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  • Nov 20 '15

    common nursing questions:
    -why do you want to work here
    -why did you choose nursing
    -short term long term career goals
    -describe a time you experienced conflict, how did you resolve it
    -what would you do if one of your peers was slacking
    -what would you do if you experienced a patient's dignity compromised on the job
    -describe a time when you were stressed on the job, how did you handle it
    -describe a difficult patient care experience, how did you handle it
    -what would your previous employers say about you
    -what is something you would like to improve about yourself as a nurse
    -how do you stay up to date with professional nursing
    -how should a professional nurse act
    -describe how you would safely administer medications

    those are a few i can think of. if they say, tell me about yourself. don't literally talk their ears off for 5 minutes about random facts about yourself. describe your qualifications, work experience, special skills/leadership experiences, awards/accomplishments, education, career goals, and something you would like to improve on. the answer should not be more than 2 minutes.