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    So to piggyback on Jen-Eliz we would probably send this child out for an eval the next time there is an incident of self harm to our local childrens crisis team or calling mobile psych intervention services in to intervene. We would make it clear to the parent that this would be the intervention so there would be no surprises - especially since there is a feeling that the mom may be in denial. However - and this is something to consider - you noted that she is seeing a therapist. Is she seeing a therapist for the self harm issues? Do you have consent to communicate with the therapist? It's possible that he/she does not have a full picture of what's going on in school. Also - is the self harm happening only at school, mostly at school, even split of school and home?
    Moving forward, it is beneficial to get a behaviorist in to help with this. If your district does not have one, you can contract out the services. Contact other local districts to see who they use / if they are happy with that person / so forth...
    Once the behaviorist is in place and they help you draft the behavior plan - use it - stick with it- make sure everyone is being consistent.

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    i use healthoffice anywhere - it works fine for me. There are functions in it that i never touch and things that i wish it did, but it works just fine to get me through the day.

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    i start sending out my "you owe me shots" letters to my 5th graders in march (our tdap and meningo are due in 6th grade here). If i'm not completely overwhelmed at the end of the year and i've had a chance to put together a letter, I fire the first warning shot and put a colored notice in with the final fifth grade report cards.

    Then in the summer time I put out an ominous "Final notice" on the brightest paper I can find to whoever is still noncompliant (usually still majority). I will say that this year was my record year for compliance. At this moment I only have 2 that i'm missing shots from. and The hammer will be coming down very very soon.

    By the way - i have no problem being the heavy. No shots, no school. But - i can't set the date of compliance. That's the admin's job. And enforcing it really is too - but empower me to and i'm going for it.

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    Quote from SullyRN
    We want the policy changed, the ones that get sent home time after time are likely the ones who need to be in school the most. But it will be like pulling teeth.
    I think i am getting blessed with a shiny new policy this year - i'll tell you more next week when i'm at liberty to speak about it. Suffice it to say though, i'm happy.

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    I had a kiddo but he graduated last year. Mom was not employed in the school, but was readily accessible and is very well versed. I often joked with her that she should go back to school for phlebotomy since she's so good at accessing veins already. The hemophilia center was ready and willing to work with me and provide education to the staff and training to me. I felt really fortunate to have them near by.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Just realized your name spells out MrNurSEXY!!!
    leave it to Far to pick up on these things!! love it!!

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    oh, i've got my pink today

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    It's not unheard of for children to develop epilepsy during puberty. I had it happen to several students as well as my niece. Typically if memory serves i seem to think they were all absence seizures, though I want to say that my niece was having generalized seizures (i never saw her have one).

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    I'd be raising some major cain. They'd be seeing the me really (ahem) Flare up.

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    Most of my orders say antihistamine is the allergen has been ingested but no symptoms. But if a student came to be saying that they ingested their allergen and felt they needed their epipen i would not debate it with them - i'd just give it to them. They probably feel things in their body that I could never visually assess and wouldn't want to take a chance.

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    i keep a box on hand. Sometimes deep sternal rubs are just not enough. I think in 15 years i've used them twice

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    i try to document everything that walks through my door. Occasionally I get what i call a "drive by" which is a student that runs in for a bandaid or an ice pack and applies it and sticks it back so fast and it out the door before I can even ask their name because I was busy doing something else. It's rare as I can usually id the students by sight but it does happen from time to time

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    i've been scolded plenty times over the years for things that just make me say "huh?" everything from changing a child into dry clothing (mom was po'd that her snowflake had to wear "clothes from school" -well - you should have answered your phone - and that still would not have solved the fact of your kiddo sitting in wet pants for at least 20 minutes) to a dad being ticked that i had the sheer audacity to do a hearing and vision screening on his autistic son (who gave me no problems and rather enjoyed our games).

    I've learned to choose my battles but also to stand up for myself when i know that i'm right. On the same flip of the coin- I have learned to own up when i'm wrong.

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    so it MAY be fractured? mom isn't even sure yet? had she taken him for an eval or was she just making her diagnosis? sometimes an ankle that gets rolled and feels ok at the time can get a little tender after walking around on it.
    Anyhoo - don't beat yourself up. You can only go by what you see. It was fine at the time of assessment. I'm certain that if he came back complaining you would have called.

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    it's a few more dollars, but i like the kind you can order that is pre paid that you can mail back for disposal. One less headache one it's full. I get those through school health