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    Are you sure you're in the right forum? This is the School Nurses forum; is that what you wanted?

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    Quote from Jen-Elizabeth
    I wish I could, but I have no ice maker in my office - just a tiny fridge with a tiny freezer that can hold very, very little.

    I use sponges and homemade ice packs made out of baggies and dish soap after I get through the supply of reusuable ice packs I can order at the beginning of the year (usually last until March). I get less requests when the homemade ice packs come out. I may just go straight to the homemade ones next year.
    What do you use the dish soap for?

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    Mmmmmmfffffffffff. (translated: Thanks, I feel better now ๐Ÿ˜)

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    I would like to respectfully ask the Admins not to put this on FB. I really feel beaten up this week. This is the only place where I can come where I feel understood.
    Thank you.

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    Quote from littlebigtown
    I would be out for a week....give em a reality check without a nurse

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    Aww, thanks everyone (((hugs back))). Yup, it's been a bad one. A small sampling of recent conversations had with parents: Today, for example, I discovered I had the ability to create a fever in a second grader! I admit it - it's my fault your little one had a fever. You're on to me, Mom! I take pleasure in taking little ones who are perfectly healthy, then waving my magic wand and making them have a fever so you'll have to come pick them up. And we won't even discuss what choice words Dad had for me when I called to tell him about said fever his son had, because I couldn't find Mom.
    Yesterday, another Mom asked me if I was happy she was going to lose her job because she can't get rid of the lice in her kids hair because, after all, (are you ready for the chorus, all together now!) "It's the school's fault they keep getting them". Yes, I take pleasure in that, too. 'Tis my little secret that keeps me going throughout the day. Oh wait, here's another one...."You're calling me too much. Stop calling me when special snowflake throws up. I don't have time to keep coming to the school every time it happens"

    Ya know, some days I can handle it, and some days I-just-can't-anymore. It does seem like the I-just-can't days this year have far outweighed the good days. It's been rough since day 1.

    Sigh. Please forgive me for hijacking my own thread, though I did think of another criteria to add to my revised job description, so here it is:

    Ability to remember "Dialing for Dollars" also helpful.

    Again, thanks everyone. It really helps me feel less alone when you all seem to understand.

    mc3 (back to hiding my head)

    P.S. I miss Far! Did she ask our permission to go on this so-called field trip? I think not!

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    Yes, it's true. I've decided the school doesn't need me, they only need someone who can call home. Kinda like a robot. Nursing judgment, eh, what does that mean??? My school is filled with special snowflakes who need to go home immediately if experiencing any discomfort at all (real or perceived), including the "I don't feel like being here any more" flu". Never mind that there's absolutely no signs or symptoms of illness or injury. So, I have taken the liberty to create my own, new job description:

    Nurse-like figure needed for school clinic. Must be able to call multiple phone numbers constantly during the day. Strong forefinger to hit buttons over and over again on phone desired. Must be able to handle the occasional angry, cursing parent who doesn't want to come get their "sick" child. The ability to detect BS is not required. Note: critical thinking skills and practicing nurse judgment is not required, and not welcome.

    I'm having one of those weeks

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    Funny, I was asking myself how much more I could take today!

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    I'm ready!

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    You're so mean, Mr Nurse! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Ok, I'm not going to de-rail this thread with what I think a reality check at school could be ๐Ÿ˜‰...

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    Quote from OCNRN63
    That's what I tried to say, but apparently one cannot say that.
    One could, but one might not like to hear it

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    Quote from SchlNrsKrn

    Schools are a place for kids to LEARN, not for them to be taken care of when they are sick.

    2 hours is a very long time when you have a student with 104 degree temp.
    2 hours is a very long time when you have a student vomiting every 15 minutes.
    2 hours is a long time when a student has a bleeding laceration or a fracture.

    Talk to me once you have been in these situations. Until you have sat with a child who is vomiting, crying and begging for their mom for hours, you will never get it. I understand things happen and you may not be able to get here right away-but at least answer your phone and give me an idea of when you can.

    Schools are here to educate children, not to take care of them. When circumstances arise during the school day where a student is ill or injured and not able to learn, then the parents need to take the responsibility for their child back. If you are out and not reachable by cell, or if you have a job where you can't take calls, make sure we have phone numbers of other people who can either get a message to you or come to get the child.
    Amen! Can't like this enough!

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    Yes! It seems every year it gets worse. Frustrating!

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    Quote from milesims
    Your responses are respecting my "trolling," and I could care less if you're not alone.

    If you have nothing substantial to contribute to this conversation, then simply leave the thread.
    Umm, is this for real? Where do these people come from?๐Ÿ˜