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    i don't care if the families see me out and about. I don't care if they see me in the grocery. The only thing that I do ever give a second thought about is running out to the store in my schlubby clothes in case i run into someone i know - but that is less of a "i work in town" issue than a "simply me" issue. If we have to run to the store and i am in sweats and make it a point to change, my husband will make it a game to point out all of the people that left the house looking much more casual than i was.

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    there is a lot to be said about a short commute and in the same school as your kids - both are very beneficial. On the other hand - being that close to the school and working there can be a little daunting to some. You are constantly in the public eye. If you are the type that can shrug it off if you are spotted in a store buying beer or out to dinner having drinks and spotted by students or parents then I say go for it.

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    Quote from kidzcare
    OMG! How awful! I feel so terrible for this boy and his father. This kind of abuse is horrifying.

    I can't help but wonder how doctors decided to do so many operations and invasive procedures without concrete proof of anything?
    Well - this article may help explain how so many unnecessary tests happen. There was just a huge bust in my area with Medicaid fraud. The doctors would recruit people from soup kitchens and pay them to get tests and procedures.
    4 NYC area doctors among 2 charged in massive health care fraud scheme |

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    i have spoken to kids about hygiene - and i do have deodorants here. But, as others have said, there is no law against being stinky. I can gently advise a student that they are of a certain age where they may need to shower more often and use deodorant now (and not wear the same blessed hoodie every freaking day!!) But i will only do it once. If a teacher complains again to me and wants me to speak to them again, i tell them no. (You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it shower!)

    On the other hand - Kidzcare did bring up a good point that the teacher handing it off like that DOES indeed make it seem like the teacher is gossiping. So that does make me revise my stance on this.

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    I am glad to hear that things are starting to come together. They passed a law in NJ this past year that tweaked the requirements to be a school nurse - the reason why i give you this info - when i went through my cert the college wanted me to do so much more than was required by the state. A school nurse I was talking to about going through the process gently recommended that I get my records audited by the state - boom- instead of the 5 or 6 more classes that the college wanted me to take i only had to take one to finish my cert. Oh happy day!
    life is funny. I ended up applying to a hospital thinking i'd do bedside to make some extra cash and ended up getting hired on in an administrative role. I ended up working there for over 4 years. Now I am working other side jobs not related to nursing and taking steps to get my masters in a field outside of nursing. I am looking down the line to when i retire - not soon but in the grand scheme of things not terrible far off - and what i'll do then.

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    Quote from Cattz
    On that note- today is an extra fun day! I am not at his school today. But, where my kindergarten grandson goes to school --- today is Real Life Super Hero Day! and guess who he wanted to dress up as??!! Me/Granny. I was so happy to pull my stethoscope out of my bag and have him to wear it for the day. His mom, on the other hand, was afraid he would lose it or something would happen to it. Nope, not worried about that, I am more than thrilled to hand it over to him for the day.
    Awww!! Even if he lost it i wouldn't care - what a love!

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    Quote from BeckyESRN
    2nd grader with a tiny bit of blood trickling from nose: "When I opened my locker one of my rocks fell out and hit me in the nose"
    I have sooo many questions! Why rocks? Multiple rocks? How large are these rocks? Why are there so many that they cause an avalanche when you open your locker?!
    I gave her a tissue and told her to excavate her locker!
    i swear -we need to write a collective novel i am dying over here!

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    oh, but we do look pretty in our pink off the record, OD - you look pretty in your pink too!

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    Quote from SchoolNurseTXstyle
    All the symptoms that seem to cause paralysis in a child (requiring the school nurse to run as fast as the wind with the wheelchair because darling just cant walk).

    1. Spitting up phlegm
    2. Superficial abrasion to knee
    3. Slammed finger in locker
    4. Actual vomit
    5. Nausea
    6. Spilled milk on pants (not made up, I promise)

    C"MON NOW!!!!!
    This brought tears to my eyes - of joy because we know we're not alone and hilarity because it's just the brutal truth. And you know the other staff sees you with the wheelchair and they all say "oh no!!" as you pass and you can't help but think "this is just going to be a load of nonsense..."

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    come sit next to me honey! I've got the kettle on!! (any my bright pink breast cancer awareness FD t shirt!!)

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    according to my dept of health it's all relative to the size of your district and how close together the illnesses are to each other.

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    For the most part, you miss school due to illness the same 24 hour exclusion stands for concerts and after school events. Now that being said, I'm usually not there and i can't say who would enforce the policy. If the parent chooses to send the child in and Sally ends up puking into her trumpet halfway through Moonlight Sonata, then i don't want to hear about how embarrassing it was. but you can be sure i will hear about that it happened - better keep her home afterward !

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    Quote from Windchaser22
    Most of us have to find our own subs too if we ever, God forbid, need a day off. No one else has to do that.
    Amen to that! Testify!

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    i have to set up coverage for field trips. It irritates me because i am the only department so to speak that has to find their own coverage. The teachers that serve as chaperons just say that they are going and wipe their hands of it. I don't even go on most of them and i have to find warm bodies with nursing degrees to go on all these trips. I currently have 7 that i am working on

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    1/2 day on the 22 and back on Jan 2. I'll take it.