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  • Jan 13

    I got my MSN and started practice (been in practice for 2 years) and have slowly been doing my post-masters to DNP. I did it so that I could practice sooner and start with a higher salary jump at the front and back end of my career. I am doing my DNP purely for personal desire to get a terminal degree (I seriously considered doing a PhD but felt that I would put too much of myself into that line of work for not enough gain for my lifestyle and personal goals).

    So far I haven't paid any $$ towards doing it, getting some reimbursement from work and through some small scholarships, but I would still be doing it even if that weren't the case.

    I think that if you're at the beginning of your career and intend to practice for many years that it would be worth it to get, but like others have said, probably won't be required anytime soon and even if, you'd probably be able to stay in your home state for the duration of your career.

  • Jan 13

    Opening a can of worms here - lol.

    Okay I'll bite - personally I think the DNP is a bunch of hooey - no additional pay (which is and should be APRNs big concern), no ability to bill at higher rate, no additional skills or abilities.

    I would go the MSN route personally.

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  • Dec 31 '16

    Whether we like it or not, "retarded" has become a distasteful word to use. At one time, it simply meant "delayed" or "late in learning," innocent enough. But the behavior associated with using the word became ugly, and so the language use followed. It even became politicized, with words like "libtard," in a deliberate attempt to insult and denigrate people on the left side of the spectrum. I think "cretin" used to be a clinical term too. It will be interesting to see how current language evolves. But for the moment, my opinion is that a nurse or doctor who chooses to use this word shows a lack of understanding of verbal boundaries, empathy, and professionalism. The popular belief is that the word is derogatory and demeaning, and when you are in a position of power, being paid to treat vulnerable patients, that is not the time to promote your freedom of speech, especially knowing that it is perceived as cruel and abusive.

  • Dec 31 '16

    Although I am fairly liberal, certainly not a prude or possessing delicate sensibilities, I have noticed that crude/vulgar speak is much more common today and seems, almost fashionable in some circles. I, personally, am not offended by colorful language (not in the presence of clients/patients), but understand those that may be and do think that it is somewhat unprofessional and unbecoming to the person-just my opinion though!

  • Dec 31 '16

    Quote from Bottomed out
    Why do people respond.
    This has been both an entertaining and learning experience for me, Bottomed out.

    Ethio has sparked quite a lively discussion both here and with my wife Belinda. For example, she ran a lab before becoming a nurse 10+ years ago. Belinda recounted several stories with me, two involving a patient who suffered a brain bleed and another who had an alternating Coumadin dose of 15 and 20 mg!

    Being a geriatric psych nurse, I get just enough medical to keep me interested. I believe being in the company of medical nurses who know what they're talking about helps me be a better nurse.

    So, Ethio got a like from me for sparking this lively discussion. I'm grateful to those who responded with their witty and informative posts!

  • Dec 31 '16

    Quote from NurseLauraM
    I'm also not a fan of online NP school, but be aware that this isn't exclusive to nursing. You can find an online program for almost any degree and there are actually a number of online PA programs (source at the bottom).

    I know many of my former classmates, colleagues and I believe that online nursing school poorly prepares students. However this is based on anectodal evidence. I would love to see some actual research into how graduates from B&M schools compare to those from online programs. Have any of you found any? I'm seriously asking

    The Best Online Physician Assistant Master's Programs of 216
    Did you actually read the link that you posted. Those are all post PA program masters for PAs that graduated from non masters programs. There are a number of PA programs that have an online component, but ARC-PA standards would prohibit an online program due to requirements regarding student assessment.

  • Dec 27 '16
  • Dec 27 '16

    It probably happens to every Nurse ... the dream about the constant beeping of the IV. Almost every Nurse takes their job to bed with them and dreams about some of the craziest things. Nurses can't get a break even when asleep. Is this you? Have you had nightmares? Tell us about some of the off-the-wall dreams you have had.

    (This caption provided by compassionresearcher. Our December 2016 Caption Contest winner!)

  • Dec 27 '16

    It's a long story. Applied to med school right out of college, didn't get in despite strong GPA, MCAT etc. Was all set to reapply, got to thinking that I might want to have a family someday and in that case wanted some balance in my life which is often difficult as a doctor (though I think that is getting better). Decided to apply to NP programs, got in and became an acute care NP, and took a job on a hospitalist service which is what I am still doing. I really enjoy what I am doing now, although there are times I feel like I should have reapplied and gone to med school because I might have liked that even better and sometimes feel like I just don't have the level of knowledge that I would like to have. That said, I am getting married in the next year and plan to have a couple of kids, so at that point I will probably be glad I made the decision I did.

  • Dec 23 '16

    Quote from smartnurse1982
    Geico has on their page that Umbrella insurance can work in conjunction with your standard malpractice insurance.
    You are referring to this page: Umbrella Insurance is for Professionals too! | GEICO

    A personal umbrella policy is over your personal auto and homeowners policies. It is not a substitute for, nor does it provide any professional liability coverage. You will note that the Geico page does not say that the personal umbrella provides any professional liability coverage but instead refers to an additional layer of coverage for your personal assets for personal liability such as auto and homeowners. When you read the personal umbrella policy language, you will find there is a specific exclusion for business and professional activities.

  • Dec 23 '16

    After reading this post I right away logged on to and bought malpractice insurance. I never really knew how important it is to have your own insurance, I thought everything was okay as long as your employer covered you. I was wondering if anyone knew if the nso insurance covers multiple employers because when I applied it only had a slot to eneter the name of one employer?

  • Dec 23 '16

    Quote from smartnurse1982
    I have Liberty Mutual for my car and home insurance.

    I had no idea CNA and Liberty Mutual were the same company.

    If that is the case i could have signed up for coverage through my homeowner's policy(Umbrella policy)
    CNA and Liberty Mutual are two different insurance companies. NSO is the major broker for CNA and ProLiability is the major broker for Liberty Mutual. You cannot get healthcare professional liability insurance for malpractice through your homeowners' or a personal umbrella policy. A personal umbrella provides you with an additional layer and additional liability coverages for your homeowners' and auto policy. It does not provide any liability coverage for professional or business activities. There has been much litigation over the years in which people have sued to have their umbrella policy cover them for professional malpractice, such as architect, engineer, lawyer, physician, etc, and they have all failed.

  • Dec 20 '16

    Quote from Wile E Coyote
    One of the more objective findings that stand out for me, is that the female docs were statistically more likely to stick to practice guidelines vs their male counterparts.
    This is a really interesting issue right now in medicine, and you hit the nail on the head as far as how this could sway the results towards the female providers. When you take large groups of patients, a group of providers that sick to established guidelines should do better. The question many providers struggle with is that population-based medicine isn't necessarily the best thing for the individual patient.

  • Dec 20 '16

    Show us your FUN SIDE! Submit your caption today!

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