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School nurse...and more!

The bell rings at 7:15 sharp every morning. Mondays are probably the busiest. Soon there is a line of half a dozen middle school aged children, all clutching papers, sporting hospital bracelets and comparing the injuries they got over the weekend. Then someone hobbles in on crutches they don't know how to use. Suddenly their injuries are not a cool, and they quietly take their PE excusals and leave. Meanwhile, I begin a session of impromptu crutch training with the student that had just moments... Read More →

New glasses

i had a teacher poke her head into my office about a month or so ago. "do you know juan hernandez?" she asked in a shrill tone. i told her i knew the name, but that he had not yet visited my office. juan recently transferred from an inner city school. i only knew that because i had called a few days ago to see if his records had been forwarded. the teacher went on to describe juan's habit of squinting at the board during math class. "he tells me he doesn't have glasses anymore." i... Read More →

We're not leaving until Mama's in a home

The phone in my pocket rings. I have been an ADN for all of three days now. I am still orienting, though my preceptor scheduled to teach a class while I covered the house. Her presumption of faith in me is both inspiring and terrifying. The er is calling. They have a patient that has been discharged, but the daughter is refusing to take the patient home, claming she cannot care for her mother. My stomach knots at the prospect of confrontation. I do not feel ready for this. This was just... Read More →

Sharing a Pearl

The brand new nurse’s assistant is sitting in my office with tears welling over her bright blue eyes. “I…can’t…do…this…” she manages to moan out between sobs. What has gotten her so worked up? Simply an assignment to sit with a belligerent geriatric patient for part of her 8 hour shift. It was apparently a string of profanities aimed at her and a dinner tray launched across the room that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. I sit beside her. Offer her the box of... Read More →

Teachable Moment

As a school nurse, I am in the unique position of acting as both a teacher and a nurse. Sure, nurses do patient teaching all the time, but somehow there is a difference when you realize that you're no longer just teaching Mrs. Smith how to change her colostomy and you're now teaching ideals and concepts that you hope will carry a child through tumultous years of adolescence and the inevitable risk taking that goes along with being a young adult. One afternoon, I paged through a catalog... Read More →