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  • 9:00 am

    Frustrates the bejeezums out of me. I will say to them, especially when they have done it before, that a little cellular device in their hand does not afford the privilege to call and self-dismiss. Often I get just get a blank stare.
    I have a principal who doesn't get it, he says "It's probably what I would have done"...Say what???
    The one I use on parents is that if I have no idea why children left the building, I have no control over the public health issue. So, if you call me to ask "what is going around?" I cannot give you an accurate answer. Some get it, some don't...or won't

  • 8:09 am

    Mom comes in at the beginning of school year and fills out the paperwork for her kids to have MOTRIN liquid for headaches and leaves me a full bottle. Great! Last week i give a kid the last dose. I call and leave her a voicemail and also send the empty bottle home with child. Today child brings me a refill - TYLENOL liquid. They are not interchangeable people!!!

  • Feb 20

    Quote from Flare
    i had my active shooter training last week. Really well done. I have spent a lot of time with the officer talking about this with him and was glad that we were finally getting something going better that a traditional lockdown / fight with the ancient blinds. We did some classroom then an optional practical. Here's the thing - off all out staff - only a small handful of us stayed.
    I was a bit surprised. I spent the weekend reading posts on social media from my co-workers saying that we need to prepare ourselves and ban this type of gun and bring on this type of legislation, and i'm not saying that i totally disagree with all of that - but here you have a chance to learn actual practical skills in the NOW to learn how to defend yourself should something happen in the place where you spend 1/3 of your day yet you choose not to participate.
    I am not opposed to gun ownership. I have competitively shot handguns for most of my adult life. I have also been a very responsible owner of my guns due to this fact. I already live in a state where getting a gun is a process. It would not bother me if the rest of the country came up to my state's laws and restrictions.

    As far as arming staff - i understand the spirit behind it, i really do. But again, as someone who as shot guns for years, i've got to agree with Audrey's magic's sentiment. everyone think's they will be cool and collected in that scenario until the fertilizer hits the ventilator. Questioning that? Just think about the last MEDICAL emergency you had. who helped you? Who panicked? Who Just disappeared and didn't want to know anything about it? Now give those same people a gun and more stress. Beyond that, there is the consideration of safety classes, qualifications, lessons, etc. in addition to teaching. I don't know about you, but my state has loaded on a lot of extra hooplah already (SGOs, PLCs, PGPs... and any other alphabet soup you can think of) so i don't know where gun safety quite fits.
    I agree with you...getting a "license to carry" doesn't morph one into using good judgement under such circumstances but what other options are there to get from "now to then" (if there ever is a "then"). My choice would be to employ multiple police officers on each campus and openly notify the public as such and I would pay the additional tax rate to fund this. I just don't think school boards will go there. I would love to be wrong about that...

  • Feb 15


    I called mom twice, no answer so I call dad.

    Me: Good morning, Mr. X, this is the school nurse from XYZ Academy
    Dad: What's that?
    Me: Um, the school that your child attends
    Dad: Oh, ok.
    Me: Your daughter has a fever and her mother is not answering her phone. Can you please come pick her up?
    Dad: Well, I am kind of in the middle of something
    Me: Well, are you able to reach Mom, because someone needs to come get your daughter and she isn't answering my calls.
    Dad: I will see what I can do (hangs up)

    15 minutes phone rings

    Mom: HI, I am X's mother. Did someone call me? (Yes, she really asked me that)
    Me: Yes, good morning, this is Nurse C. from XYZ Academy (which by the way I said when I answered my phone) your daughter has a fever and needs to be picked up. Also, I wanted to let you know she mentioned you took her temperature this morning and she had a fever and was given Tylenol.
    Mom: Um, OK
    Me: Just to make sure we are on the same page, any student who has a temperature over 100.4 needs to stay home from school and is not allowed to return until their temperature returns to normal, without giving Motrin or Tylenol.
    Mom: Yes, but she didn't actually have a fever this morning, she just said she felt hot and didn't feel well so I gave her medicine.
    Me: Did you take her temperature?
    Mom: Yes
    Me: What was it?
    Mom: (quiet for a few seconds) Around 101 or something
    Me: That is more than 100.4 therefore she had a fever this morning.
    Mom: OK, I will come get her

    I cannot make this stuff up!!!!

  • Feb 15

    Quote from Farawyn
    "Thoughts and prayers"
    "Policy change and legislation"

    We've tried thoughts and prayers. They haven't been enough. There were police officers (good guys with guns) at the school and it wasn't enough. We need swift action before more children are slaughtered.

    If this was your child's school, would you want a change of laws?

    If your child watched their classmates die, would it comfort them to hear that the shooter has the right to bear arms?

    If your were planning your child's funeral today, would you change your mind?

  • Feb 15

    "Thoughts and prayers"

  • Feb 14

    Quote from kidzcare
    Pink shirt for Wednesdays!
    Maybe even blow the dust off my pink thong

  • Feb 14


    Excellent idea!!

    Since I have extensive cruise experience, I'm nominating myself as the cruise director. I'll plan all kinds of activities and events, like low impact, high alcohol intake, lounge chair aerobics, as well as virtual yoga by the pool. Not to worry though for those of you wearing a fit bit...I'l have the wait staff wear them for you so you'll keep the miles up to date.

    OK, I'm packing...hmmm, sun screen, white cotton wife beaters, Dallas Cowboys speedo...what else?

  • Feb 14

    That's it.
    it's settled.
    We are all going on a cruise.

    You keep looking at your face clearly in the mirror. You know you did what's right.

  • Feb 14

    First of all...BAM! Another kid snatched from the jaws of death!! School nurses...that's what we do. Like tining said above, LAY people do not understand what we do - Hell, other nurses don't understand what we do; it's just a cushy job where you put bandaids on skinned knees and wipe runny noses. But as we know, and you in particular, school nurses are literally the ones who are called to pry the grasping hands of death off "our" kids and provide these children the opportunity to return to school for another day and for their loved ones to kiss them good night. Yes, it will shake you to the core and it'll haunt you for a while but the fact remains YOU and only YOU scooped this girl back to life. Awesome assessment, awesome intervention, awesome school nurse Cas!!!!!

    God be smilin...sayin, "oh yea!" She's on my team!!

  • Feb 14

    First: prayers to the student and you.

    Second: This is why we are here. Lay people do NOT understand what we do.

    Meet with admin and give them your thoughts on how this could go smoother - a debriefing session.

    Do you have a walkie to contact admin quickly? Did the teacher freeze? Were the other students pulled out of the room quickly? Why did it take so long for the ambulance? Maybe carry your cell at all times?

    Write down your thoughts so you are prepared.

  • Feb 14

    Do headaches or bad mood count?

  • Feb 14

    Quote from OldDude
    My Sweet Petunia worked in a rehab facility for a few years, she brought home scabies a couple times. She loves me so much she shared them with me.
    Oooooooh! How sweet!

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  • Feb 14

    My Sweet Petunia worked in a rehab facility for a few years, she brought home scabies a couple times. She loves me so much she shared them with me.

  • Feb 13

    The pay certainly is sucky.

    I need the time now. I have a lot going on. I wouldn't trade it off at all.