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    i may use a splinter out to pop up the end. but i won't go digging. if i can't get it then i do the same as above.

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    I don't know how i'll keep a straight face next time i check a head and find glitter.

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    500 cc's of chicken soup, STAT!! and for the love of GOD don't forget the saltines!!!

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Do you all ask kids directly if they are high?

    I have.
    I have as well. I have also asked them directly if they are carrying anything. They are usually honest. More honest than the adults i deal with at my other job.

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    i've heard some motion about narcan being required in schools here. I think it will only be required in high schools if they decide to pull the pin on it. I am hoping so - it would be a big waste here with my population - all the cops around here carry it and have a fast response time if i were to need it.

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    I haven't had to deal with this in quite a while (big knock on wood here) but i have a form that runs through things like coordination, neuro checks, overall appearance and affect, as well as vitals. Basically I feel like I'm just making the call as to whether or not they're safe. Not a definitive of high or not. I have worked in places where we have collected urine samples before. That was a bigger ordeal and i am happy i don't have to do that here.

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    Dr. Butthole!!!

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    I'm like the rest. I'll ask the child if I can check. If they say no - then I won't. For the most part, I have children take care of their own bathroom issues, but there are those times that the kid needs an extra hand. Those times I will find another staff member, preferable of the same gender as the child to stand by as an extra set of eyes.

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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    I've worked miracles!
    Miracles happen continually in my office! It's amazing what a trip to my bathroom and what a drink from my fabled well can cure!

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    Honestly, I'd say 90% of the time, I see kids with "just a red eye" and no drainage. Itching varies. But I's say almost 100% of the time those kids come in convinced and already diagnosed by either their teacher or Dr. Bestfriend that they have the WORST case of acute conjunctivitis. but 9/10 times once they rinse it well they feel better and it doesn't bother them again.

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    I would have a need to call him out on what exactly he means by "shape up the nurses?" and which of your job responsibilities are you not fulfilling that need to be "shaped up"? Of course - bring your union rep and a well read copy of your job responsibilities with you when you have this discussion. I'll bet he doesn't even know what you're supposed to be doing and that just because things were done one way in one district, that it's not true for the next.

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    Like everyone else said - inquire in different schools around you into being a sub. If they are anything like my district they will welcome you with open arms. Then while waiting for opportunities to use your new sub position, research your state's requirement's to be a school nurse. Many require RN with BSN and certification in school nurse. Some don't require the certification or the degree and i believe that some may employ lpns based on some of the posters here.
    Once you're in the mix so to speak, you'll be amazed how quickly you find that a job becomes available. I usually hear of about 3-4 openings in my county per year. And i am positive there are openings i don't hear about.

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    i am a mentor for our junior FD and i make it perfectly clear to them that there is no call that warrants them leaving school.

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    i usually have the one guidance counselor act as a bouncer while it's going on because i swear that the kids can sniff out when it's happening and THAT'S the time that everyone needs xyz or my diabetics feel low. But yes, i often get a few that will come down afterward to find out the scoop. The worst though are the teachers wanting to know.

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    You and me both!! My persistent kiddo that whined about his stomach all day yesterday - with 3 calls to mom because we played phone tag and all he got out of it was early pickup from aftercare was just in complaining again. Nope - we're not playing out that scene again. Unless he's puking or burning up i don't want to hear about it.