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  • Jul 15 '16

    I live in middle Tennessee. We don't get huge accumulations of snow like y'all up north, but if we get a mere 2" here, everything shuts down. Our roads are not built to deal with snow, and we have miles with no shoulder, deep ravines, etc. Plus, nobody here knows how to drive on snow, no matter how much they spend on their 4 wheel drive trucks. We also get more ice than snow around here. That makes it even worse.

    To answer the question...there is no job important enough to risk my life or the expensive destruction of my car, to make me venture out on that mess to work or anywhere. I'm not willing to take a chance of hurting myself or messing up my car to go in and work short-staffed. If that makes me a bad person, oh well...

  • Apr 10 '16

    When am I going to get "my" RN? The answer: When **** freezes over! I've been an LPN for 23 years. It was what I set out to do, and I'm still happy and content. If I had wanted to be an RN, I would have gone to RN school at age 19 instead.