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  • Jun 15

    Call the Ombudsman office and high tail it out of there!

  • Jun 13


    Just an FYI I found a squirrel who obviously had a broken back and was totally paralyzed dragging itself along the side of the road. I brought it to a local vet to be euthanized and they did it for free without question!

    Vets take an oath too and most of them are compassionate enough to provide euthanasia to even a wild animal that is suffering!


  • Jun 12

    "These new compact cars are ridiculous!"

  • Jun 9

    Teachers take days off
    No cover ever for me
    A school nurses life

  • Jun 7

    In unrelated news, as some of you may know I am leaving my school at the end of this year. Mr Tomato and I are moving since he got a promotion and I will not be working in a school once we do. I do, however, have 3 job interviews lined up for the weeks after school ends!

  • Jun 7

    Quote from Flare
    So i'm going to zombify this thread - the district, through an initiative through the county just had a few employees (including myself) take a narcan administration class. The thing is here that this "county initiative" group does these trainings and hands out these narcan kits to "concerned citizens" and family members that want to be prepared to save their loved ones. I voiced my displeasure but was essentially told by my boss - just do it. But what i am trying to impress upon them is that i don't believe the rules for school have changed that much - especially my pk-8 school. (there MAY be something in the hopper for high school here in my state) i don't believe narcan is a drug that can be delegated. I don't think all the pharmacies are even considering it otc yet - i think only some have a special permission and you have to i believe do something special to get it.
    I googled and found these:

    NASN position statement:
    Naloxone Use in the School Setting: The Role of the School Nurse (Adopted June 215) - SchoolNurseNetMain

    This is the NJDoE implying Narcan can be delegated in certain circumstances. OH has similar rules but I didn't see a guidance document on the subject. But not all districts or school physicians permit delegation to anyone other than a licensed medical professional.

    And this commentary: Commentary: Naloxone Use in Schools: School Nurses on the Front Lines - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids - Where Families Find Answers

    Not sure if any of this will help you.

  • Jun 2

    Ponder the magic
    Of a lowly dry saltine
    Healing all ailments

  • Jun 2

    No, you can't hang out
    I am sorry you are bored
    You must sit in class

  • Jun 2

    Done with those helicopter parents
    They make me want to sob uncontrollably
    Their kids futures are scary

  • Jun 2

    Yep, out of cough drops
    No, I will not order more
    Drink some water, please

  • Jun 2

    I know you are bored
    I did third grade too, you know?
    I lived, as will you

    Don't care if it's warm
    Or that you got a new pool
    You are staying here!

    Listen here, punk kid
    I was not born yesterday
    You're not sick, go back to class

    So, you peed your pants
    Beggars can't be choosers, friend
    Wear what I offer

    I have no idea
    What is taking mom so long
    Fever one oh three

  • Jun 2

    Classroom party fun
    Peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and milk
    EpiPens at home

    Throat red and swollen
    "Mom gave me pink medicine"
    Voicemail left on cell

    Did you poop today?
    Oh, you say it's been three days?
    I am not surprised

  • Jun 2

    Overbearing mom
    So glad you change schools next year
    Good luck next school nurse!

    Fidget spinner hell
    Picnics, trips, graduations
    Summer break come quick

    Teaching CPR
    to those who don't wish to learn
    Please just humor me

  • Jun 1

    I wait for the end
    one more vomit sans witness
    ice pack lice check plague

    Your turn

  • Jun 1

    Far, I won a $250 Amazon gift card!!!