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  • Sep 20

    I've asked the moderators to move your post to the School Nurse forum.

  • Sep 17

    The people that get upset over stuff like this, to put it in a nice way, place disproportionate emphasis on their person as opposed to their role. Speaking for myself (and I'm sure most folks), I seek validation through my patients outcomes given the circumstances they present with and the endorsement, affirmation and honest constructive criticism from my physician and advanced practice colleagues.

    I tell my patients and their families that I'm the nurse anesthetist. Some say nothing, and to those that ask, I give a simple explanation without sounding like a political campaign ad.

    I don't misrepresent myself, I don't use patients to advance a political agenda and I do not allow anyone to be confused as to who I am or what I do with vague ambiguities. To this end I do not allow nurses training for advanced practice roles to use the term "resident" when introducing themselves.

    I have a religion, and it isn't advanced practice nursing.

  • Sep 17

    I don't hear the words physician extender and midlevel provider here where I work. While we are addressed appropriately as NP's, we have a collective group of all NP's, PA's, CNM's, and CRNA's in the medical center and we are represented by an administrator (currently an NP) in terms of institutional issues and policies. As a collective group, we are referred to as Advanced Practice Providers.

  • Sep 17

    I hate when things that are more important get overshadowed by whining over something insignificant. To me the NP angst issues worth fighting for are being able to practice to my full scope and making an excellent wage.

  • Sep 17

    None of the above. How about "nurse practitioner?"

  • Sep 17

    I'm not one to get upset over semantics. As long as I'm valued by my practice, compensated well and respected...those are the important things. Don't sweat the small stuff.

  • Sep 15

    Turns out the reported "Nurse" in this famous LIFE WWII V-J picture was actually a dental assistant at the time! Karen

    Greta Friedman, the woman kissed by a sailor in the iconic picture taken in Times Square on V-J Day in 1945, has died, according to her son Joshua Friedman.Friedman told CNN that his mother died at an assisted living home in Richmond, Virginia. She was 92.

    The black-and-white photograph of Friedman, dressed in a white uniform, being embraced and kissed by a sailor to celebrate the end of World War II became an enduring image....

  • Sep 15

    Thanks Siri!!!!

  • Sep 13

    A lot of hospitals are not using them anymore -- substituting people with other focuses. For example, they'll hire Nursing Professional Development Specialists, and Quality Improvement Specialists, and Program Coordinators, Case Managers, Discharge Planners, Infection Control Specialists, Would Care Specialists, Pain Specialists, etc. ... for the types of jobs that CNS's used to do.

    I used to be a CNS a long, long time ago. But I switched to Nursing Professional Development back in 2001.

  • Sep 13

    The psych CNS credentials have already been eliminated. I don't know what's happening with the med-surg CNSs. I think this is a big loss for nursing. Once we're all gone, y'all will miss us.

  • Sep 10

    These are questions the person needs to clarify with their healthcare team. They are the ones with access to her medical record and who know her. They will be able to provide information on her unique potential recovery path. It's also not the purpose of this website to speculate on what your friend may see in regards to his/her own health.

  • Sep 9

    I have met the majority of the Inc. moderators and administrators at the three different NTI conventions I visited (Orlando '12, Boston '13, Denver '14).

    If any of the established posters are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Los Angeles, or California's Central Valley, I wouldn't be opposed to a meet & greet.

  • Sep 9

    Yep! I have met some people from here on purpose, and others I knew before and have identified from posts here. I have gone to a couple NTI conventions and hung out at the allnurses booth with my peeps. Loved it!

  • Sep 8

    Ruby because at one time I wanted to do ICU but other things came up and I went a different direction. I just think we'd get along if I shadowed her.

    DaveyDo. He does psych. if I'm not mistaken and that interests me. I like how he comes off. He seems to "shot from the hip" in a genuine way. He says whats on his mind, his responses don't seem pre-fab to me.

    Beentheredonethat as well just because I'm so interested in what she does. I recall her explaining that she triages in a way. I want to know more.

    Anyone who has done camp nursing, IDK any off the top of my head. I'd love to shadow someone and see what it's really like.

    AN Mods/admin. I often wonder how frustrating us AN members can become. I want to track how many times per hour they roll their eyes lol. Then I'll compare notes on who does it most.

  • Sep 7

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