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    Thanks for the advice! I am working on medications. It takes so long to know whats working and what isn't! I am trying to avoid LTC since working on a rehab floor at one. I dont know, but I just dont want to work with that population exclusively. I have talked to a few local Home care agencies, and they tell me I dont have acute care experience and the rehab floor doesn't even count as sub acute to them. Plus, I'm very leary of going into houses on my own and working alone. I think that brings on my anxiety more.

    I do know I have other health issues. I did have Lyme in 2000, and believe it has caused a lot of my chronic problems. But my primary care physician does not believe that chronic lyme exists and she tells me I am fine. Looking for a new MD too... But my anxiety has been getting worse and worse over the last few years. So I dont know. I see the psych NP tomorrow, so hopefully we will have a new plan...

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    So I do not have much acute care experience. I made it through the 3 month orientation very roughly, and never had a nice preceptor who understood my anxiety. I left that job. Was out of nursing for a year, then found a job on a rehab floor in a nursing facility. I was there for almost 3 years. I went through a temp agency and found a different job. This one isn't a good fit, so I"m looking again.

    At each job I have had severe anxiety, to the point of crying for no reason. I've seen therapists, tried meds, breathing, taking a time out. Everything people have suggested!
    Now I feel anxious all the time, even at home. I don't know what triggered this last episode. I'm even uncomfortable in my own home!

    I have been looking for part time jobs left and right, but not getting any call backs. I'm in the process of getting my BSN. After thinking, I think part time would probably be better, so I have an extra day for all the doctor and psych appointments I have.

    I thought about joining the local chapter of ANA to find a mentor who could help, but Im afraid to spend the money incase I loose my job and have NO income then...
    I'm at an absolute loss. The anxiety has been getting worse since I was 20, I'm 36 now. I've been in therapy with the same person for a few years and really like her, so I dont think thats the problem.

    Any ideas?

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    Wow! I see a lot of me in this post! I have many mental illness issues too, mostly depression and anxiety type things. I too did pretty well with theory, but was scared to death to go to clinicals... I am not sure how I managed to push myself through it sometimes. The anxiety and panic that overcame me was horrible.

    I would try to find a mentor that has been there if possible. I wish I would have. Most of my professors just brushed me off, stating that everybody is in the same boat and nervous at first... I tried to explain that it was worse for me. And of course, the psych/mental health teachers were horrible the semester I had then, and weren't any help like i secretly had hoped.

    I also went into nursing knowing I had a bad back...

    I got a job in a hospital right out of school, on a step down unit. I was too afraid to mention my anxiety, and accepted the position before I was told what floor I would be on.
    After several weeks of less than useful preceptors, my manager wanted me to go off orientation. I tried to explain I wasn't ready and mentioned my anxiety. She brushed me off completely... (why are nurses so mean to one another?) . Well, I ended up quitting when they wouldn't extend orientation or let me switch to a less intensive floor.
    I've been working on a rehabilitation floor in a nursing home for over 2 years now. I have applied to a lot of less physical type jobs since my back has flared up, but keep getting turned down because I do not have acute care hospital experience...

    Have you ever been tested for Lyme Disease? I had it years ago and was under treated. I have a lot of issues since then, including increased clumsiness, brain fog, and all my mental issues have gotten way worse since diganosed with Lyme...
    Just a few random thoughts from me...

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    Hello! I am an RN in western NY and working on my BSN. My back is not good and am looking for an office/specialty type job. I found one that's offering $18 an hour for RN. This is awefully low. Is this the going rate I should expect for an office job?

    im just beginning my job search, so still seeing what's out there...


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    Me!!!! I'm basically deaf in my right ear. I've been a nurse for 2 years and still not comfortable listening to lung sounds and hearing them right. At a basic level, I can at least tell when they aren't good.
    I tried an electronic stethoscope while in school, but it was so loud and picked up everything!!! I've heard cardiology stethoscopes are better than the standard stethoscopes...

    i try try to do my assessments with the doctor to compare sounds and keep learning... but I've asked a coworker to double check me, and I just wxplain to the patient that I'm hard of hearing, and just want to be sure I'm not hearing anything bad...

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    Earlier this year, I injured my back lifting a patient. I herniated the disk at L5-s1. Did things by the book, saw Occupational Med through workmans comp. I was put on restrictions and started physical therapy. (I never missed a day of work due to that injury!). I fought through the pain and babied myself after work and days off (thank god I only work 4 days a week!).

    After a a few months of therapy I plateaued, and went in for an MRI, and muscle study. MRI confirmed herniated disk. Muscle testing was normal... but odd finding was my pain wrapped around right buttock and around to my quad Stopped above my knee . The MRI shows the herniation to he left side. The doctor said I should be having pain in my left side... and due to location it should be all the way down to my foot! The only time the pain went most of he way down my leg was the first 3 days after the incident happened..

    Had a cortisone shot with very little effect.

    I had been doing ok, and was almost to baseline of just having occasional days of pain depending on patient load. This weekend I did something, and the pain is back...

    this week i have my monthly check in with Occupational Medicine. We have discussed the fact that if I'm not 100% in march, the 1 year mark, I could be labeled as disabled...

    what will this mean for my career?. I'm 35 years old and have been a nurse for just over 2 years... currently working on my BSN.. part of my goal in getting my BSN was to help get an office type job thats a better mix of sitting and standing...

    any help/support would be appreciated...

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    Hi westieluv! I love Bostons!! and pugs, and frenchies, and rotties, ect..!!! I have had chronic low back pain since I was 12, from a sports injury. I also have chronic Lyme Disease, which leads to fibro, fatigue and migrating pain on a daily basis. I have been seeing a Lyme Literate Doctor for almost a year.
    She just started me on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). You might know that it is an opioid antagonist, and in low doses is supposedly great for chronic pain. I am taking just 1.5 mg, and it has to be compounded at special pharmacies. I think it is helping, but I re-aggrivated my back injury in March at work lifting a patient.(manager insisted we didn't need a hoyer...). So I have been in constant pain from that until just a week ago roughly. Herniated my L5-S1 disk again. Saw surgeon, who said surgery wouldn't help right now, and have been doing physical therapy, while continuing to work, with lifting restrictions.
    I'm trying to find a job away from bedside nursing, because I know this will happen again, and I cant keep up the pace of bedside nursing for too much longer!

    Do you continue to do your physical therapy exercises once you're done with therapy? That's one of my problems, I let myself go, and end up back at PT with another injury... I'm telling myself now, that I need to keep up with core exercising, and that it will help with a lot of things: the fatigue, chronic pain, and maybe some weight loss!

    I hope you can find some answers and a less physical job soon!


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    I was seen right away. The injury occurred on a Tuesday and I was seen by occupational medicine on Thursday. Its been almost 4 months, I can finally say I am not in constant pain, even while at rest. MRI showed a herniated disk at L5-S1, with arthritis. Been doing physical therapy, and on lifting restrictions at work. Just got approval for a cortisone shot too. Hopefully I can keep my back strong and avoid this from happening ever again!(A girl can wish, right??)

    Saw a neurologist, and he said surgery wouldn't do anything at this point, so I'm happy to be able to avoid surgery for now!

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    Hello all!
    I'm looking for some advise. I have chronic back problems from a sports injury when I was 12. I'm 35 now. In March, I reinjured it lifting a patient off the floor. (My manager was there, and insisted we could stand him up without a Hoyer! The CNA and I resuggested the Hoyer and she said no)

    I could tell I was going to be sore that night. Fortunately, I had the next two days off, so I figured I would just rest and feel better. On the second day I woke up and could hardly move. The pain was different than when I usually hurt it. I spoke to my manager, and she told me to call employee health. She sent me to Occupational and Environmental medicine and started a workmans comp case. They prescribed 8 visits to physical therapy. I did that, and am only back to %75. At my follow up with the Doctor yesterday she prescribed an MRI.

    Today, while at work,,our employee health nurse called and said that I can only stay on restrictions for 8 weeks. If I'm not cleared, they could possibly let me go.
    is this true? Can they do that?

    keep in mind, I have NOT missed a day of work due to my back. I have been trying to stick to my restrictions of lifting, but we are so short staffed all the time, it hasn't been easy. This place is going to hell... People are quoting left and right, new nurses don't stay long...
    I've been looking elsewhere, but have only been at this place for 1.5 years... It's a rehab place, so I'm only getting "sub acute" experience...


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    Hello! I have copied my resume, ,but taken out specific names, numbers and addresses. I am looking for a new job. Bed side nursing is too much for me. I have major depression and anxiety, plus fatigue issues. I currently work on a rehab floor in a nursing home. A lot of places I have applied to say i don't have any acute care experience. (I worked in a hospital for only 3 months...) This floor has become rather subacute lately. Our admissions team is accepting all kinds of patients we don't have the staff to care for. Multiple behaviors, severe dementia, inability to care for themselves after weeks of therapy, people with respiratory problems... This week we sent 3 people BACK to the hospital for uncontrolled pain, high BP, respiratory status changes...ect. How can I show that in my resume. I am not good with words and playing this resume game...

    Please note, the formatting may be out of whack when I add the document.
    Thank you so much in advance for any help!!!

    Address, email and phone
    December, 2012 | A.A.S., Nursing
    Community college
    May, 2006 | A.A.S., Natural Resources Conservation
    Community College
    May 2004 | A.S, Business Administration
    Community college
    Registered Professional Nurse, License Number #######
    State of New York, Office of Professions
    Expires 01/31/2018
    Registered Nurse October, 2014 - Present
    Nursing Home
    Assess patients on a Rehabilitation floor, following surgery or falls Monitor surgical wound healing, pressure ulcers, respiratory status
    Case Processing Assistant
    May, 2011-April, 2012 | January, 2014 - September, 2014

    Dental/Braces company
    Receive teeth impressions from doctors and set up for production Prepare patient tray kits, assist in filling orders and conduct inventory
    Registered Nurse March, 2013 – June, 2013
    Local Medium Sized Hospital
    Monitored and assessed Pulmonary patients for rehabilitation progress Conducted wound care, observed oxygen levels and used appropriate devices
    Home Health Care Giver October, 2012, January, 2013
    Private Duty in home case
    Assisted in private care of a quadriplegic pediatric patient
    Maintained patient airway, medication, ileostomy and tracheostomy care
    Home Health Aide October, 2010, February, 2012
    Local Home Health agency
    Aided clients with various daily living and independent living skills
    Compassionate, caring and dedicated to delivering quality services Excellent attention to detail and ability to work in fast paced environment Flexible and reliable, quick learner and able to retain new information Familiar with both PC and Apple, quick to pick up EMR formats
    Volunteer Work
    January, 2014-Present
    Honor Flight
    Assist with calling veterans who have applied to go on a flight to Washington D.C.
    Confirm health status and determine if they will need extra assistance.
    Confirm veteran has a guardian/family member to make the trip with them.
    Explain paperwork required to fill out, weekend itinerary
    Assist veterans throughout trip as safety assistant. Provide water and wheel chairs as necessary

    June, 2012-Present / August, 2010-Present
    2 different dog rescue groups
    Assist in fund raising to support dogs in foster care
    Provide in-home checks for prospective adopters
    Transport incoming foster dogs to their foster homes or new permanent homes

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    Hey!! I'm kind of stuck in the middle... I was born mostly deaf in my right ear. I developed fairly normally so it wasn't noticed until I was 7!!! I can't use any hearing aides of any type according to my doctors. The nerve endings never fully connected, so I can hear tones, but can't understand words if using a telephone or headset. I also have a very hard time hearing in crowded areas, and just generally understanding people at times. At work, if somebody yells out, I often can't tell what direction it's coming from...

    in school I was able to adjust most of the time, by making sure I sat upfront. I too have had people think I'm a b**** for ignoring them. When I explain I'm hard of hearing they understand. I am very upfront and am sure to tell coworkers about my hearing, and that I like to be on the right side if we are walking and talking, or why I tilt my head one way.. A lot of people forget though too... I had a coworker get very upset with me, and I reminded her I am deaf, and she said I never told her...(I know i did, I kept a list when I first started in case I forgot anybody).
    My nursing school had an amplified stethoscope that I tried, but it was harder to hear. I felt it was picking up too much other noise... The friction on the skin, other sounds in the room. My anxiety got the best of me, and I lost my first job in a hospital, on a respiratory floor of all places!! I now work in a nursing home on a rehab floor, so lung and breath sounds aren't of utmost importance. In an emergency, I can ask coworkers to double check if I think I hear something...

    ive thought about leaving nursing all together though, as it is tough, but not just due to the hearing loss. I do wish I could wear a huge sign some days that says I'm HOH...

    hope you you find your way!!
    I live in Roxhester, NY, home to NTID(national technical institute for the deaf), so there is a very large population of HOH people here... If you're willing to relocate, you could look for higher populated areas...?

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    Hi TheOMPRN! I'm having a lot of he same issues with anxiety. I've managed to make it to 8 months at my job and just crashed... Had to leave work due to panic attacks that I couldn't settle down from. I am working on a rehab floor at a long term care place. I just can't keep up the tough face anymore. The problem now in trying to find a less anxiety inducing job is he lack of experience... If I'm lucky to even get a call back, the first thing that comes up is my lack of experience...

    so, my short term disability ends this week and I'm already terrified of going back on Monday. Seeing my doctor and psychiatrist and on meds, but nothing really helps...

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    This sounds hauntingly like my self! I'm out on 2 weeks short term disability for repeated panic attacks after returning from vacation. Things were adding up before I left, so it wasn't completely out of he blue...

    i think I have just kept putting my anxiety and fears aside to get through nursing school, and then to get acclimated to a first job. And it finally became too much to handle.
    The training wasn't there for me either... I understand your fears, the money concerns and trying to find a job with less than a years experience...
    hang in there and keep looking. I was fired from. Y very first job after 3 months, after a terrible training period, then it took me over a year to find he job I have now. Eight months in, and I'm still not comfortable. We with anxiety need a lot of extra time and support and it's just not made available to us! It sucks

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    Hi tiredofthisRN! Things are a little improved... I got a job finally on a rehab floor in a nursing home. I've. Even there for 7 months now. It's been very hard, with my anxiety and worrying about getting fired again...
    i wish I had known more about nursing when I first got into it. Not sure I would have chosen it after all. Now my health issues are flaring up and I have no energy. I don't feel like I will last an entire year here to gain enough experience to find a quieter job... Don't know what else to do though, so just working and sleeping away my days off...

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    #nurseb, have you found anything that works? I have slight Lordosis too. I have a pair of Danskos, it my feet just don't seem to like them... I stick with Adidas so far... Love Saucony, but they don't hold up or last very long...