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    Quote from SchoolNurseTXstyle

    After hydration, crackers, blowing his nose and resting on cot 15 minutes, he jumps up and says "I am fine, can I go back to class."

    Wow, so proud of myself. I have discovered "THE CURE FOR SEVERE MIGRAINES."

    C'MON NOW!
    Uh... duh! Saltines cure everything!!

    (sigh... i only wish this were the case as a longtime migraine sufferer myself. )

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    OOh!! copying and printing as we speak!!

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    So two of my first graders just came in- one uses my bathroom regularly and the girl escorting him. The girl just sat there and chatted with me like we were two old biddies. If i had more time, i would have put on the kettle for tea. I remember when she was in our pre school disabled program though and wasn't so much of a talker. I see bright things in her future and that makes me so happy.

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    YAASSS!! On my mornings when i am feeling particularly salty, it's good to know that my colleagues are feeling salty as well - and for darn good reason.

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    our server is the same. If i need to look up a lot of things drug related, i'll get what i call the "oooh! I'm telling!! screen" then i sigh heavily, and go through the process of going through the firewall.

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    thirty some days until spring break. 70 some until the end on the year - but then again we still have snow days in the calendar

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    i will say this about summer - I do work the summer session - it's easy money. I get a lot done in my office without a constant parade in my office. But i am surprised by how many unpaid hours the teachers put in over the summer to set up classrooms and whatnot. My hat goes off to their devotion, but cripes, i think it's become expected of them and that cheeses me off. We have to fight for every dime as it is and when we do put a little extra in, it becomes part of the lifestyle around here. Nope - that's why i tend to clock in on time and clock out on time - no more, no less. Give an inch, they expect a mile. It becomes so evident at contract negotiations.

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    I am probably going to work some summer school - the moolah's too good to refuse - then the summer is mine to slack off. Going away with friends in August - big old beach house!!

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    I go back and forth with the idea of getting my masters. Like you, I can get my masters in practically anything. It's the cost and small pot of continuing ed money here at work that keeps me from really pursuing it. My child's college costs are closer than I realize and I don't think that the money spent to further my education will really have been worth it for a slight bump on the pay scale. Retirement is closer than I realize too.

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    Honestly, there are times i wish I didn't have a bathroom in here...
    but a sink - oh no -i'd never be without a sink. I'd inquire into that. Hand sanitizer isn't an acceptable replacement for a sink for a nurse's office.

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    The mermaid research division is a separate branch of the OldDude Research Centre

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    i loves me some pink book. After a while, you get used to looking at the names and need to refer to it less. If the students are missing something I won't let them start, as getting them to get it once they've started then becomes a chore. Law states that provisional admission can be granted in my state to anyone with one dose of everything, but as OD pointed out, many of them don't have varicella, and I need a tb test to start too, so those two things usually prompt the doctor visit. I usually push for the physical then too, as that's also on a 30 day timeline and a royal pain to get once they start.

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    i clearly failed in fetchness today - thank goodness for pick participation awards! I feel like a validated millenial now!

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    Love it!! I think the government owes you some funding to further lice research studies.

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    How about a mechanism where the bathroom door doesn't unlock unless the toilet is flushed, hands are hashed and the sink is turned all the way off!!