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    Quote from WineRN
    I have taken the phone from little one's that lie to their parents in front of me and call them out on it. Sadly most of the time it doesn't matter because usually the parents of the kids who are willing to lie while standing right in front of me are also the parents who believe EVERYTHING their child says.
    i had a student that was convinced that he had a fever earlier this week. I told him he didn't Showed him the thermometer 97. something and sent him on his way. He the bee lines to the office and calls home and tells his mom that he needs to be picked up because i told him he has a fever. The secretary calls me to verify this ( kid is a known liar) i tell her the real scoop and come up to the office to confront him and call mom. I tell mom that she CAN pick him up if she wants - she was a bit congested, but it wouldn't be excused. AND that he lied to her that i never said that and that he didn't have a fever. Mom knows his tricks and already somewhat assumed that since he called and I didn't. I then confront the student on what his deal is - he tried to sell me on that he truly thought that 97.whatever was a fever. Yeeeaaah. Thanks for playing.

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    i had a kid ask to use my bathroom. I got busy and he was in there for a long time. I forgot he was in there and left to go on some menial task. When i came back about 5 minutes later he was sitting in my empty, locked office (he could have gotten out) lying on a cot. I would have felt worse if it wasn't a middle school student that was clearly trying to avoid math.
    Don't sweat your situation too much, sounds like you've already done a pretty good job of beating your self up for answering nature's call.

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    So my district has us preview the video with the parents every year. So every year we pick a day about a day or so before the scheduled class then send out a letter to those parents and invite them to view the video. Our high count was 12 parents coming, the low count was 3. Granted, the health teacher and I get paid for coming in at night to do this but that's besides the point. The videos are available on line. My idea was to create a google site incorporating the videos and some of the basic info along with email addresses for questions so that the parents could view at home at their leisure.
    The thought occurred to me - What if the kids see it before their class? I am a bit on the fence - i mean their all have access to you tube - it's right there for the viewing the they search it.

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    most of my meds are given at noon - i have one given at 13:30. None are given outside of my office. If a parent comes with a forgotten dose of whatever I make them give it in my office and ask what they are giving. (if i happen to be in the main when they are there, i'll just have the student come down - point is it needs to be given in front of me)

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    good bye spring break

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    62 - i should have waited. i get much more excited when it's lower than 50

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    i too have a parent to two that will ask me for a work note, usually parents of my most gifted malingerers. The funny part is that I know where they work and have had other parent s work there and haven't had them ask for a note. Makes me think that the apple don't fall far from the tree when it comes to playing sick.

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    i have done it on occasion for people as well - close friends and colleagues that i am very friendly with. I wouldn't do it for a colleague that i wasn't friendly with who just somehow expected it of me. I'd be happy to do some "patient education" (for lack of a better term) them, but not actually put myself out there like that.

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    15 years for me as well. I reach my 25/55 and I am OUT. Well, i'll have more than 25 in at that point, but it just pads the pension.

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    ooh! i want to see it! I'll have to see if anyone here is using that.

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    So the question was posed as to where / how are they getting these guns? Some legally i'd imagine. If memory served the Newtown shooter had assistance from his own mother in obtaining firearms legally and she took him shooting as it was an activity that he liked to do- then again this may have been tabloid fodder. Then again, if you'd like to obtain a gun illegally, I am positive that if you went into several of the bad parts of some of the cities within a 20 minute drive from my own home, you could be well outfitted in minutes if you have cash in hand.
    Laws are a great start, but in my very humble opinion the laws need to be the same across the board nationwide.

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    Our district did not support a walk out. I will be interested to see in something happens at 10 am regardless.

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    occasionally hospitals will take sharps. I know that my local ones will if it's not an enormous amounts. I get the mail away ones now.

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    So scary, hoping for the best!

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    i have worked pd doing many many things from home care to corrections to acute care to hospital administration. Right now I have a call in job not related to nursing at all. I do work summer school -that's easy money.