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    i document what i get in, have them sign when (IF) they pick it up. I usually have a robust collection of unclaimed meds. I drop them off at the police station for disposal about once a year. I think i'll start having them sign a form too. I like the CYA in that.

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    This would definitely have my creep alarm going off too. Kudos to you on the steps you've already taken. I agree with Wine that 14 year old can be impulsive and if she is prone to arguing with her mother, then she might decide one night, "heck with it", contact the guy and be on the next bus to slave city. One question is raised - if no pictures were exchanged, then why does he tell her she has kissable lips? I feel like even though she is being very forth coming, there still may be another layer.

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    i believe i was in the same situation last year with my students and Ramadan. My concern was taking a student on an overnight field trip where we had meals times out and long days of walking tours and this student not eating or drinking. His parent stated that despite him being of the age where he needed to observe, concessions could be made for special events and that he would be eating with the group and drinking as needed. I am sure you don't want to single your students out, but if it's a reasonable amout of students where you can make a call to the parents to explain the situation and see how they'd like to proceed to still honor their religion but also keep their child's safety as top priority, then perhaps that would work out best. Also, your younger students should not have to fast, they typically don't until puberty. Granted, i'm seeing puberty hit some kids on the early side.

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    it's all fun and games until the baby ends up tachycardic. Then the questions will pour in as to why the order was just blindly followed (even though you clarified it with the office.) Document the heck out of your convo with the staff and perhaps call back in your best Miss America voice and leave a cryptic message saying that you need to speak do Dr. So&so, not the nurse. Probably won't get you anywhere and will get you a bucket of attitude. Or, voice your concern with the parent and have them get it clarified.

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    first of all, OP -BEST NAME EVER! Now you need an avatar pic to go with it - Ralph wiggum or chalmers!!

    I don't know that it's in your realm to have to train staff on how to stop with behavior. And wouldn't hazmat suits be a custodial issue? I mean if it were me, i'd tell him that i'm more than happy to order them but please don't take them out of my budget. Any training for this should come from a behaviorist. If your district does not have one, they should consider contracting to one to work up a behavioral modification plan. BUT - consider that if this plan is not being followed through at home and the child is permitted to, ahem, fingerpaint in other aspects if his life, then it may not be successful. You may be better off putting him in clothing that restrict access like overalls with a shirt over or even coveralls on the child.

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    i'll be honest, i haven't delved into this one much. We've had our own regional tragedy here where a school bus was hit on the highway going to a field trip and a child and teacher were killed and dozens were injurred. I just didn't much feel like watching the news after the details unfolded.

    I do agree with the notion that the term bullying has been watered down. Schools are too afraid of getting sued and well-intentioned HIB laws have turned what would have been considered childhood spats and lessons in conflict resolution into much grander issues. The outcome? Children not learning simple conflict resolution techniques or problem solving skills.

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    i couldn't see other people's posts until i posted. i finally bit the bullet and stopped playing with the darned thing and posted it. Good review from the prof with a really interesting and thought provoking following question that i will be happy to give some serious thought and insight into. I was more afraid was my writing level too low, too high? was i not doing enough? My anxiety was at about a 9.5 before-i'm down to about a 6 right now. Now i'm just not liking all the "on computer" reading but i have computer blue screen glasses to help and i've realized how to make my tablet work to get all my stuff. I'm feeling like i can actually accomplish this.

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    noodle tools! just checked it out - love it! i have never heard of it before, but you can bet i'm getting a subscription.

    I am a classic over- thinker. I've got my first forum posting due in a few days and i can't stop tweaking it before i get ready to copy it over to send. One minute i feel like i'm not doing enough, then i'll think about it and feel like i'm trying to put out a candle with a firehose. i think i just need to stop and submit.

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    so... i started my first grad school class this past Monday. Holy rusty batman! I am definitely flexing parts of my brain that haven't been worked out in a while. APA citations - waaaah!!! I forgot how much that stuff drove me nuts.

    Why am I doing this again??

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    Happy school nurse's day to my favorite e-coworkers!! Seriously!1 You guys are amazing!

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    Quote from BagelBomber
    I can only speak on this as a parent- but I find it really annoying to get calls for every little thing if I'm being honest. My son's principal requires the school nurse to call for EVERYTHING (including Band-aids!!). Mind you, my son is a very active ten year old who thinks he is a ninja, so I get a call almost daily. I used to get a little nervous when I saw the school's number pop up on my cell, but now I pretty much answer with, "What did he need a Band-Aid for this time?" or "What part of his body did he fall on and need ice for?"

    I have a huge appreciation for school nurses- you are all rock stars; dealing with school guidelines, principals and teachers (and likely sometimes parents) can't be easy.
    and i'm positive that your child's school nurse really doesn't want to make 65 calls a day except now has to because some helicopter mama bear didn't get a call because David came to complain about the same sore throat he's had for 3 days. (that mom has already treated.) A waste of time is had by all, but David's mom can rest easy knowing that she will get a call for every owie, boo boo, and paper cut

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    my admin gave me the critique that I don't call parents enough earlier this year. Ok. fine. You want it, you got it (Toyota!) So i ramped it up and started calling for more belly aches and stuffy noses and headaches. I would call and say - "i don't have any reason to send Sally home, no fever, but she's been in here a few times complaining about her allergies (headache, whatever). How would you like me to proceed as I can't give any medications and it didn;t really get any better after resting in my office for a while". Most of the time - when the parents would bother to pick up - they would just yes me to death and just check it out when they got home.
    But I did do the same thing - I tried to approach the admins with the math. They didn't want to hear it. Apparently 2 hours of my day spent on the phone is just fine as long as the rest of the stuff gets done as well.

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    We are having staff appreciation week - so there are goodies this week, and i'm included on that so that's pretty cool. One of the secretaries was really sweet and brought me a piece of cake from the supermarket specifically for nurse's day I honestly don't expect anything else.

    A wise old coot on here once said not to have any expectations of anyone and you won't be disappointed.

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    i love your charts.

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    When I worked middle and high school it was no pass, get back to class. Now that I have little ones in the mix, it's too hard to enforce.