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Joined Nov 13, '12 - from 'New York State'. silentwolves is a RN. She has '1.5' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Rehabilitation'. Posts: 16 (19% Liked) Likes: 5

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  • Oct 28 '15

    HouTx... This was my first incident and thus first time filling out an incident report. The info I accidentally left out was put in my nurses note. I feel that my preceptor did not help me at all with filling it out. I did not leave anthing out to make me look better. It was a pure accident.

    My main point of this post though, was that I cannot find a job anywhere now! Offices, nursing homes... nothing.
    I had a horrible experience where nursing eat their young. I got no support there from the start...

    @LadyFree28... My anxiety is pretty bad. The few medications I have tried dont seem to help at all. I really want to go on disability so I can straighten myself out, but my doctor doesn't think its a good idea...