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    I had a kid (former malingerer) i sent home last week with a 102+ fever. She froze when she saw me in the hallway the very next morning. I asked her what she was doing in school, knowing that I made myself crystal clear about staying home to her parent. She told me she just couldn't stand the thought of missing a day. Good kid, malingerer card officially ripped up, but your behind is going home!!

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    Yuck. And I am sure the parent of the taste tester is going to be less than happy to get no info out of you. On the plus side, that child's hemoglobin just went up by a fraction of a percent

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    I wholeheartedly agree. I think this plan is shortsighted and probably comes on the heels of someone whining and wanting some sort of accommodations, but the suits that make these type of decisions not asking the boots on the ground what the real ramifications would really be - we all know this dance - it plays out again and again in so many scenarios and policies getting rammed down our throats.

    I'm not even so concerned with the hard stuff - It's when the first od from acetaminophen happens and some 15 year old kid has destroyed their liver that the finger pointing will begin and the law suits will fly along with the shoulda coulda wouldas.

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    So Broward County High school students can now apparently carry a variety of OTC meds. Thoughts? Do you think other counties and states will follow suit? Do you think that this will cause parents with kids in lower grader to just assume it's ok to have their younger students carry as well?

    Broward high school students now can carry select over-the-counter meds - Sun Sentinel

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    I wholeheartedly agree. Resetting joints falls way outside the scope of practice and is a huge liability, doctor's order or not. I would be surprised that a doctor would even suggest that a school nurse would take on this task, knowing that it would be a resounding NO across the practice. Mom's options are to come herself when this happens to reset the joints, since she apparently knows how to do this procedure or to take him to a doctor. I agree that if she does not come within X timeframe that EMS would be called as a compromise, if the child is in a lot of pain, you can't expect him to wait there if mom is an hour away. I think that the best plan would be to draft an emergency plan stating such. The parent may not like it, but you can not risk your license and liability to the district to appease one parent.

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    i got enough fetch going for all today!

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    i usually just check for redness. if yes, call home to advise parent. Pick up is at discretion of parent. For comfort sometimes i will make a little warm pack out of a wet paper towels run under hot water and placed in a glove.

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    i do the same thing. If a teacher doesn't retrieve it, I don't go out to return it. I have enough to do. There are times that it looks like a garbage can store in here. i have taken a Sharpie and marked all of my trash cans. I advise the teacher to do the same, as the custodians *might* return their cans to them in the night shift.
    I get a lot of teachers that expect that i will clean out and immediately return a pristine can right back to them as soon as their student leaves. Uh - no. The best i'm going to do is toss on a glove pull out the bag and throw that away (, and maybe spray the can down with some sanitex. I make no deliveries. and there are no delusions of me rinsing the thing out. Where on earth would i go to do that?

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    The 100k + jobs that don't seem to require breaking your back with scads of ot tend to be in management. I was eyeing up an impressive salary posted for an administrative job for a VA hospital. But who am I kidding, I'm dug in here.

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    As long as I have a valid contract and have not been laid off, then no. No unemployment.

    Some districts have the option to spread out pay over 12 months to make the summer a little easier to swallow.

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    I have a student in a similar sitch. I feel like the litany of ailments and diseases that the parent tells us that this student has is not necessarily factual until it is backed up by medical documentation. I have yet to get anything and I have been asking for a long long time.

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    I always say that this is a place of miracles!! By simple suggesting that a kid try to poop, I sometimes feel like I have performed more miracles than a roadside tent revival.

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    Gotta love the kids with amazing puke control. I am always a little amused when my little littles can feel it coming on and bee line for the nearest trash or better yet a successful dash to my toilet while on the other end of the spectrum i've got these big kids that will come in stand in the middle of my office announce that they feel sick then spew like a geyser after making no attempt to even reach for a trash can. Talk about C'mon now!! Puke control is one of those things that you've either got or don't got

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    My guidance team is really good about keeping me in that loop. We maintain a confidentail document and update it on the computer contact list
    On the other flip on the coin, we almost never know when things list restraining orders have been dropped so we have run into having a person pick up a child and not wanting to release that child because our last communication said not to.

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    Quote from avery_shark
    case of the fibs.
    Love it!! Stealing it!!!