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    We moved your thread to a forum for replies from those with similar issues.

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    We moved your thread to a forum where those who possibly have similar issues can reply.

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    As pointed out, we cannot offer the medical advice you seek. Please pose all questions/concerns to your PCP. We wish you well and hope you adjust.

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    As pointed out, per our Terms of Service, we cannot provide the medical advice you seek. His healthcare provider will have to address this. We wish him well.

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    As pointed out, we cannot provide the personal medical advice you seek per our Terms of Service; this includes advising how to take your own pressure and/or suggesting what equipment to use. You really need to pose all of your questions and concerns to your healthcare provider just like you have done here. He or she will be able to suggest what you need for equipment and either show you how to measure your own blood pressure or set up something where you can learn how to do it properly.

    Good luck and we wish you well.

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    I've known several girls named Autumn, but no boys. I'd have to vote no to naming a boy Autumn.

    Like Spidey, I like Ashe (with the e).

    And, instead of Arliss, I'd consider Ardis.

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    I am of a different opinion.

    I think a mandatory DNP will be a good idea. Yes, right now there are no real incentives such as higher salary and/or other things like traumaRUs pointed out.

    Many NPs in the beginning, such as OB-GYN NP, practiced after receiving only on-the-job training/preparation, usually a 4-year preceptorship, and sitting for a National certification. They received licensure from their individual states as licensed NPs.

    Then, MSN became mandatory to practice. One of the reasons for the shift to MSN was because 3rd party reimbursement started requiring MSN as the minimum to practice.

    I can foresee similar requirements in the future.

    NPs now who do not have an MSN can still practice in their state only (not disenfranchised), but should they relocate to another state, they would have to be minimum MSN-prepared in order to practice.

    In saying all of this, I would definitely like to see the DNP improved. Less "fluff" and more clinical preparation (like the old on-the-job trained Nps of the past). A true clinical doctorate.