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  • Apr 18
  • Apr 18

    Quote from Farawyn
    I got pink nails.
    "FAR!" Talk about a flying tackle hug!!! It's about time It hasn't been the same without you!!

  • Apr 18
  • Apr 17

    I know this is all just a part of the end of the year routine for everyone here but I've seen 45 kids today and there is still 3.5 more hours to go!

    Some of the high lights:

    Little boy has spring allergies, teacher is convinced it's pink eye. I explain it's not. Teacher calls parents and says "the nurse saw him" and convinces the parents to come. Parents get kid, then call my office to tell me that they want his spring allergies added to his records since that's all it is and were NOT happy about having to miss work.

    Little girl playing opossum. head down and too sick to be in class, but playful chatty Cathy in my office. I get a call that the parent is here to get her. Explain situation, parent still decides to take her home and little one throws up at home. Parent calls me FURIOUS that I missed it and demands to know her temp, the lunch menu, what she was doing all day, who else is sick, etc

    Staff member bumps head while helping student in class. No visible bump or sign of concussion. Goes home "through nurse".

    Is it summer yet?

  • Apr 17

    Two of our local doc's give the puberty/sex ed talk to our 6th graders (husband/wife couple). They are awesome and really get the kids asking good questions. I do the puberty talk with 4th and 5th grade girls. I use the video and samples from "always changing" which you can get for free from the Proctor and Gamble website. We do Q & A after the video. I was nervous my first year, but actually have a good time with it now. Our counselor comes and helps too. While I'm doing the girls - the 4th grade boys watch a video on hygiene only. I usually give them toothbrushes. The 5th grade boys watch the same "always changing" video (boys version of course) with a male teacher. It all seems to work out well.

  • Apr 17

    My best advice is to call in sick on the day you're scheduled to do that.

  • Apr 17

    Since I work with acute psych patients I too find this topic a bit offensive. Many moderately mentally ill with sexual behaviors are what we call Axis 2 or attention seekers. Therefore any response you give achieves their goal of getting attention. I have found that simply ignoring the behavior completely shuts it down pretty quickly. People with frontal lobe involvement such as the results from meth use often lack impulse control and may not actually have the impulse control to stop once the idea gets in their head. The only time I have ever said anything to a chronic masturbator is when assessing a very chapped and tortured penis. The patient was very upset because it was painful to pursue his favorite pastime. I sent him down to his room with a tube of Vaseline and gently suggested he give it a rest for a few days.

    Once you make a comment that is anything but clinical you have lost the battle.


  • Apr 16

    Quote from RNschoolnurse
    I have been told that it is not my job to listen to their problems and that they need to go to the counselor only for any issues they have. I tell the kids if they tell me anything that is harmful to themselves or anyone else I must tell someone. But ordinary frustrations with school, home, life, do I have an obligation to share with their counselor? Does that violate HIPPA if I do?
    OK... WOW. So, you are not supposed to use your hard-won therapeutic listening skills? Nah. I think that ties your hands.

    You're spot on that if there's something that endangers the student or another person you're legally obligated to report. And the parent has a legal right, via FERPA, to any health record (so whatever you put in writing, the parent can see, whether you intend the parent to see it or not).

    We work in a need-to-know setting. I would check with the counselor if it's a frequent visiting situation, if there's cutting or known diagnosis of depression, etc. just to make sure you have all the facts. In that case, I think the counselor needs to know and you need whatever info they can give you.

    Obligation is a strong word.

  • Apr 13

    School has been in for 30 minutes and I've already pulled two ticks off kids. Happy Friday 13th!

    "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious."

  • Apr 12

    Quote from olddude
    i wonder if you've discovered a new breed of flying lice ?
    od. No. Do. Not. Even. Start. It.!

  • Apr 11

    I steam sterilize mine. It is right next to my xray machine and lab.

  • Apr 10

    I may have told this story before here, but it's one of my favorites...when I was a school nurse, my favorite part was (as some have mentioned) the adorable ridiculousness of little kids. One time, I was giving one sobbing first-grader the "oh, you're such a big girl, this is no big deal!" encouragement while cleaning up a scraped knee, and she stopped crying just long enough to look at me and declare, "I am NOT a big girl, I'm only 6, I'm just a little kid, and I HURT MY KNEE."

  • Apr 10

    Quote from XingtheBBB
    And they aren't even putting effort into acting or concocting stories. I keep hearing brutally honest "I'm tired and I just want to go home" and "Ummm. I don't feel like being here. Do you think I can go home? Lie down for the next 4 periods?"

    Bruhh... No...
    My teachers are all at this point as well- they are just DONE and they have to make it until June 22nd!! And we go back August 6th. They keep coming onto my office complaining about all sorts of stuff- many are worse than my frequent fliers at this point.

  • Apr 10

    Monday thru Friday, no weekends, nights, or holidays. A week off at Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Christmas, a week for spring break, Good Friday, and 2 1/2 months in the summer.

  • Apr 10

    Just wanted to share some good news with you guys...

    (Please no negativity about motorcycles...)

    (Back story....2 years ago tomorrow my husband had a motorcycle accident. Literally had injuries from head to toe. Spent 11 days in Trauma ICU, 13 days total in the hospital. In October of that same year he was told he would not be able to use his left arm due to brachial branch bundle (?) being damaged.)

    We went to our first bike rally in two years!!!! Road from the motel to the venue on the motorcycle (to dang cold and wet to do the ride). Enjoyed the shops and then went and ate shrimp. Then he drove the 2 hour (+) home on the motorcycle. I "caged" it home since he wasn't sure how he would do on that long of a ride. I am one happy motorcycle momma today.