our hospital who work in special area.

    Its really frustrating on my part.But i can't do anything i've been working as a dental nurse for almost 1 year and 4 months now.And have a 4 years contract here in this hospital ,
    after 2 years i can have my vacation for one month and im planning not to come back here.
    What to you think i should Do next year on my vacation? I'm planning not to come back here.But how it will affect my application to other hospital if they know that i didn't finish my current contract in other hospital.
    Make the most of what you have. You're definitely lucky you have a job compared with others. Any experience is better than no experience at all. Well, I was wondering what are the duties and responsibilities of a dental nurse?