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    Can you imagine the phone call if you did wash the kids hair? I once had a second grader who took it upon herself to wash her hair with hand soap in the bathroom. Her parents were not amused but I didn't even know it happened until after ward.

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    i pretty much do what Snowy does. No one gets through the gates without full immunization records. For those who for some reason come to me and need to play some serious catch up (for me the biggest reason is undocumented immigrant) i can grant provisional status as long as they have at least one dose of everything they are missing. But there is a reasonable timeline to get all this done. This goes for the little ones too. There is no admission to school with the knowledge that they owe both MMRs or have no varicella.
    I also keep the state vaccination code pinned to my wall for easy reference.

    In my state we are required to have certification as school nurses through the state.

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    today and tomorrow - both early dismissals - a few weeks off then a bi of summer school. But that's to keep the mortgage company happy haha

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    Quote from Kuriin
    $73/hr new grad @ San Francisco.
    Dang - makes me want to go to San Francisco and see what they'd pay someone a bit longer in the tooth

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    I would rather call a code and get a patient right back (or on the reverse side of the coin be called needlessly to a code) than explain why I waited.

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    So sorry that you were in that situation - but I agree with the advice already out there. You should get checked out and your employer need to get you into some sort of training ASAP where you will be able to deflect / redirect those type of behaviors. It may only be a one time issue with you - but you know the potential is there for harm, either intentional or unintentional.
    Also - if you haven't already, ensure you situate yourself into a position while charting where you can keep an eye on him but also not get trapped should he come at you. Sounds logical, but i've come into a lot of rooms and found caretakers cornered.

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    It's not impossible to be a successful nurse without prior experience, but it does make it a heck of a lot easier if you have a solid base. I am not certain what you are classifying as experience in healthcare and politics - but the school district that you apply to may or may not see it as valuable.

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    Quote from Been there,done that
    No, never had holidays, weekends and summers off. Worked a lot of midnight shifts though.. you should try THEM.
    Wow! Why so harsh? You know - i did work my fair share of nights, weekends, and holidays when I worked in a hospital setting - lots of us did. Sure, occasionally a nurse will come straight out of nursing school and become a school nurse. As a whole, we advise against it. It's got nothing to do with paying dues and everything to do with polishing skills before being released to hundreds of students as their sole medical professional in the building.

    My point is that no place is Shangri-La and there are days that we all think that we look elsewhere and wonder why the grass is so green over there. But in reality, where we are may not be so bad - or we wouldn't have stayed so long, right?

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    I hear ya - i have only seen 15 kids today instead of my usual 50-60 as they are all doing fun things in class and don't want to miss by malingering - but I had a student out cold yesterday not rousing with deep sternal rub that i'm still running around crazy with today. TGIF -but more importanly - thank God there's only 3 days left. I need them all gone.

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    i was thinking today about how we had a school rule when i was a wee lass about no shorts in school until June or something - but had no a/c either. Hot times, hot times.

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    Quote from Jedrnurse
    I usually give "first time flyers" more latitude and/or benefit of the doubt.
    i do the same -if it's May and i haven't seen you all year - you get by on "i puked in the bathroom" with less inquiry.

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    holy cow! Who are you and what did you do with MrNurse(x2)?

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    I have a standing request for all my staff not to throw out things like basketball type shorts, sweats, unisex looking t-shirts and their kid's underwear. We all have a laugh that my request for used undies is odd when taken out of context but seriously - i never get those back. The shorts and sweats and shirts sometimes re-appear (and i'm not talking about just on the backs of student's walking down the hall!)
    If i get an over abundance - which usually doesn't happen - and i can't store it all i'll sort through and donate what i can't really use. But not undies - i go through those like water!

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    Yikes! After working in such a hot mess i'd want to run for the hills too! Even he most inner city school with the poorest population can have a well run school IF the administration is on the ball AND communication in good. Sounds like you got the double whammy of neither. It's unfortunate. If i were in your position, i would bow out gracefully and look for a different job and perhaps attempt school nursing in a different arena where you actually have a fighting chance at thriving. Then you will still have to contend with separating the fakers from the legit stuff - but when the other aggravating factors aren't looming and you can focus, you'll find it's a heck of a lot easier.

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    Pink takes no summers off!