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And mostly, i have met that goal. Most of my career, has been as an acute care float---between E.R., and ICU and CCU.
^THAT was the bulk of my years.
But, i've also worked Neuro, the RRT/code teams, IVteam, Radiology/Special Procedures, (usually giving the IV sedate for the procedures) Telemetry, Oncology, Med/Surg, OR, PACU, both Rehab and Cardiac Rehab, Ortho, Pain Management, Outpatient Transfusion units, and probably more depts or units than i can't think of right now. OH, outpatient surgery clinics, too. I have observed and only very very peripherally assisted with organ harvesting. Okay, i was mostly just handing them things...ha ha.
I have been a 'transport nurse" in long jaunts via ambulance from one hosp to another,
and a few helicopter travels, too, but this was luck of the draw, and was not a member of that team.

(geez, the more i begin listing this stuff, the more comes back to me!)

I have also been a "rent a nurse" and worked in various clinics, ECFs, an assisted living facility, and have floated hospital to hospital too.**********************************************
I have also worked in home health fields, in various ways, both as home to home visiting nurse, as well as shift work, usually with peds patients with vents, but adults, too.
I have done hospice work off/on over the years.

LOVED IT ALL, and felt lucky to be able to do it, whether as a float, or as a permanent employee of that unit, i felt so lucky to get to work in so many types of nursing!!!!!!!!!
UNITS I'VE ONLY RARELY WORKED ON=================================>
I've had very limited experience, and am not 100% fully independent went sent to Peds, NICU, newborn nursery, or L&D, but, i've worked them all, but i am weak in those areas, and by now, i'd be useless.
I've worked on dialysis units, but, never ever performed the dialysis, and i have never given chemo either.

I have worked a huge, uber busy multi-doctors office, was not good at it. New respect for office nurses!!

i should also mention, WOW, i found working in ECFs much much harder, than ER or ICU ever was, (for me, anyway, wowza, THAT'S some hard work!)
I have never worked as a school nurse, an industrial nurse, nor in a prison, nor on a dedicates psyche nor alzihimer unit, although we all care for psyche patients in other depts.
I have never worked in a burn unit, but have cared for burn victims in ICU.
I have never worked in GI lab, but, have assisted with scopes done in ICU.
I have never worked with organ transplant patients, ever.
I have moved a lot all around the USA. I think that also helped me get my foot in the door to new types of units, too.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In the past, i sometimes would create and be the ONLY float in the whole hospital, if i arrived to town with a hospital with no float pool, coaxing them into cross-training me to multiple units so i could float.

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