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    I have my objective assessment scheduled for this Thursday. I took my pre assessment about 1.5 weeks ago with an 81%. My mentor keeps saying that the objective assessment tends to be more difficult than the pre, yet the questions are formatted similarly. For anyone who's taking CSC1, would you say that there's any truth to that, or is my mentor trying to scare me into studying day and night?

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    Quote from klone
    If it's required, then it's required for everybody. However, at this time there are no clinicals for the MSN program. I have heard that when they roll out the new format, there will be a practicum. The latest rumor I've heard is that this will be for people who start in September or October. But there are no clnicals (as in, go to the hospital and work a 4 or 8 hour shift alongside a nurse) in either the RN-BSN program or the MSN program at WGU.
    Actually there's currently a 90 hour community health practicum requirement for the RN-BSN program. Not necessarily in a hospital, but definitely 90 hours within a preapproved site.

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    Have you completed a 2013-2014 FAFSFA application? The financial aid process was a little tedious, but not all that bad. For an 8/1 start date you'll need to have payment arrangements finalized by 7/22. I'm not saying it's impossible, but several steps in the financial aid process took up to 3 weeks to complete.

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    Also, place the limb in a dependent position and let gravity help you out once you've spotted a vein and are getting set up. And reassure the pt's who question your IV skills that you're just looking and won't stick if you don't see anything; once you spot a juicy vein and are all set to go, most people will let you continue.

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    I finalized my first term with my mentor yesterday, and I'm starting out with CSC1 (Nutrition). I was hoping to get feedback from anyone who's finished or currently taking the class about what I'm in store for. My mentor said that typically students don't start out with Nutrition because it's one of the longer classes, but I had already gotten a head start on the reading and didn't want to move on to something else. So far I can definitely tell that it's going to be A LOT of reading (which I'm cool with), but I was wondering if anyone might have some insight about what's more fluff/busy work than the more important stuff.


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    Quote from applered
    Klone and Kayemin, thank you. I didn't know you have to be employed as an RN to apply. Can I still apply even if I've only worked for a week or less? I really want to get started as soon as I can.
    Absolutely. Although I've been an RN since 2009, I started a new job literally two weeks before I started the WGU application process. They confirm your employment when you submit your resume and through the background check.

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    I don't start until 7/1, but if it's any comfort to you, Biochemistry is supposed to be a performance assessment class. So while you'll have material to read and learn, it doesn't sound like there's much focus on testing. Stats is an objective assessment class, so can you ask your student mentor if it would be possible to replace Stats with a performance assessment class this term? If not, best of luck to you. Stats is one of the classes I'm supposed to take the first term; if there's something I can help you with, let me know.

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    nursehuffandpuff, what did you think about EWB orientation? I've done online classes before, but never an entire program. Hopefully the student portal, Task Stream, and all of the other WGU things are as user-friendly as everyone's made them out to be Have you heard from your student mentor? Mine sent all of her mentees an email today, and first calls start tomorrow! Also, not sure if you noticed, but when you log onto the student portal and click on Degree Plan, all of the program's Courses of Study can be assessed. I browsed through a few classes to get an idea of how they were set up, and it looks like the materials (reading, videos, lectures, etc.) are available to start!

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    If I'm not mistaken, with 2 yrs of RN experience, you would be considered a Clinical Nurse II at a base of 28/hr I think. Depending on how the unit is structured, you could also be looking a shift differential. Good luck!

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    Quote from nursevicki66
    I am hoping to, xmashopperRN. I should know for sure the end of the week.
    Good luck!

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    Western Governors University's RN-to-MSN program awards students a BSN.

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    In addition to the message board and other resources on the WGU student portal, I was hoping to meet and chat with other RN-to-BSN students who also will be starting on 7/1 to see how you're getting prepared and to keep in contact once classes start.

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    Hi russki, as of 2 days ago, I've gotten through all of the transcript evaluation and financial aide stuff, so I'm all set to start the RN to BSN at WGU on 7/1. How many credits can transfer is decided on a case by case basis. You'll have to submit an official transcript from all colleges that you've attended before you'll know for sure what coursework WGU will accept. What I can tell you is that for the gen-ed nursing courses like the sciences (A&P, microbiology), for WGU to accept transfer credits, the classes have to have a lab component (8 total credits for A&P, 4 for micro). Developmental psychology must cover the entire lifespan (from birth to death). Statistics courses need a lab component, but can't be any older than 5 years. The biochemistry requirement can only be fulfilled by a biochemistry course; general chemistry along with organic or inorganic chemistry won't meet the requirement.
    Hope some of this helps. The whole process from application to actually starting the program was a bit drawn out. But my advice is to stay in at least weekly contact with the enrollment counselor, and whatever weekly tasks he or she assigns you, get them done and out of the way well before your next scheduled call. I found that as long as I was taking it one week at a time, the whole application process really wasn't that bad. Good luck!

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    Quote from 2bTraumaRN2008
    I want to get it done ASAP..without a "bunch" of GE classes/pre-reqs
    I start the the RN to BSN on 7/1. Your statistics has to be current (taken within the past 5 yrs) to be considered for transfer. It sounds like you're going to have to take Biochemistry. Out of GE credits, I only have three to take: statistics (took it in 2000 so way expired), biochemistry, and health assessment. Worst case scenario, you'll have to take several GE classes; chances are that you'd probably finish your degree sooner with WGU than with another school because of how quickly you can move through each class.

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    Quote from catbox9
    Thanks. Their website isn't too clear as to what exactly is required. My only concern with that program is it kind of gives the impression of a diploma mill more than a traditional university.
    Not at all. I'm set to start their RN-to-BSN program 7/1, and what helped make my final decision was WGU's awesome reputation. Out of many other online schools, WGU comes very highly recommended and is very affordable. There's no real motivation for them to operate as a diploma mill as they're a not-for-profit school and stand nothing to gain by providing substandard educational experiences. Not to mention the fact that their tuition is based upon 6 month terms and not per credit. That's why really motivated students have been able to finish the entire program in a single term.

    I can't exactly speak to the specifics in California other than when I completed my background check for the program (I'm in MD), I did read that for CA applicants, an immunization check was required in addition the the background check.

    I definitely agree with you that their website doesn't really go into much detail about the program. Honestly, I learned more about WGU from than If you're interested in learning more about the program, fill out the online form to request more information and someone will contact you within a day or two. I can even forward you my enrollment counselor's contact info as she was incredibly informative and thorough.