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    Welcome to

    Per our Terms of Service, we cannot offer medical advice. You need to see your healthcare provider and let him or her advise you.

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    Quote from NurseyMcNurserson
    If you message someone who hasn't posted 15 times, can they still see/reply to the message?
    Yes, they can.

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    Quote from CurlyhairedRN
    I am trying to post a topic and I keep getting the "characters not allowed" response. I can't seem to find what i am doing wrong.
    Welcome to

    We see you were successful starting a new thread. We hope you enjoy

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    Welcome to, loveforppl.

    We see you were successful creating a new thread about WGTC a few minutes later.

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    Terms of Service reminder:

    Please do not give out personal identifying information about yourself or others. Do not name names where anyone could identify any person in any facility including your nursing programs or place of employment.

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    Quote from mkimeshall
    May I also get the recommendations for litigation software? Thank you.
    Hello mkimeshall,

    I have sent you a private message regarding the software.

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    Thank you, alexkimo_o. We will add Los Angeles Harbor College to the list for future publication.

    And, thank you, Avis33. We have added Phillips School of Nursing.

    We appreciate everyone for the suggestions.

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    Quote from jenlpn(i)
    Canadian Healtcare Academy, Surrey, British Columbia, Sprott Shaw College, Abbotsford British Columbia
    Thank you, jenlpn(i)

    We will add the programs you have suggested to our list. Canadian programs will be something we will work on in the future.

    We greatly appreciate you.

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    Quote from jillthenurse
    Hello! Thank you for the great articles. I am interested in the software recommendation(s) as well as a short case study. I have over 20 years in nursing and would like to get started as a LNC. The Marketing piece seems to be the most challenging. Do you have a website? Have you hired or taken any online classes to assist with what is needed from a marketing perspective. My fear is that if I Market incorrectly the first go around...that I will have lost my opportunity!!

    Thank you, Jill
    Hello and welcome, jillthenurse

    I sent a private message to you.

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    Hello shauntil07

    Good luck in the Brookhaven program next year!!

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    Quote from Tee1736
    Hi I would like to post a rant and asks questions in my topic, but i dont know where to start or how to do it this post is not clear.
    Do we have to pay to post topics?
    Welcome to, Tee1736

    To start a new topic, find the forum of interest.

    Let's say you want to post in the GENERAL NURSING forum. Look at the top of the page and click on NURSES, then scroll and click, GENERAL NURSING.

    You will then see on the left, ADD YOUR TOPIC NOW! in green:


    Click that, then complete the topic TITLE, CONTENT, and scroll to SUBMIT TOPIC. You can also PREVIEW the thread first before submitting to see if you need to make edits, then submit.

    We hope this helps and that you enjoy!

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