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    tbh - i have never had to give epi via epipen (knocking on closest piece of wood) and for that, I am very very happy.

    But yes, good point, i'd give it to ems just as i has done with the dozen upon dozens of diastats i've given.

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    i'd polish up my resume and look for another job. I would not fake vitals in a ltc setting. a cheap bp cuff on amazon is like 15 bucks. you may want to invest in one to use to cover yourself for now. But in the mean time... and i can't stress this enough... Get Out!! -it's a toxic work environment. Even if the vital sign issue gets addressed - there will be something else that puts you as an employee at risk. Get out!!

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    I try to make the parents of the children they belong to take them when they expire. it doesn't always work out.
    My local police department is super about taking my left behind drugs, but wont take anything with a needle - so my collection grows. I also do "live training" with real epipens when i do my delegate training.

    Fortunately for me I happened upon a sign in a local pharmacy saying that the local hospital would take them if they were in a sealed container. So now I still try to send them home, but if they get left behind, i save them for training and put into an old Tide bottle to bring to the hospital.

    For my other sharps - i have the mail away boxes that i buy from school health - no epipens are allowed in that unless used in an actual emergency

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    the virtual hallways here get a little quiet right now because we all are starting our breaks, but perhaps those of us here can give you a little insight.

    The pay is lower, but taking it in perspective that it is usually less hours, it often seems to work itself out. Some of us keep a little perdiem work on the side until it evens out. Some of us don't have to, some of us make it up in the summer with summer school or camp or whatever. I work summer school, not really out of necessity, mostly to help out and partly because it's simply easy money for me - but there have been years when i've worked in a hospital, or in an office or have done nothing at all.

    As far as grade level - that's personal preference - if you don't think that you'd like all the issues that come with teenagers, then go for the little ones. I have over my career worked with every age range. All age ranges have their pros and cons.

    Browse through our posts to get a bit more perspective - granted, there is a bit of venting about parents, teachers and kids - but such is life. No job is Shangri-La.

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    my update is that I was advised that I could send out my mass mailings for things like vaccines and incomplete registrations but that things like medications were seen as unnecessary and would be sent out electronically. The superintendent then help me send out a mass notification. I won't actually be here the last day of school when people are supposed to come to pick up, but I prepped the sub nurse. My bet is that she won't see a whole lot of traffic for that

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    i got out of that, but i'd take that over a lot of the bureaucratic crap we have here

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    This smart car is amazing! 100 Miles to the gallon AND it fits in my work locker!!

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    seriously, Teach!
    You sent that kid for wet clothes?!
    it's only water.

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    i'm out on the 15th - but i'll be back for some summer school fun.

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    While I do see the merits for having it, my argument against it is that I work in a small town with fast PD response where the police all carry narcan. Even the neighboring police. So now, I've gone to a training and was given the narcan this time through some grant. This will (hopefully) sit on my shelf and collect a healthy layer of dust until I toss it when it expires and then what? The genie is out of the bottle so I feel obligated to stock it once we have a policy in place - but at $75 bucks a year or so - it seems silly. Especially when I'm over here getting my chops busted for sending out a mass mailing for state required vaccines. (oh, no Flare- you should have sent that by email or post on website. Uh, yeah... I am sure that will get checked)

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    Quote from JustBeachyNurse
    I googled and found these:

    NASN position statement:
    Naloxone Use in the School Setting: The Role of the School Nurse (Adopted June 215) - SchoolNurseNetMain

    This is the NJDoE implying Narcan can be delegated in certain circumstances. OH has similar rules but I didn't see a guidance document on the subject. But not all districts or school physicians permit delegation to anyone other than a licensed medical professional.

    And this commentary: Commentary: Naloxone Use in Schools: School Nurses on the Front Lines - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids - Where Families Find Answers

    Not sure if any of this will help you.
    This is all incredibly helpful as i have been looking for all of this info but have been having a hard time finding it - i guess it's all in what you google - would have been nice of my admin to share that memo from the state with me from over a year ago so we could help draft a policy together

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    So i'm going to zombify this thread - the district, through an initiative through the county just had a few employees (including myself) take a narcan administration class. The thing is here that this "county initiative" group does these trainings and hands out these narcan kits to "concerned citizens" and family members that want to be prepared to save their loved ones. I voiced my displeasure but was essentially told by my boss - just do it. But what i am trying to impress upon them is that i don't believe the rules for school have changed that much - especially my pk-8 school. (there MAY be something in the hopper for high school here in my state) i don't believe narcan is a drug that can be delegated. I don't think all the pharmacies are even considering it otc yet - i think only some have a special permission and you have to i believe do something special to get it.

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    i suggest a dr visit if it looks like it is really getting swollen, swelling face, mucus membranes, those types of things. The patches on my little beloved's arms, legs and chest, while irritating, were addressed by a doctor and had steroids rx'd. He was tired was the bigger issue. Sorry kiddo - to class thyne booty may go.

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    i've never heard of that. Reminds me of my dear nephew - so mad at me yesterday because i wouldn't send him home due to his poison ivy rash. I currently don't hold the title of favorite auntie.