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    I love kids, but I hate giving the shots and feeling like I'm torturing them (even though it's to make them feel better!), so I thought I'd see if anyone had any tricks up their sleeves when doing the procedures that are particularly unpleasant!/QUOTE]

    I worked with some really awesome peds nurses who taught me a lot of awesome insider tricks.
    1: carry stickers of several popular cartoon characters, and let them think about which one they want.
    2: Being knowledgeable about kids' developmental stages is really important. At around 3 or 4, I let them "test out" my ears (stethoscope) to listen to my heart before I use it on them. Never refer to "taking temperature" or any other vital signs because kids often take you literally I usually say "checking".
    3: I've had a lot of success placing IVs in kids who enjoy imaginative play. I tell them that I have a really thirsty butterfly who wants to hang out with them for a little bit, and even though it's gonna be a quick ouchie, they get a brand new buddy to keep them company while they're both getting better. Works like a charm
    4: When possible, let the kids pick which med they want to take first (red, pink, bubble gum, etc).
    5: Glove turkeys can be endless sources of entertainment even for infants.
    6: Remember that as much as it hurts them and you for them to hurt, you're the hero because you're helping them to feel better

    There are plenty more, but these are ones that come to mind right away.