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  • 11:24 am

    You do not have the "right" to refuse to carry out the physician's order. If the prescribed RX does not handle her pain, you have the right to notify the physician and the pain management team, and institute other therapies, such as heat or cold applications and repositioning.

    You do not have the right to judge her based on her psychiatric history.

    You CAN get her comfortable... perhaps, if you spent less time judging and more time thinking of alternative and adjunct therapies.

  • Feb 22

    I learned some things from working in a state prison. Look in the mouth to see the pill in there. Check the cup after to make sure it didn't end up in the cup. Check inside the mouth after...under the tongue, too. Watch the hands before and after. Check the floor to make sure the pill wasn't dropped there. Maybe watch the person after to make sure the pill isn't barfed back up (gross, but it happens). Little stinkers have many, many ways of trying to fool us.

  • Feb 22

    Quote from Flare
    Uh... duh! Saltines cure everything!!

    (sigh... i only wish this were the case as a longtime migraine sufferer myself. )
    Must have been the perfect level of staleness. It's the staleness factor that influences cure ability right?

  • Feb 22

    Well, there seems to be no reason for her not to be in regular ed (almost all of our kids are main streamed). BUT, I would question the legality and safety of a note by a psychologist without a medical evaluation backing it up. She may well be having complicated psych issues, but that does NOT preclude her from having a regular old asthma attack.

    And we all know how quickly THAT can go down the tubes.

    I would ask for BOTH and also ask to have it reviewed by school district counsel.

    Because you know who is on the hook when the kid goes into status asthmaticus and doesn't come out of it.

  • Feb 22

    I have kids with anxiety and school avoidance who make themselves vomit. Little do they know that they are on a list and they do not get to go home unless they have other symptoms as well.

  • Feb 22

    I'd make the kid call their parents so I could enjoy that conversation from afar. Sorry you're having a tough time with these guys. Doesn't it scare you a little to know that they are our future? Our little lovelies have been throwing raw eggs on each other lately. So charming.

  • Feb 22

    The advise from the psychologist is as worthless as the paper it is written on. You are responsible for the child's health if you are there. The principal is responsible for the child's health if you are not there. You can do a physical assessment and AVPU score. Unlicensed personnel can't. You can put together an algorithm with triggers when to call 911 based on "signs" of distress or decreased level of consciousness to CYA your principal when you're not there but otherwise you can't delay calling 911 for the convenience of anyone. Don't budge. It's your license and the child's well being. As everyone knows, with respect to respiratory distress and kids, you never know when you'll step into the abyss and there's no going back.

  • Feb 22

    Our district instituted a ban on anything for parties that is not packaged. That way we have a way of knowing ingredients. I review records every fall and determine which classrooms have to have "peanut free" or "nut free" parties, and send letters home accordingly. It seems the least restrictive way of protecting those allergic, and maintains privacy (I don't name names on the letters).

    What drives me crazy is the parents who insist their child is allergic to something, and allow me to restrict the classroom parties, then send their kids in with that something in their lunch. Seriously? You are inconveniencing entire classrooms of parents for a fake allergy? WHY???

    Or the parents whose kids have a documented allergy in medical records, then find later that it is no longer a concern, but don't bring in documentation, and wonder why I won't just take their word for it that it's no longer an allergy. Umm, liability?

  • Feb 21

    Well since you brought it up...I left a tidbit of information out of my "New Head Lice Data" post. The test subject I removed from the girl's hair had just survived the previous night in an environment of olive oil covered by shower cap treatment. The parent said she did that based on friend's recommendations and Google. Enough said about "suffocation."

    I'm sure there are strains of OTC med resistant head lice out there but not nearly at the prevalence as is reported.

    Here is my head lice works...I just used it on my 7th grade daughter who contracted head lice while on a new year's church retreat less than 2 months ago. Do the initial shampoo with the OTC treatment. Wait 10 days to retreat instead of the 7 day recommendation. That's it. No nit picking, no combing, no nothing. Think about the lice life cycle.

    Initial shampoo kills the live lice but the eggs continue to hatch. The initial shampooing stops any further eggs from being generated. Studies have shown it takes 7 to 10 days for all the eggs to hatch if you have an active infestation. Lice aren't capable of reproducing until they are 16 to 17 days old. So if you hold off on the 2nd shampoo treatment until ALL of the eggs have hatched but before they are capable of laying eggs, you'll eliminate the problem completely. The empty nits will continue to be attached to the hair shaft but deteriorate over time and fall of.

    I'm not against combing and I understand most people can't stand the idea of "lice eggs" in their child's hair. I'm good with that. I'm saying if the treatment timing is right you don't HAVE to comb or nit-pick. Of course, if you get re-exposed to head lice during this period - that's a completely different story.

    The most common mistake in lice treatment is repeating the 2nd shampoo treatment too soon.

    I recommend the OTC treatment as the first line of head lice treatment.

  • Feb 21

    Whatever Dr. Pollack and the CDC says is what I recommend.

  • Feb 21

    I cannot believe school administration was in full support of this stupid protest. The protest was not supporting was supporting ILLEGAL immigrants. Both my parents are immigrants from Cambodia, who came here legally and became U.S. citizens. They worked hard to make it in this country, and would NEVER skip work or school to make a point, especially one as ridiculous as this one. Taking your child out of school or refusing to teach in order to protest anything should not be acceptable, ever. Protest after school or work. Skipping school/work or whatever basically says "Hey guess what, I'm an illegal/I support illegal immigration, and I don't care if I have responsibilities, I'm going to protest because I have a moral superiority complex to you Xenophobic Nationalists!" In my opinion, schools who allow and support this type of behavior should have their funding pulled.

    (Gets off soapbox)

    * I apologize for the rant, this subject is very personal for me because of my immigration heritage, and I feel like these ILLEGALS are cheating yet getting the same result as my parents who worked years to become citizens.

  • Feb 21

    Thank you for taking care of our kids while they are in your classroom. Truly, I appreciate it more than you know! There is no way, on God's earth I could do what you do and, from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful you are here!

    With that being said, did you get your lunch today? You did! GREAT! I had bites of a lunch I paid for, between kids, with the kids looking at me while I ate. By the way, my fast food, chicken tenders went cold before I could finish them, so I'm glad you got to the microwave (ahead of me, when I was trying to heat up a towel to put on a kid's stye) so your lunch could be hot.

    Did you get your planning period today? You did! GREAT! I don't get one. Ever. It's not built into my day. So, I'm sorry you had to use your planning period to call a parent, and not meet with the other grade-level teacher to work on lesson plans, I really am. I call parents all day long, between kids, with kids looking at me, and between bites of my now, cold lunch.

    You take work home and stay late? ME TOO! By the way, I'm hourly and get paid on the same scale the paras get paid despite the fact that, like you, I have a bachelor's degree and (most of) a masters.

    Kids don't always run fever with a virus? REALLY??? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I didn't know that! Thank you for sharing your medical knowledge with me. I will be sure to tuck that little gem in to my very small arsenal of facts and hope to learn more as I continue my nursing career.

    By the way, you won't mind if I tell little Johnny's mother that he is having problems in math will you? I mean, he sitting here in my clinic waiting for pick up since you called his mother to tell her he is sick. I know I haven't looked at his grades, and it is only his word that he is struggling, but I think I'll have a discussion about it with her.

    One more thing, since I'm hourly, I don't actually get to work the "work days". I mean, don't get me wrong, having the extra days off is great, but while you are here, putting in your grades and organizing your room, and calling parents, and taking care of what you need to take care of, I will be at home thinking about all the things I can't get done because I'm not allowed in the building. Of course, I'll take some work home, but I can't call parents from home, because, unlike you, I REFUSE to use my personal cell phone to contact parents - they don't need my number.

    Well, that about sums it up. Again, please understand, I am grateful for you and what you do! I hope you understand, I'm not angry, I'm just as ready for a break as you are.


    The School Nurse

  • Feb 21

    Buh, really? The daith piercing helps?

    *goes off to research*

    I have a few, but the parents in my district are either very private about actual diagnosis, or every kid calls every headache a migraine.

  • Feb 21

    Quote from BeckyESRN
    8 of 9 had perished by 3:45, the 9th passed sometime overnight.
    We will be in mourning all day.

  • Feb 21

    I would just to like to add that OldDude's observation have been independently tested and verified today. Lice appear entirely unable to right themselves once upside down. This was verified with 9 subjects, who are now in a baggie pinned to my bulletin board, living out what hours they have left.