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    Well now that we women got our combat positins, how about signing up for SS too? Fair is fair

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    This is the situation on the work sheet
    "After finishing her initial duties, Carol heard Dr. Greene saying, "It looks like the bullet missed the liver and kidney, but it may have severed an artery. That's probably why his BP is a bit low. Carol, grab a liter of saline and start a fast IV drip ... we need to increase his blood volume." Carol grabbed one of the fluid-filled bags from the nearby shelf, attached a 12-gauge IV needle to the plastic tubing, and gently slipped the needle into the patient's antecubital vein. She then hung the plastic bag on the IV stand and let the fluid quickly start to flow down the tubing and into the patient's vein." Basically the nurse accidentally gives the patient distilled water instead of saline and he dies. Before he dies, the patient's oxygen levels drop and his heart rate quickens.

    The question that I am stuck on is this: If the nurse noticed the error as soon as the symptoms started, what might have been done to save her? The only answer I can think is to counteract the hypotonic solution with a HYPERtonic solution which would pull the excess water out of the cells. But then the problem with my answer is what would you then do to stop the hypertonic solution from causing the blood cells to shrivel up?

    The other question: "Would drinking the distilled water have the same effect as giving it by IV? Explain your answer." My answer would be no because then the water would not be directly inserted into the blood system.
    Can anyone help me please?

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    I've also been told of a family care plan. What is this?

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    Hi I'm currently 18 about to start my last semester of prenursing and will begin nursing school fall 2013. I have also recently adopted my sister's 4 year old daughter. I have always wanted to do nursing in either the Navy or Army. Is this possible as a single mom? I still have a few years to go but want to know my options and of course do whats best for my child. I'm not looking to make a life long career anymore but would like to do a few years in the nurse corps. I know I may deploy and my parents are willing to take care of her when I deploy. I've heard I would have to turn over guardianship to another person while seving active duty. Is this correct or just while I deploy? Can my child live with me while I'm still in the US? I don't mind and I know my parents don't mind taking care of her for up to a year that I am deployed but it wouldn't be fair for me to have my parents raise another kid when they are about to be done with their 7th just so I can pursue an unnecessary dream. Thanks and anything else you can think of just tell me!