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  • Dec 2 '12

    I would agree with the others - my Littman is amazing. It's 4 years old now (ugh - how did that happen?), and I've only changed one of the earpieces. It's held up really well especially considering it's had some abuse from me working as an assistant and as floor RN. Very easy to clean given the smooth tubing, as opposed to some (cheaper) tubings that have ridges for who knows what to get stuck and then you either pocket the gunk on there, or you put it on your neck... I would recommend getting it engraved if possible. Eventually someone will beg to borrow it, and then try to walk off with it. Makes it easier to prove it's yours if needed

  • Dec 2 '12

    Cardiology III

    I'm quite happy with my littman cardiology 3. I know it's a little pricier, but it has awesome acoustics.

  • Dec 2 '12

    Littmann Classic II is a great stethoscope . It will do everything you need it to do and will last years. Unless you have a hearing problem there is no reason to go more expensive. is a great website to order Littmanns.

  • Dec 2 '12

    Quote from athibs
    I agree flashcards got me through A&P. As far as lab I always went over the body parts we learned in the class the same day and sometimes stayed after. Labeling the actual models of body parts really helped me too. (I used tape) I think the reason this class is so hard is because it is a lot of memorization, especially in lab. Keep up with reading and you will do great! Wish you luck
    Oh this just reminded me, I took photos and video of the models too. That was very helpful!

  • Dec 2 '12

    I took the TEAS the first time and got a national average score which was lower than my school expected. I brushed up on the reading and science section. I took it again 6 months later. My 80% in Reading went to a 92%. My 70% in English went to a 80%, and my overall went up to a 77% which is not the highest but it met my schools requirement. I felt bad too, but retook it and entered nursing school and graduates cum Laude. And now I sign the RN behind my name. You can do it just study harder this time.