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    Perhaps they should leave teaching and I think there are some openings in CSI

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    I had a dream where I was getting annoyed because we had a huge pool in front of the school and a few students decided to jump in with their clothes on and I made it well known to them that I wasn't providing change of clothes. The next thing I knew in the dream I was sharing a bag of artisan beef jerky with some random stranger in the park.

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    I was the bad guy quite a while ago. I my barrel of giveacrap ran dry over parents being mad at me over this a long time ago. I am here to enforce the laws of this state and the policies of the school. You knew what they were and did not follow through by set date. Simple as that.

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    I have been bestowed a brandy new lice policy this year and i'm still working out the kinks. The teachers don't like the fact that I no longer HAVE to blindly check an entire classroom because of one case found in a room (i am doing a happy dance). I won't undo someone's hairdo - so that means that girls with tight buns and ponytails and plaits probably won't get the sticks run through as thoroughly as the girl with their hair down. I may be a lot of things around here but hair dresser definitely not one of them.

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    Did you contact the parents via phone or face to face? i'm just thinking that if you had sent a written note as your only communication, it's sometimes overlooked (or let's face it, ignored) and the parents can plea that they never got it or knew anything about it.

    I'm sure it goes without saying, but document the crap out of all of this. Everything - the dressing changes you do, the communications sent home, the child coming back after a weekend with the same dressing, and so on. Contact your admin as well and apprise them to the situation. A call to CPS may by appropriate in this case. Not saying that they'd necessarily do anything, but to have the report on file is a good idea.

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    Yeah - i had one of the art teachers slice the tip of her finger clean off. Thankfully it was all soft tissue, but it still makes my hands tingle when i think of how close she came to losing more.

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    It's Wednesday - I've got my Pink Panther scrubs on

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    This sounds like a head nurse type position for all the schools in one district. You may be in charge of health assistants that run clinics in other schools. If it were me, i'd go for the interview, but i would probably have 1000 questions about the job.

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    i don't poop scrape. i will gently direct them to the nearest bathroom with a soapy papertowel and gloves if they want them.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    The FUN part is when Administration tries to lay it in my lap.
    that's the usual scenario - and if admin thinks i've called, they think they are off the hook from having to call too.

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    i might call to report the injury, but I make it clear that I am simply calling to do just that and that I have no further information. I'd say that most of the time the admin ends up making the call unless i feel as though the bite will need follow up medical care.

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    oh, i like the Mets too, for as much as I follow baseball. I'd speak of my fond memories of the 86 Mets, but then i'd be giving away too much about my age

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    Go Indians!!

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    as long as he/she keep their namebadge on - they'll be ok.

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    i think the taboo days of a 2 page resume are over now that people are varying their career experiences and not working for the same firm. I mean my college experiences take up a big chunk of the page alone - and i'm not about to leave those off. I figure that as long as it looks clean and isn't a novel, i'm good