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    i get down on the job from time to time and I really break down the job. I don't compare myself to others - that will just upset me if i look too hard at jobs that this job has nothing to do with (but i mean i'd still leave it all for an opening paying 100k to be taste tester at the Edy's factory in case anyone has a hook up - just putting that out there). I make a decent salary. I am not digging ditches (Not that there is anything wrong with that, but i'd be horrible at it). I get to work inside in a climate controlled building. While i can deal with some doozy parents, kids and co-workers, No place is Shangri-la. I'll bet the Edy's taste tester goes home with a belly ache. And in 16 short years I retire

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    how about "i don't feel good." i'd be tanked by lunch time

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    it's a tough decision to make sometimes. If the parent is far / unreachable, that sometimes sways the vote. We know that a kid can sit for quite some time with a fracture, especially if it's not severe, but I will often tell the parent that if someone can't get there in 20-30 min, that they can meet their rugrat at xyz ER. Of course there are the fractures that are the no brainers where you look at the kid and think that there is NO way this kid is even getting in a car.
    I have often wanted a "code blue" or something to be called so that the staff knows that I am dealing with an emergency and to PLEASE stop sending kids to me office right now for week old bruises, dry skin and headaches they've had since last night. I promise i'll clear the code once EMS leaves.

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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    AN changed that recently - to access the smilie box, click on "Full Editor" which is in between "Post Comment" and "Cancel". There you can add smilies or bold/italics/underline things.
    boo- i liked having it at my fingertips. Also wanted to note that i only get the checkmarks that mean - "i posted in here" on my home computer, not my work computer. weird, right?

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    Quote from KoalalaRN
    I don't want to get in the habit of giving coloring pages or activities, because I don't want them to start coming to the clinic for "fun time".
    It's a well known fact in my office that the coloring books and crayons are only broken out if you are headed home or have to wait in my office for some reason. I've been told by the kids who are just there to hold ice for a few minutes that they think that policy is unfair - they want to sit and color too. I am sure you all know how much that influenced me to consider changing it.

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    Every body is so danged sensitive these days and I think people go out of their way to get their panties in a wad. If it were my family member in a long term care / skilled nursing etc where they are not necessarily going anywhere for a while and the staff was telling me that there was an issue with them having an odor problem then (and maybe this in just my reasonable nurse brain speaking here) we look for ways to solve it. We don't shoot the messenger and get her suspended. Maybe Aunt Mable needs a stronger deodorant. Maybe the room is too hot. Maybe we don't realize that she asks for 4 blankets at night and she sweats like a mma fighter. Maybe she refuses her bath for everyone but this nurse. Maybe there is a little infection going on. There could be a much bigger picture going on that needs some cooperation of the family and the rest of the staff - not suspensions and hurt feelings because someone voices a concern.

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    so very jelly!!

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    Quote from Cattz
    After 20ish years of doing vision screenings--I have been doing A LOT of thinking about this specific topic-- When kids pass a vision screen, but there seems to be a problem. I would HIGHLY recommend they child get a Eye exam. I have attached a handout that I got from one of my local Optometrists. It is worth at least 1,000 words.

    Also, if you aren't familiar with Vision Therapy. I highly recommend you do some googling and read up on it.

    One thing that I am proposing, is that when the paperwork is in process for an IEP and I am asked for vision screening results-- If a student has passed my screenings, and there is still concerns that may lead to an IEP...I strongly feel that the paperwork shouldn't proceed without a Vision Exam. The reason I feel this way, is that, school vision screening in general. Is just what is says "a screening". Yes, it is a great tool to catch the big things on a lot of kids relatively quickly. But, if a student still isn't achieving to their potential...I want to make absolutely sure that it is not related to an undiagnosed vision disorder.

    Any thoughts from your experience??
    love this! I explain to parents all the time that what I do is a quick and simple screening and nothing more and fore really good quality results they MUST see an optometrist. I don't play favorites either. Walmart vision center is fine. I will discuss the finer points of using the Costco/BJ's / Sam's Club optical center without having a membership. (sam;s club has the cheapest prices near me for what it's worth)

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    my cots are sort of behind me / to the side of me if that makes sense. Either way they can see what i am charting of they sit on the edge and look closely. If they elect to lie down instead of sit in one of my chairs i encourage them to look at their homework, read a book, color, close their eyes and nap while they wait. I can't really move my office around too much.

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    plus -i was just thinking about this - she usually gets paid for her services by the school. While this may be a trip that she is going on with her child (from what i gather) - she is still providing her professional services to the school.

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    honestly, i think your admins should run it all by the lawyers before setting out on this trip. I am sure everything would run ship shape, but i would think she would need to be on the clock to need to use her nurse muscles to provide care.

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    I had a mom call me and let me know that she had her child treated at one of these places. She didn't like my answer that i'd monitor the class per policy and wanted me to do a check of the class - she is convinced that she got it in the class as she doesn't have friends in school and doesn't do sleepovers and according to her child there were other kids scratching, yada yada... never mind the outside gymnastics classes or dance or karate or whatever the heck the kid is into. She pleaded her case to the teacher and then i got a visit today from the principal who was saying something about how I should have told her about this. Wait - what? enforcing lice policy is now something you want me to trouble you with?

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    i think they are gaining ground. My daughter came into my office today from breakfast saying how cool and how much she wants one for her birthday. She's a summer baby so here's to hoping that fad burns out before then.

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    i find with the "no ice packs leave the office" rule that the average time that the ice pack is actually needed is actually very short -unless we're talking either a legit injury or a kid trying to dodge something they don't want to do - class, gym, test, presentation. I love how they all think they're the first one's to come up with that.

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    it's a conspiracy! #justiceforlarrythelouse