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    I think of it this way.....If I see 40 kids/today and 30 were minor booboos and I called on each, that would be 30 calls at a minimum. 30 calls x 3 minutes/call = 90 minutes or 1.5 hrs, just making phone calls! Never mind, the parents that have 2 or 3 different phone numbers you have to call. Nobody is saying any serious injury, or head bumps or anything that leaves a mark shouldn't be brought to parents attention, but geesh!! Is that how they want you spending your time?

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    yes, that's what I plan to do. Why do that do they child if it isn't needed. She does not have any medical history indicating need for this that I can see. Just curious.....

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    I'm here! At a new school in a new town and LOVING it!!!

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    My legs are wobbly after jump rope..

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    Quote from OldDude
    I mentioned this yesterday, but as of today, our school has gone into full day care status. The fidget spinners have been banned from the cafeteria only as of today. As I walked the hall yesterday 2 kids were sitting on the floor playing dueling fidget spinner; they'd get them spinning and crash them into each other. Our Intermediate school has banned them totally without a doctor's order
    OMG I love this!!!! So true!!!!

    8 more days...8 more days...8 more days...

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    Quote from scuba nurse
    I hate that as well!
    Or how about, you call because little darling got a bruise or whatever, you get VM, leave a message, then get a nasty note the next day from parent saying how they didn't know their kid got hurt, or a talk from the principal of how you never called to to the parent!
    "Like" one-thousand times over!!!


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    I love it! Kind of along the same lines as "Nurse", not "Nurse mc3" or even "mc3", just "Nurse". I've considered calling our secretary "Secretary" instead of "Sue", or "Principal" instead of "Ms. SoandSo", or "Data Clerk" instead of "Mary". Might just do it sometime!
    Can you tell it's getting to the end of the year?...........

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    Quote from LibraSunCNM
    Not a school nurse, but I'm curious about your references to Facebook complaints---does your school have a Facebook page where parents post such complaints? If so, that's appalling!
    There is an "unofficial" FB page on my school, started by parents. One Dad posted that I wasn't doing my job, because all the kids in school had lice....Evidently it is up to me to thoroughly screen 950+ kids daily.....

    Nice, huh?

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    A few years ago, my husband happened to mention to his aunt (who lives in a different state) that I had some students who borrowed clothing/warm jackets at times. We live in the South, but do occasionally have some cold mornings! Our district was low socioeconomic as well. About a month later I received a check for $100. from her women's church group - in another state! - donated to purchase clothing for my clinic.
    Wow - just wow!

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    I would get the school SW and/or guidance counselor involved. Our SW will drive by the parent's home on occasion to see if they're home, and tell them their child is sick at school. I've also called the non-emergency 911 number for the police to do a well person check if I can't get anyone and it's really serious. Call 911 if needed. Oh, and sometimes our SW will use her work cell phone to call home. Parents who see the school calling will sometimes ignore it but pick up if they don't know the number. I've also asked my AP to call, sometimes a stern-worded call from them helps too. It's a very frustrating problem! We are not a babysitting service, despite what some parents want to believe. Good luck!

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    I've had a few chronic lice students. I can ask our school SW and District RN to pay a home visit. Lots of times, the parent isn't treating correctly or not following up. The RN can help identify problems and suggest solutions. The SW oftentimes will either buy some vegetable oil and shower caps, and can also give gift cards to the local Walmart for parent to purchase OTC lice treatment. In one extreme case, we arranged for the child to see their doctor and get a prescription, and paid for that. The student also comes to me each morning and checks her own hair with my lice comb, and I'll check it too. We've actually gotten to become friends So far, it's been worth it and I've not had any further problems. Hurrah!!

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    This is a pet peeve of mine!
    The one in my office is the only one available for visitors to use. I don't like it when I have people traipsing in and out, especially when I have children in the clinic. Never mind potential privacy issues and FERPA. Management doesn't really take it seriously...I' m sorry, but this is not a public bathroom!!

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    Same to you all!

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    Quote from MrNurse(x2)
    A thought that just came to me in this snowflake age, at what point does not calling the parent constitute holding against their will?
    Gee, don't give them any crazy ideas, ok?