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    We had some great articles submitted in October, November, and December. Thanks to everyone who submitted articles as well as those who read, liked and commented! We had several first-time writers. I hope you will continue to write articles and share your stories with us. We always have an article contest going on.

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  • Jan 27

    Quote from sirI
    Thread moved to forum for replies from those with similar issues.
    Thanks! I wasn't sure where to put it.

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    Working now! Thanks!

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    try now ...

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    No, it happens anytime I click it on the page, even if I've been browsing it for several minutes. Only within the dashboard though.

  • Jan 23

    Yes, it's the Geriatric/LTC Nursing forum. It existed many years before we introduced the LTAC Nursing forum. Anyhow, I am glad you found it and hope you find it useful.

  • Jan 23
  • Jan 19

    Something she needs to address with her healthcare provider. Since you aren't her manager, it's not your place to say anything to her. It's quite possible she is fully aware of the situation.

  • Jan 18

    Yes, laughter, as the old saying goes, is the best medicine. The job of a Nurse is hard and very stressful, sometimes for an entire shift. That kind of stress day in and day out can have negative effects on our health. A hearty laugh can help reduce stress by stretching muscles, elevating the heart rate, increasing respirations, and oxygenating the tissues. It's like exercise for the soul. Have you discovered the therapeutic benefits of a good laugh?

  • Jan 16

    Last weekend, I drove over to visit my son - about 120 miles. I was kinda tired so about mid-way thru the drive, I decided to stop at Starbucks. I pulled off the highway and the drive-thru was packed so I decided I would go inside. It would give me time to stretch my legs.

    As I pulled into a parking space, I noticed absentmindedly that there was a man sitting at the side of the building. He was shivering and had remnants of several hot beverages spread around him. I felt bad for him - it was in the 20’s and rainy. However, I kinda did the glance above his head and went inside. I didn’t really want to see him as my mind was occupied with spending the weekend with my husband.

    So I ordered my latte and stepped over in the second line to wait for my order to come up. There was a lady in front of me, who turned to me and said that she always came to Starbucks every morning to get three shots of espresso over ice.

    I casually mentioned that it was very strong drink and that it must give her lots of energy. She turned away for a second and then turned back to me and said with tears streaming down her face, “its for my son. He’s homeless and its the only way I can try to make sure he is okay every day.” I felt so sorry for her, I gave her a hug and told her I was on my way to see my son, in prison; before going on to see my husband.

    I got my drink, gave her another smile as we exited together and went on past the shivering man to my car. I gathered a blanket I keep in my car for the winter and gave it to the man. He thanked me and wished me a good day.

    My son, too has been homeless at times. It is a heartache that many parents experience: the pain of addiction and poor choices. Some of our kids are homeless, some in prison, others in places unknown to their families. Others sadly, are dead.

    I started this article to point out that I never was a very kind or compassionate ER nurse, the tougher and rougher crowd were my kind of patients. I had little patience for drunk, high or mentally ill patients, I was so tough, nothing could touch me.

    However, in the deep recesses of my mind, I thought my family was somehow above the addicted patient, the homeless patient, the mentally ill patient. After all, if their parents and/or families REALLY cared about them, they wouldn’t be that way, right?

    I was higher and mightier and more smug than I had any right to be. day, I found out how far the mighty can fall. The story isn’t pretty and I won’t bore anyone with the details.

    Suffice it to say that I am now what is known as a Prison Mom. I visit my son 4-5 times per month. The families sit in the waiting room after checking in, waiting for their turn to go the “pat down” room and then on to the visitation room where they wait some more for their husbands, fathers, sons to come in.

    It is a demeaning experience for us. We share a bond with all the families. Though we all come from varied backgrounds - the one thing we have in common is that we love our family members that have made these poor choices that have imprisoned them and in turn….us.

    I tell this story as a gentle reminder that we never know what is beneath the surface ot other’s attitudes: the “crusty” nurse might have a disabled husband or adult child whom she cares for, the young “flaky” nurse might have been up with a colicky baby all night, the “nasty” doctor might have just lost a family member of his own.

    Our lives are so finite and if you’ve been a nurse for very long you know this to be true. So...take some time today to be thankful for TODAY because your LIFE can change QUICKLY!

  • Jan 14

    Quote from mago8388
    $29/year sounds great? Where can I sign up for this insurance?
    The quoted post is from 7 years ago and refers to the student rate. The student rate is lower than the licensed nurse rate which is lower than the advanced practice nurse rate. Currently, I pay $109/year for my policy through NSO.

    The two most commonly mentioned are from NSO and Proliability. Both offer options to obtain quotes on their websites.

  • Jan 9

    Please excuse my lack of grammar if there is any. I'm pouring my heart out in this as I feel I must. I'm going through a rough time in my life at the moment.

    Finding light in a dark place

    Alone in my darkness for which I put myself in. I have made mistakes and it might cost me my career.
    I'm too tired and to angry to leave, I feel the darkness within.
    I have no fight. I'm not looking for the light.

    With this darkness I feel pain, anger, fear, sadness and loss. Loss of job , identity and postive thoughts.
    All I want to do is sleep and forget it all. My life has stalled.
    My eyes stay closed, I see no light.

    I slowly wake up but still too weak. Drag myself out of bed to see my doctor for the help I seek.
    He saw the pain and the darkness I have held secret for so long, trying to fight on my own.
    He gave me zoloft and said " I want to see you in 4 weeks"

    I take the medication as prescribed. The first 2 weeks were hell, I will not lie.
    I learned that heavy drinking and meds do not mix.I blacked out and said over and over "I want to die, Just let me die"
    I kept trying to stop breathing in hopes I would see a different type of light. I fell asleep and dreams of slicing my arteries with a knife.Something wouldn't let me that night and I survived.
    Now I'm searching, where is that damn light?!!!

    A week goes by, and for I finally have sight. Still in my darkness but now I'm searching for a sliver of light.
    I found the will to get up and move, even if it was just to eat. Even that I felt was a feat.
    I have some energy to go and seek that light I need.

    Days go by and slowly I can do more. I start to feel like I used to before.
    I start to feel smile and feel happy , if only for awhile.
    I'm seeing something as I delve further, it's a sliver of light !!

    I run towards it full tilt. All of a sudden, I stop. I'm barricaded by heavy stones of anger, doubt and guilt.
    I can no longer move, the only way I can is to face and reflect on my mistakes. I slowly refelect, accept responsibility and forgive myself. Slowly I feel less weight. I can't lose my light!

    I'm still in my darkness but I know there's light. The stones of are in my way, but facing them is worth the fight. With less stones I begin to see all the beauty of life that is in front of me.

    Once those stones are gone and I become free , I still won't know what will become of me.
    I don't where the light leads me, to which path I will take. All I know is I must learn to forgive myself and accept my mistakes.

    My depression may never leave, but with some reflection and self forgiving, I'll remember why life is worth living.

    My chapter as a nurse may be closed with uncertainty..
    I'm rediscovering myself and who I am to be.

    To all fellow nurses and doctors out there , don't forget about yourself and please practice self care.
    We care and teach for patients , but we forget to be self aware.
    You are more than what a piece of paper says you are. You are a human being who loves, has emotions and carries scars.

    If you feel depression or feel you can't cope, seek help, there is hope.

  • Jan 4

    You may have better success going through the help desk rather than the site feedback forum. However, there are certain forums where the posts must be approved by a moderator prior to going live- nursing licensure with a criminal history, nursing news, and a few others that I'm not sure about.

  • Dec 29 '15

    Two words. Amazon Prime. I did almost all of my Christmas shopping through Amazon. It was delivered to my house within a couple of days and promptly went to our spare bedroom. I wrapped on days off.
    Decorating - the entire family helps on a weekend I have off. (This year it was the weekend after Thanksgiving).
    Cleaning - ongoing, we all just pitch in and help so that when the holidays roll around there's no panic driven cleaning spree.
    Cooking - we do a lot of crock pot meals over the holidays. That or soup that can simmer on the stove all day or easily be warmed up.
    Work - it is what it is. Rotating schedule.

    Beyond that, I've learned to relax. A lot. If the house isn't spotless, if I forget to wrap a gift, if the soup scorches, or if the puppy poos on the floor, it's not the end of the world. Some of these "disasters" are the stuff we laugh about the hardest when reminiscing!

  • Dec 29 '15

    Quote from sirI
    Aw, I'm sorry, BecomingNursey.

    I have family scattered to the four winds and ALL will arrive throughout the day tomorrow.

    My mind is going in a dozen different directions. LOL!

    I hope you have a great celebration this week.
    Thanks! You too Hoping for safe travels for all of your family.