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    Quote from SnowyJ
    I use a paper log, but also log all visits into our system. I also can log immunizations, physicals, contact with parents as well. We use Infinite Campus. Is your school doing electronic documentation? If not, they should consider it.

    Infinite Campus
    We have something different but does have the ability to put in visits. However, those entries will stay on the student's record indefinitely, which is of course not practical. Do you keep a paper log, then go and enter the info on the student record? I'm afraid it would be duplicating entries which is naturally very time consuming. It may be my only option, though. I really want to get a handle on the # of visits a student makes, and the reason.

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    My current visit log is on paper. I want to create some kind of electronic record, so I can easily keep track of visits. Has anyone done this, and if so what did you use? I still will have to keep a paper log, though, so I may not be able to easily do it without having to do double entries..thanks!

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    Yup, that describes perfectly the weeks leading up to Field Day last week.

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    Quote from OldDude
    So stop it.
    How? We're not allowed to let students sit in wet clothes or send them back, and even if they're dry they still have urine on then with the odor. My principal would have a fit if I did that. Nope, with my admin we have to keep clothes here. Of course they're not the ones digging through bags of clothes looking for something while you have a clinic full of kids watching you who are still waiting to be seen. One parent actually complained because they didn't like what was given to their kid. Answer the phone then!! But no, we grovel and apologize...
    Clearly I'm looking to get out of here...

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    There is one child in our school who has spina bifida. She is too little to adequately clean and change herself, and can't tell if she's gone (except for the odor..). The classroom has an aide, and she will clean and change her if she's there. If not, they send her to me and I have to. I always, always get another adult to witness me changing the child. I've even borrowed teachers who happen to be free on break and walking by my office to be my witness. And I write "changed student, witnessed by: whoever" when charting my clinic visits.

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    I'm so sorry, Far (hugs)

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    Ah, yes, allergy season strikes again!

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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    Do you have the ability to update the emergency cards with pertinent school health happenings, during a period of relative calm? That way they would be accurate, right?

    And maybe you could get parents to update them at least each semester with news from the home part of the students' lives.

    School nurses, you know what I mean

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    Quote from Tinkers33
    so here is a question to all my nurse family..did you all feel the first few days, weeks, or heaven help me months as new nurse that the job is crazy hard? Like staying two hours past your normal time to chart? Like you love this job but what the hell did you get yourself into?!? New nurse soooo glad it's my FRIDAY!! First solo week done!

    Yes, yes and yes!!! I still ask myself that 14 years later!

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    I agree with NurseSpeedy. LPN's have jobs that are just as stressful, so be careful making that assumption. Nurse jobs are stressful jobs; it's just part of it. Are there less stressful nurse jobs? I don't know..I'm a School Nurse and this job is pretty darn stressful!

    I'm wondering if you really knew what the job entailed before starting nursing school, so if you decide to change do your research. In any event, you're still young! Before you put any more money into continuing on to the RN program, I'd give your current job a year. You'll see if it's what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Be honest with yourself! It's not wrong to decide if this isn't what you want. If you don't like it, I'll bet some of the skills you learned could be used in another career.

    Good luck!

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    Are you sure you're in the right forum? This is the School Nurses forum; is that what you wanted?

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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    I wish I could, but I have no ice maker in my office - just a tiny fridge with a tiny freezer that can hold very, very little.

    I use sponges and homemade ice packs made out of baggies and dish soap after I get through the supply of reusuable ice packs I can order at the beginning of the year (usually last until March). I get less requests when the homemade ice packs come out. I may just go straight to the homemade ones next year.
    What do you use the dish soap for?

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    Mmmmmmfffffffffff. (translated: Thanks, I feel better now 😁)

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    I would like to respectfully ask the Admins not to put this on FB. I really feel beaten up this week. This is the only place where I can come where I feel understood.
    Thank you.

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    Quote from littlebigtown
    I would be out for a week....give em a reality check without a nurse