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    they started a 12 month option here - but mid year. i'll sign up for it in september. i get a portion of my check deposited into saving anyhow to cover expenses - which i'll continue to do.

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    i agree with OD, i will usually just send you a reminder letter - something short and sweet and on some sort of eye catching paper - if something is grinding my gears. If i send it out and it's white, it's because i find it to be an obligation, the brighter the paper, the more annoyed with an issue I am.

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    Holy crow! wishing you guys a peaceful night and a speedy recovery

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    I was advised somewhere along the road that a parent can request records - but they have to put their request in writing for board approval. The only thing that does not need approval is a parent requesting a copy of the front of their a-45 (vaccine card).
    But - if they are asking for the incident report to me that sounds like it would be the teachers account of what caused the injury and prompted the visit to your office rather than calling in the care you gave - despite what heading your EMR may call your nursing reports. Just my 2 cents.

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    Quote from Supernrse01
    We will be at Myrtle this year too! I'm already dreaming about my toes being ion the sand!!
    I'll be in myrtle Beach too - last week o' June!! Then 3 weeks of summer school then the rest of the summer to goof off

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    i do have an autistic class - 3 actually. I gotta say - the class for the older kids got a new teacher and since my time in dealing with that classroom has plummeted. The others are actually pretty sparse too. I am fortunate in that my staff recognizes that these children have behaviors that include making themselves vomit - sure not every vomit is a behavior and some of these children eat strange soft diets resulting in consistent soft stools - but when they come to me because their stool is liquid and peeling the paint off the wall, i'm good with sending the kiddos home.
    I think we're all in a good place right now.

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    Dang! Poor kiddo I'm glad she wasn't in too much pain. What a trooper!!

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    Quote from SnowyJ
    You did the right thing. Only when we set reasonable boundaries will the staff "get it."

    Poop on a shoe is not a medical issue.

    Nor is the hem of a dress coming loose.

    Nor are broken glasses. (I am terrible at trying to fix them anyway.)
    Yes to this!! I hate that the teachers send me broken glasses. It's not like we had a unit in school nursing school that was on glasses repair. I'm terrible at fixing them. Those freaking little screws - and half the time it's a break that can't be fixed in mt office anyhow so I just toss the pieces in a ziploc and tell the student to either call home for their spare pair or do their best.

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    Yeah - i agree... I gave up caring about things like that a long time ago. I will make it known that it's not a nurse excuse absence or whatever the heck they want to paint it as. But if a teacher wants to send a kid home for sleeping and being non productive in class - fine. Just don't drag me into it by saying that they are sick.
    I feel the same way about the kids that bypass me and call home from the office or clandestine bathroom cellphone. That's fine - but don't expect me to excuse the absence when the office calls to find out if i saw you.

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    i totally get that. I discussed with the IT guy about ways of being able to call parents from a numbers that wasn't the school's but also not my cell- he tried to explain Google voice to me. Doesn't sounds like it would necessarily help your particular situation right now, but i did think about it for the future. I still don't think i totally get it though.
    I have a few parents that really only text - some due to Deafness, some due to lord only knows why - contacting them is a pain right in the rear end. When i was in walmart the other day, I sincerely thought about investing in a burner phone for work purposes...

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    Aww Kidzcare - poor kiddo. what a bummy way to start out the summer. Send her my love!!

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    Quote from fawnmarie
    I saw a child this past Monday morning who said he hadn't eaten since Saturday night. His teacher sent him to my office with a note that stated he couldn't stop crying in class. He told me he had a severe stomachache. I asked what he'd eaten for breakfast, and he replied, "Nothing." I asked what he'd eaten for dinner the previous evening, and he replied "Nothing." I asked him to tell me what he had eaten the previous day, Sunday. He gave me the strangest look and replied "I was at my Daddy's house all day yesterday, and he doesn't have any food. I just drank water." I learned that his last "meal" was a piece of cake on Saturday night at his grandmother's house.
    Situations like this are one of the reasons that I have bittersweet feelings towards summer break. Sure, it's great to have that time off, but I can't help but worry about my littles that I know get their only meals of the day from the school. CPS gets called. Things may improve for a bit - but it's often not enough.
    I like the idea of the school offering a meal - but i know it would not fly here. The town here offers a free rec program for any town resident child, but i don't believe it offers a meal - at most a snack.

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    I agree, but at the same point I feel that can only work with what I have at hand. If parents don't supply me with information, it's on them when I am not aware of conditions,can't get ahold of them and call 911, don't give a medication, give a medication they wanted d/c'd but expected me to know using my psychic skills etc.
    as far as teachers go- I take them with a grain of salt. I get when they first meet me that they don't know me and may not know how I do things. But by year two or so it's my office and I really don't care how the old nurse did things. I'm the sheriff in town now. My office, my rules. I will grant to teachers that they may be more familiar with students on some grounds and in many instances. So I may humor them. But I also probably won't if they are sending me total bs

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    I've been stuck in Boston for the last 36 hours with all my eighth graders. I need something stronger than a saltine. A triscuit maybe?

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    So i have been quietly following this thread all weekend and giving this some thought. And my position on this does not change. The contents of someone's underpants in none of my business. But that being said - someone along the way here did bring up a good point about communal showers. I dug around a bit and tried to find some sort of semblance of directive already in place - but as this is a "hot button" issue - the media and websites are so focuses of the bathrooms that locker rooms and their adjoining showers are simply a passing thought. I poked around on Jazz Jenning's site (that's the girl with the reality show) to see if she made any mention - nope - just excited to change at Target and pee in peace. To me this is small potatoes. If a girl looking like Jazz Jennings walked into the bathroom and used the stall next to me, I'd think nothing of it. Most females of all ages would. But into a communal shower I wondered if Jazz would even bother? Go full bore into showering? I'm really not sure... Do schools even require kids to shower? Mine does not.
    Onto my next thought - suppose a school does require a kid to shower - what about the female to male that now has to fit in with his male and threatened peers? If they realize now in said communal shower that this person who outwardly looks male due to hormones is missing a penis will they react violently towards him?

    Perhaps these are baseless thoughts. Perhaps i am waaaayyyy over thinking things. Perhaps it has been too many years since i've been in a school locker room and things don't work like that anymore, so shut up, Flare and sit down.

    My bottom line is and always will be keeping students healthy and safe in school. If that means they use my office - fine. If that means transgender students use a bathroom they feel comfortable in - fine. If that means constructing a single shower - well, i've been fighting for that for life skills for years... but that, friends is a different topic.