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    Im in my second term , and as you explained with your class mine is the same there are people that are very disruptive and just like back in high school they make little groups. I sit by myself and focus on my work and such by myself i don't get myself into all the drama I'm there to get my education and move on. I wouldn't be too worried if you don't find a clique as you will most likely just be more distracted that way.

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    Thanks im just not real good with blood and gore but i really want to pursue this so I'm trying to put my fears aside !

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    I absolutely love learning and doing this , but i happen to be very squeamish this term were doing surgeries and gory stuff everyone says im crazy and picked the wrong career but i don't want something like that to hold me back from helping people and doing these things does it get easier ? Anybody else start off really squeamish and turn into a successful lpn?

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    Im just a student now but im wondering what the salaries are like in canada im currently in new brunswick but might move after i graduate , what are some of the starting wages for lpns and where in canada they make that amount.

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    I am on my second term in my course and i was just wondering if anybody knows approximately how much the starting pay usually is. Im in new brunswick.